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Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 in Review . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

We saw some great achievements during the 2012 year for DIESEL Motorsports. New records were set for the Unlimited Class in Drag Racing by Jarid Vollmer with his BullyDog truck in the 1/4 mile running a 9.69 @ 148 mph and Wade Moody in the Pro Stock class in the 1/4 mile beating Gale Bank's old record with a NEW World record of 178.76 mph 7.73 backed with a 7.56 at 181mph in the 1/4 mile!

Sled pulling saw some great pulls with great turnouts at Muncie, IN and Numidia, PA. DIESEL Motorsports saw the first "Hall of Fame" inductee presented to Dave Mitchell's family during the Thunder in Muncie sled pull. That presentation will be made there every year in the future including 2013. 

Point Champions will soon be announced and there will be some surprises for some of the spots for those who attended and competed for the points. It was very close on some point races and pulls but decided by seconds and feet. 

The turnouts at the events were better than we had thought with fuel prices so high during the summer months and we were very pleased of the crowd and family atmosphere at the events. Well behaved and not one problem from anyone even though it seems everyone was having a good time. I had one track official tell me we had some the most polite competitors that visits their track! I told him you bet, most them would have ended up behind the wood shed if they acted up as a child.

Our rural background keeps our sport rooted to sound foundations and intense competition while we are having fun doing it. This past year saw some controversy with the EPA and industry manufacturers which will change the terrain of our sport for many years, but like all good independent rural businesspeople, we will prevail and work with what is handed to us.

It may change a few things as to what the diesel shops will work on and how they do it but I do know they just raised the prices on all used trucks 2007 and earlier.

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