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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ozark Diesel Shootout Results 2015 . . .

DIESEL Motorsports is always trying to expand into new markets where there are diesel trucks who want to compete against other trucks. That is why we have expanded into Nebraska earlier this year and now Rogersville Missouri this last Saturday. The Ozark Raceway has held a diesel class every month as a DM series because the local shops have asked them to create a series. DIESEL Motorsports is trying to get them to establish a monthly presence there with trucks.
It was a hot one for sure down near Springfield this last weekend but enthusiasts came out anyway to watch the trucks compete. Next year they are looking to add sled pulling to the facility which would make the events even larger.
DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all competitors and fans who braved the heat (107º) on Saturday for a fun time in the sun. It was nice to put faces with names and meeting many new diesel enthusiasts with great trucks. The winners are listed below:
Flowmaster Drag Racing!
ET Bracket Class
1st - Eddie Godat - Dial 17.58 - RT .1581 - ET 17.7036
2nd - P Higgins - Dial 15.06 - RT .3520 - ET 15.0029
Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
1st C Rude - Dial 12.0 - RT .1191 - ET 13.9224
2nd J Layden-Dial 12.0 - RT -.0684 - ET 11.7868
Unlimited (heads-up)
1st J Powell - RT .1796 - ET 12.3644 - mph 103
2nd B Grapevine- RT .2497 - ET 14.1454 - mph 65.38
Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show
Dylan Jordan Goacher 2008 Ford F-250
Best Dodge - Travis Lane 2013 RAM 2500
Best Ford - Brian Rea 2004 F350
LTM Performance Dyno
Top HP
Dodge - Travis Chappeleur
Ford - Jeanelle Busch
Dmax - Steve Williams
We want to thank Ozark Raceway, Al and his crew for hosting the event! His starting line crew braved 154º track temperatures for our diesel competitors.

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