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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Sponsors see Value in the DIESEL Motorsports market!

Last year we again signed new sponsors who started to see the value in the DIESEL Motorsports marketplace. A few years ago the truck market basically died and dropped down dramatically for the after maker products and accessories, diesel pickups dropped some at the time but has continued to rise in popularity.

It's the youth market that is driving the diesel market and this has changed from the older crowd who started the movement 10 years ago . . . or did they just get older? Actually the older market who started it all got the younger people interested in the trucks because of the power and rural settings.

It's a new growing niche in automotive aftermarket and the companies look for the company who can get them in to the youth market of diesel pickups. DIESEL Motorsports builds on the youth market in order for the sport to grow every year, that is why we encourage the street divisions for drag racing and sled pulling by offering larger purses in those classes.

It's also the street divisions who are going to buy our sponsor's products, the trucks owners who want to go faster, look cooler, and appear bigger than life in their trucks.

The third and fourth year more sponsors wanted to be a part of our growing movement. . . . like the ones listed below:

SSBC - Stainless Steel Brake Corporation
I met these guys years ago and heard about their extra-heavy duty brake systems for trucks. I explained to them that our guys are taking a stock OEM truck and doubling or tripling the horsepower and still relying on brakes that was supposed to stop a 7,000 lb. truck at 360 horsepower. For safety sakes we need a brake system that can stop these high horsepower trucks, they developed kits and applications that fit our trucks.

Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust
Flo-Pro has been around for a few years and started making complete exhaust systems for our diesel trucks. Many of you know their systems when you purchase them from our Title sponsor H&S. A perfect fit and installation is the story I get from our diesel shops who use their products. I inspected all of their systems and being an old exhaust guy myself I can tell you these are made for durability. A very nice lie of exhaust products that can be found at many different locations across the country.

K&N Performance/Air Intakes
I have contacted this company from the very beginning because of their reputation in the industry for producing the best in air intakes. Their fit and technology fits our enthusiast's trucks perfectly and helps produce more horsepower while keeping the engine clean of debris. K&N is known Worldwide for the top quality products and service, especially when they came out with their dealer guarantee on OEM intake replacements.

Champion Blue Flame Oil
I have known Karl for many years as an oil expert and when I saw him about this time last year he was just starting with Champion. He asked what he could do for the diesel market, I told him make us a performance oil that had all of the additives and Zinc back in it pre-2007. Six months later he called and said it was done and ready to sell! I couldn't believe it, a performance oil for non-dpf engines! It's the only oil out there right now that is made for our diesel enthusiasts.

What does a cover company's products got to do with diesels? Everything when they make the best fitting seat covers in the country and yes, made in the USA! Our diesel customer is all about using their trucks for work, pleasure and recreational which means they get it dirty. Covercraft makes some very stylish seat covers in plain, camp and race colors that can keep our guy's trucks original interior clean as the day they bought it! Another example of our diesel vehicles are still trucks and can use truck accessories.

Every year these companies come out with new or upgraded products for our diesel trucks. . .  plus they put money back into our sport so it can grow! Now tell me that doesn't mean something to you next time you need an item for your truck? Buy their product lines to show support.

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