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Sunday, January 22, 2012

NEW 2012 Sponsors help the sport grow! DIESEL Motorsports

The fun part of this job is getting new companies interested in our sport, they may have already been in the marketplace but then decide to help us build for the future. They believe in the structure and mission of DIESEL Motorsports and we appreciate the support they are providing for many years to come.

It's exciting to see our business grow and how others want to be involved in the development and benefits of growing DIESEL Motorsports. At times we may seem quiet and restrained but we go about our business with a direction that is known to our Advisory Board (which is our sponsors). No flash, no claims, no promises that can not be kept but just business as usual for DIESEL Motorsports.

Some of the new companies have developed new products for our market and want to sell their products to our enthusiasts. Some have been in the business for quite some time and have even supported us in the past but now want to help us. Regardless of the reason they see that DIESEL Motorsports is growing and we may have something to do with that growth.

This year should be exciting with so many good companies representing our sport and helping us advertise and market the events. New truck sales has risen back to where they had fallen off four years ago and the used diesel truck market in the mean while has risen dramatically. The aftermarket business is starting to pickup again (no own intended) in the truck markets and diesel performance is one of the reasons.

Please take notice of these companies and their products.

Alligator Performance -
One of the top 25 growing companies in the Nation according to Fortune 500 magazine last month. A diesel business being recognized by mainstream financial giants, you got to be proud of this accomplishment, I know I am! A great group of diesel enthusiasts who have built a successful .com business dedicated to diesel. Call their diesel techs on the phone any day of the week for expert advice.

They have been around for a while building flow-thru fuel pumps for the gasser performance market and now has developed two systems for the diesel trucks. A flow-thru pump that is brushless (brushes deteriorate when used with diesel fuel) and provides long term even flows to your injection pump. Made right in the center of the US in Illinois these pumps will help many performance diesels reach new level in competition.

System 1 Oil Filtration
System 1 has been around for many years providing their filtration systems to other markets but have now made units not only for our pickups but also the Class 8 trucks. Instead of changing your oil, clean your re-usable filter and keep the original running for many more miles. Yes, it has been tested many times over and it does work for many different applications. Again made in the US and developed by industry experts these people know what they are doing when it comes to oil longevity.

DEI/Ny Trex
Design Engineering has provided heat wrap materials for quite some time for the performance markets but now they are expanding their business by offering a Nitrous system for diesels. Located in Ohio they are in the middle of diesels and they are currently putting their new Nitrous system on some new diesel dragsters and trucks. New technology made just for our market and at a reasonable price.

Little Power Shop
This Little Power Shop in northern PA is not so little, I've been to Bradford PA and saw John and Pam Anderson's business (no not that Pam Anderson)! But she could be her younger sister, what a nice couple that run a very nice diesel business along with a .com business. Their expertise on performance diesels brings them many East coast diesel buyers and service work in their garages. John has offered to come to each event with his trailer to sell our sponsor's parts along with offering additional monies to the winners.

Sinister Diesel
A diesel shop that also manufactures exclusive parts for the diesel industry specializing in competitive upgrades for the EGR system plus custom grilles, bumpers and light kits! A diverse business that has been around a while and decided to help us build the sport and possibly bring sanctioned diesel events to CA. Their products can be found most anywhere on the Net just type in Sinister Diesel, their parts are widely used and distributed around the country.

Vulcan Performance
A long leader in the diesel industry for providing custom add-on parts for electrical and fuel systems, Vulcan has now started to manufacture a Pulling Hitch. Many of these have been custom made throughout the Midwest but now Vulcan is going to provide these on a National level through multiple distributors. I've know the owner for over 7 years and he has always produced quality parts for our diesel enthusiasts.

The Spring is not over and I'm still adding sponsors for the 2012 season, I am attending a Conference this week to talk to several new sponsors and more industry shows in February and March. Many of the companies are still deciding how to spend their advertising dollars and getting involved with DIESEL Motorsports!

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