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Friday, December 26, 2014

Who are the real professional diesel racers??? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

People ask all of the time what is the largest, diesel drag racing or sled pulling?

I always answer sled pulling because there are more trucks pulling in the country as a whole and it draws a larger crowd. It has been that way for over ten years. That is why the copy cat organizations have switched to sled pulling as an extra in their events.

However, the diesel drag racers are very important to our business and organization. Why?

Because they represent the professional racers who want to be among the ranks of mainstream racers in the NHRA and IHRA. That's right, they recognize the SFI sanctioned set of rules that we have set up for competitive racing. The trucks that run with DIESEL Motorsports are equal to the legal racers in the other two mainstream race organizations.

NHRA and IHRA DO NOT have classes for diesels therefore any record set under their techs and events are moot. Their techs check for safety for speed and as long as you don't go fast they normally don't care what is on your truck. So they might let you go fast once then they will DQ you and your rig.

I think I have read about a few of these instances at other events. Won't happen at our events as long as you read our rules and pass tech by the diesel SFI tech.

A lot of talk has gone around in the industry by some diesel racers who have raced under our rules and have cheated or have been DQed legally under our SFI approved rules. They can make wild claims all they want but the truth is they cannot hang with our group of professional diesel racers.

Doing it the right way is always tough for people, it seems we live in a current World where rules don't matter anymore. Ask the old time NHRA racers if Wally ever changed the rules for them?

You can't be considered a creditable mainstream race organization if you do not have a ruleset that is legal and you stick by them for everyone. That is why DIESEL Motorsports retains corporate sponsors because of our SFI approved rules for racing and pulling that are approved by the major insurance companies.

So the real professional racers who have faithfully run with DIESEL Motorsports for years because they know the rules are the same every time and they get paid after every event. Those making claims otherwise did not win or were legally DQed for violations.

Now the big announcement is that the real professional racers will be featured this summer with their own hero cards for fans to sign at the events!

Come this summer and meet the real professional racers!

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