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Friday, January 10, 2014

What's new in lift pumps - fuel filtration - air separation??? DIESEL Motorsports

What starves a fuel injection pump? No fuel or not enough fuel which requires pressure during higher rpms!

Lift pumps are very important in the diesels, unfortunately the OEMs have put very weak lift pumps in some models. A $200 lift pump goes out and your $2000 Injection Pump is ruined. Happens all of the time with diesel truck owners.

There are pumps that are just replacement OEM pumps which are inexpensive but they run the risk of a short life which includes your injection pump. The problem is your cheaper pumps along with OEM pumps will slowly reduce output and pressure with out any warning.

Several years ago new lift pumps with fuel filtration and air separation come on the market with heavier duty electric pumps on them. This was a huge improvement over the simple electric pumps.

Fuel filtration along with water separation and air removal all in one unit for the diesel trucks was quite an upgrade. The changing fuel systems in the different trucks caused problems in the install kits which had to constantly change in order to fit.

Half the problem is the install on the diesel trucks but many of the diesel shops have installed enough of these they have now developed their install systems.

Last year a new pump arrived on the scene that was quite different! Instead of a one level electric motor it has a variable speed motor. Gone is the older gear rotor pump and now a flow through wet pump which means the diesel fuel flows through the pump. This adds to cooling the motor which not only increase the motor life but adds for a more constant pressure under load.

The gasser performance market switched to wet pumps many years ago but what has held diesels back was the use of brushes in the motor. Diesel fuel disintegrates the brushes over a very long use. The new pumps are brushless which produces the pressures needed plus makes for a very quiet efficient pump.

Now add that to a newer style manifold that removes air better, combines fuel/water filtration and pulls about half the amps - it's called Velocity pump by Fuelab.

Have you ever tried to replace or work with the fuel hose of the older units, do you find cracks and hardened hoses? It's because they are air pneumatic hoses, Fuelab has upgraded to real fuel hose with even a bio-grade diesel rating.

Plus this week when the cold gelled up some of the guys filters they could go to any auto parts store and purchase the filters, no special filter they had to order!

If you value your injection pump or injectors then it's time to upgrade to a more quality unit. How important is your setup? The fuel is what provides the basis for the rest of the power components, why chance lower pressures and fuel starvation.

Does the pump cost more? What doesn't when it's better, a nicer newer truck? All things that are better will cost more but not that much more. . .  check them out . . .!

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