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Sunday, October 13, 2019

SEMA - heading there in November! Is it worth it?

People ask all of the time about going to SEMA every year and is it worth going?

I always tell them if you have never gone and want to see the World's largest automotive car/truck industry show - yes they should!

But! Bring lots of $$$$ because that is a week where the entire city of Las Vegas raises their prices by 3 times. Don't believe me, look up the same hotel the week before for rates. My current hotel is at $89 a night but during SEMA it is $289 a night! Plus tack on $30-50 per night in luxury tax at every hotel, so if you find one for $160 a night add another $30-50 per night.

Uber and/or taxis will charge you $20 to go anywhere plus if you rent a car every body charges for parking, even the hotel you are staying at for the week. Food is expensive everywhere, long gone are the steak dinners for $4.99! Expect to spend $35 for a hamburger and a beer.

Bring really good walking shoes and be prepared to walk a lot in a very crowded show every where! There is a lot to see and you do have to walk many miles to see it. When they say it's only a block or two it is a mile away.

For the good part, you will see the best of the best vehicles at SEMA from weird to the newest hottest cars/trucks on display. The parts that we all look for are displayed at this show. Is it hard to find those parts? Yes, it is hard to find so do your research and look companies up before you get there.

SEMA does have the show categorized in to sections pretty well so if you want different interest you can go to that area. The outside tents are the new companies and it is a smorgasbord of parts and services.

I usually walk 7-9 miles a day and I know where I am going and who I am going to see before I get there. Most of the show vehicles are outside but some are in the booths inside the show.

Don't forget to include some time for the AAPEX show at the Sands Convention Center for hard parts and liquids. Not much on showing vehicles and this is if you are a service garage which does a full service maintenance for vehicles. A great show to walk around for the day.

It is all about business for me since I have gone for so many years but for those who have never gone it is a site to see for the first time. For the auto enthusiast it is eye candy everywhere!

I will post many photos from there this year with reports!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

DIESELS - EPA - Rolling Coal - Industry Standards and how we all get along!

As I described last week our diesel industry has gone through yet another transition this past year. It seems with the EPAs budget being cut they have decided to pick from low hanging fruit in order to get fees and monies from a few diesel programmers and shops.

As stated before and from earlier warnings from a few years ago, you can not advertise or market DPF/EGR delete kits. This has been against the law for many years whether we like it or not it is the law. I don't make the laws I'm just reporting what is realistic.

Also as stated before, the DPF delete started years ago by farmers who were catching their fields/trucks on fire when they left the truck running while out in the fields. Doesn't take long to want to fix that problem, I have had many rural dealers tell me they had the choice of removal or not sell large farms numerous trucks.

It has surfaced and is interesting that the two officials who are responsible for the latest intrusions are from Indiana and not California. Also interesting that two large diesel events are held near where they live and one even has their own rap sheet on the State Highway Patrol web site. This has drawn too much attention to unruly kids with smoking diesel trucks.

The majority of the industry relies on brick and mortar business of doing diesel truck maintenance on every day trucks that are used in business and life. 80% of their business is regular maintenance on our trucks and 20% on performance parts for our trucks.

Most new trucks come with near 500 hp drivetrains with low mileage warranties. Most people rely on the dealer for maintenance until the warranty runs out and then seeks better service from our brick and mortar shops.

It is the big 3 OEMs direction is to keep all maintenance at their dealerships. Their efforts involves the government agencies which are funded by the people they search out.

DIESEL Motorsports has had a no smoke street police for many years and has hosted several events a year for enthusiasts to bring their trucks to official licensed tracks for competition. It has been fun for many years and is a lifestyle for many of us across the country.

That has temporarily changed and we all have to be more considerate of other drivers in populated settings by not smoking the truck. We all know how not to do that and to do it! Many of us have pre-DPF trucks that are not included in the regulations but we still must be cognitive of other drivers.

We all want more power and more torque for when we pull trailers and such. It is the American way to change your vehicle, SEMAs new marketing report show that trucks are double the sales of all other vehicles so we are not alone.

What the Big 3 don't get is many our our shops being creative mechanics and engineers has fixed many of their problems regarding the drivetrain be it pumps, injectors, valves, cooling, etc. It was the same way during the 70s and may of those performance parts are now on current OEM vehicles.

They are hurting themselves and the industry by trying to regulate our diesel market. They could learn so much more and apply the improvements to our maintenance diesel vehicles that supply 90% of our services such as street maintenance, goods delivery, transporting parts for industry and garbage removal.

I'm sorry, I have research the electric option enough to know it is not the answer! It is ironic that the very states pushing for electric are having brown-outs and can not even power the homes/businesses much less millions of vehicles and they are cost prohibitive.

So let's try and be aware of other people while driving, do not advertise what is against the law and keep wrenching and try to make a living working on our diesel trucks. See you at our events!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Latest EPA tuner excitement along with CA emissions being dismissed . . .

How does this effect our industry and rural automotive aftermarket?

A little for some who deserved being raided, others very little and IT is ALL political grandstanding for monies!

For those diesel companies or shops who openly advertised DPF and EGR delete that sell large amounts will get raided, it is against the law when stated in such a way. Those shops who continue to do the rolling coal tune is going to get raided since most states, counties and cities have outlawed such displays of vehicle abuse.

DIESEL Motorsports has asked our shops to no longer offer that tune and most have agreed and quit doing these tunes many years ago. Because that tune is a bad tune which clogs injectors, pumps, etc and causes the truck to run poorly. Most shops rely on regular maintenance of diesel vehicles in order to stay in business so not offering this tune did not bother them.

This is why DIESEL Motorsports holds events in rural areas so people can bring their legal offload trailerd diesels into events to compete on private facilities, so we can continue to expand the capabilities of diesels for future improvements.

If you notice the EPA has deemed 2020-23 for future vehicles to not be tuned even for offload for licensed vehicles. All race vehicles have had their vin numbers registered as race for the high end vehicles and trailered to events. Believe me you would not even want to ride one of our trailered diesel trucks on the highways, it would be an unpleasant ride. They are made for competition, short distances and high power runs.

The administration deemed CA emissions as no longer national standards, why? To offset the continued downslide of CA regulations running companies and economy down a rabbit hole which many can not return. That is why MANY automotive companies have moved out of CA to other states.

The lowest cost vehicle has risen by $2500 in 10 years because of emissions so they are seeking less regulations so prices can come back down. How does this help our industry?

Very much so since many millennials can not only afford the cars but many are not even getting their driver's license at 16. Many of us started out in used cars or trucks driving and we had to work on them to keep them running. So much of that business has started to disappear, it still exists in rural areas because rural youth have to drive to work their farms or drive between small towns for jobs.

The big three OEMS has asked for lower emissions so they can build vehicles here in the states again. Tell me how many 20-30 year olds can afford $50,000 plus vehicles? And many of them need two vehicles since both have to work to make ends meet.

Is our past diesel industry evolved and is now in transition? Yes I believe it is . . . more to come next week!

Friday, July 26, 2019

East Coast Diesel Nationals revue 2019!

This was the 11th annual event at Numidia Dragway on July 20th and it was the hottest event for the 11 years with temperatures reaching 110 heat index during the day. There is always a breeze on the mountain so it was tolerable but it was still very hot and humid.

This kept many of the diesels performing at their best but we still had racers in the 9s running 1/4 mile on the drag strip and many of the trucks pulling hard on the pulling track.

The grandstands were too hot to sit in so many of the die-hard fans spread out on the fences of both tracks under pop-up tents with coolers and even some had fans blowing on their families. Diesel enthusiasts poured in early in order to get a good spot along the fence on both sides of both tracks. Many gathered around the dyno watching many of the trucks run on the NJDRP dyno and filming their friends rides.

Show-n-shine had some great trucks lined up by the concession stands and vendors. They polished on their trucks all morning long then watched as the judges from Mahle walked around and looked inside each vehicle.

Drag racing had a bit of excitement when the first heads-up truck's hood come un-latched and flew back to break the front windshield which flew all over the track. It was a mess and took the track over 45 minutes to clean-up the track. The front line crew then checked all of the hoods before they pulled up to the line.

Many of the trucks ran and also some bought back in after the first round making it a large round of fast trucks. the finals came later in the after noon with some interesting final runs. The crowd saw many of their favorite trucks come to the end of the race.

The sled pulling started on time with lots of high power trucks and tractors running first then the HOT Work Stock ran with hope of the first five making the Keystone Nationals in March. The dyno was running well into the evening hours trying to get everyone in for the title of "King of the Mountain" for the highest horsepower.

By the end of the day every one was hot and thirsty but we got the entire competition in for the day in record time! DIESEL Motorsports appreciates every one who came out to brave the heat and enjoyed the show - these are true diesel enthusiasts.

Winners are listed below and more photos can be found on our FB page:

Drag Racing
ET Bracket
Champion - Dennis Harnish
2nd - Damien Oswald
12.0 Index
Champion - Dennis Harnish
Champion - Pat Trichilo
2nd - Susan Soga

Sled pulling
3.0 Class
Champion - John Dougherty - 330.34
Josh Gardiner - 329.15
Tyler Albert - 321.99
Joseph Weide-318.91
Daniel Rickard - 313.49
Caleb Herman - 306.11
Chuck Dutter - 272.67
2.5/2.6 Class
Champion - Matt Forba - 353.32
Joseph Goughan - 334.39
Josh Bordas - 330.69
Samuel Radel - 315.66
Nick Wenger - 314.66
Levon Vishofsky - 313.40
Benny Stone - 196.65
Carson Stauffer - 10
Tractor - Hot
Champion - Dalota Grove - 375.92
Jason Forrester - 371.77
Vernon Zerby - 367.66
Vernon Zerby 356.89
Rick Houck - 347.19
Vernon Zerby - 334.66
Tyler Woolover - 254.00
Vernon Zerby - 180.65
HOT Work Stock Class
Champion - Tommy Hassler - 334.42
John Costa - 334.10
Wessley Kless - 330.52
Ross Harter - 310.90
Nick Wenger - 309.36
Jacob Wood - 305.36
Jade Georgetti - 301.27
Shawn Bell - 299.65
Logan Henne - 274.14
Brad Swinsinski - 130.41
Work Stock
Champion - Brett Clark - 302.55
Logan Henne - 277.16
Ethan Sickler - 222.07

Show - N - Shine (Nano Ceramic)
Best of Show - Trevor McFeaters - Dodge
Best Ford - Jason Fry
Best Dodge - Brandon Sheilds
Best Duramax - Derek Bedway
Best Rat Rod - Calvin Schoch
Best Semi - Darrin Harter

Dyno Competition:
Highest Horsepower (KING of the Mountain):
Justin Burke, 2006 Dodge Ram
horsepower: 1424 
Highest Dodge:
Brad Houghtaling, 2002 Dodge Ram 2500
horsepower: 900 
Highest Chevy:
Brandon Martin, 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500
horsepower 783 
Highest Ford:
Robert Moss, 2015 Ford F350
horsepower: 547

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

DIESEL Products III - #cooldownmytruck . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

#cooldownmytruck #blowmytruck #keepingcoolbaby #runningcool

How to cool off that #hottruck . . . 

Every one knows what a problem it is try to keep our diesel trucks cool and temps down while towing or driving long distances with a load?

Many of our sponsors work on performance for power/torque but if ya can't keep it cool then the power doesn't matter! SPAL fans are the OEM fans for Ferrari and Corvette/Chevy using the brushless fans with variable speed motors and low profile appearance. #Ferraricool #Corvettecool

These fans move air in mass volume as they slowly rev up and cool your engine. I saw these at a trade show many years ago and told the company rep we need these for our trucks which over heat constantly with increased horsepower and torque. Brushless fans with CFMs of 2300-5000 depending on what size and how many are mounted will cool without draw of fan clutch. Just getting rid of the fan clutch saves you HP and torque!

The wiring harness was designed to set at different temperature settings and a manual on for those who want to cool in between runs with the fans running wide open. You would not believe the power of these cooling fans till you see them in action. #blowmeoverfans


The most important feature is brushless, quiet and many people do not know diesel fumes deteriorate brushes so diesel will not hurt these fans!  These high-end fans are now available with complete shroud kits including wiring harness which match up with OEM plugs and holes. #brushlessfans

The shroud kits for SPAL fans are being built and distributed by Northern Radiator which is a established radiator/inter-cooler supplier for OEM replacement for many years along with over 20 warehouse locations. #SPALcoolfans

NOW Northern Radiator is offering HD diesel truck radiators and inter-coolers with increased cooling levels from the OEM standards (30-40%)! For example on OEM trucks the inter-cooleryinlet temperature is at 40 PSI and 300º - NOW - NR Inter-cooler is at 100 PSI and 500º! #HDintercoolers

Larger flows for more cooling power with reinforced mounts/sides makes their radiators far above the OEM standards and many competitors. Northern Radiator has been supplying cooling systems for over 50 years so they know what they are doing when I asked them to build us heavy-duty radiators and inter-coolers. #HDradiators #flowbabyflow

I had these products tested on diesel pulling trucks and race trucks with all reporting cooler run temperatures and faster cool off times between runs. In competition and intense horsepower these products perform so imagine what they would do for your truck during long hauls and hot weather conditions? #cooltruckpull #cooltruckrace

Us diesel truck guys are always looking for EXTRA HD components for our trucks and these two companies have delivered! #HDtruckcool #HDcoolmedown #HDcoolrunningdownHWY

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

DIESEL Products II - Old & New - great for every diesel truck owner!

Years ago (over 11) I met at a SEMA conference with some old friends at Mahle Motorsports and they asked what they could build to get into the diesel market?

I told them build us a lighter, tougher and coated piston for the 5.9 Cummins that would stand up to at least 1000 hp and double that for torque. It took them about 9 months and developed one of the toughest top selling piston in the market today not only for the Cummins but also for the Powerstroke and Duramax.

Mahle Motorsports has stepped up and put into production one of the toughest OEM replacement piston when rebuilding your diesel motor.  NOW they have again taken it a step further and continue to offer the best for our diesel trucks . . . MAHLE Motorsport now offers the market’s most comprehensive line of Dodge Cummins diesel performance pistons with the addition of its 6.7L Diesel PowerPak Piston Kit (part #197850313). This kit was developed for diesel drag race and pulling applications for the Dodge Cummins 6.7L.

Featuring MAHLE's exclusive M142P alloy because of its high temperature and strength and low expansion characteristics, this PowerPak kit includes German steel pins and a stainless steel Nitride ring set - 1/16", 1/16" and 3/16". The pistons feature a hard anodized top ring groove for added durability and increased longevity, and GRAFAL® coating for reduced drag, scuffing friction and cylinder bore wear. For this kit, MAHLE also offers the choice of a thermal barrier crown coating.

The pistons are designed with a modified bowl that mimics the design used in industrial QSB applications. This design reduces erosion issues caused by high pressure, long duration or advanced injection timing.  The pistons feature oversized valve pockets that are 0.200” deep allowing up to 1.500” intake and a 1.450” exhaust valve diameter.  Fully radiused valve pockets reduce stress and fatigue cracking. With a 2.722” compression height the pistons allow for 0.010” deck machining while retaining the stock piston protrusion. 

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s high performance PowerPak Piston Kit, visit!

Second product that is new to our market comes from the manufacturers of PEAK anti-freeze, Blue DEF and many industrial products for the Class 8 industry. Last year PEAK released the BLUE Diesel Additive for use in all diesel engines! I have used it on my old 12V for over a year about every other tank and it does help big time with the low quality diesel fuel I buy, increased pickup and less smoke!

BLUE Diesel Additive comes in several different varieties to best fit your use, DIESEL Motorsports has been passing samples of PEAK BLUE All-Season Diesel additive at our shows! 

PEAK has released a NEW line of diesel additives known as Blue, giving you over five different solutions for your diesel fuel. Look to a well-known name for quality: Diesel Anti-Gel; Emergency Diesel Thaw and All Season Diesel Boost! Samples of these PEAK products are found at all of DIESEL Motorsports events and at your local automotive supply stores such as O'Reilly, Auto Zone, Menards, Orschleins, and TSC Tractor.

Blue™ ALL SEASON Diesel Boost is a multifunctional, high-performance detergent additive that uses advanced technology to clean deposits in all diesel applications. Its proprietary, advanced formula is designed for today’s High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection system as well as conventional diesel engines. The detergents in Blue™ ALL SEASON Diesel Boost will keep critical engine parts clean which leads to:• restored fuel economy – up to 8%!• cleaner, less sooty combustion - Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) lasts longer! • smoother running engine – increased cetane by 6 numbers! 

Blue Diesel Anti-Gel is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive that contains not only cold flow improver to protect fuel from gelling, but also contains cetane for better cold starts and injector cleaner to clean critical engine parts. Diesel Anti-Gel is designed to ensure reliable fuel system performance in all diesel applications and is compatible with all fuel system components. Effective in biodiesel blends up to B20.

Blue Emergency Thaw diesel fuel additive is designed to quickly reliquefy gelled diesel fuel and thaw frozen fuel filters in extremely cold environments. Blue Emergency Thaw is an ideal solution for fuel tanks that have not yet been winterized and encounter unexpected freezing conditions.

Emergency Diesel Thaw is designed for use in all diesel applications and is compatible with all fuel system components. This technology is for emergency use only. Use Diesel Anti-Gel as the long-term preventative maintenance measure to ensure continued reliable fuel system performance during severe winter conditions.

Blue Agri-Clean is a clean diesel fuel additive that is specifically-designed for agricultural and off-road vehicles. It contains world-class detergents to clean and protect critical engine parts delivering an increased fuel economy of up to 8%. Blue Agri-Clean also works instantly to help remove water in diesel fuel tanks.

Blue MICRO-B-GONE is an advanced, fast-acting diesel biocide that kills tank microbes that have developed along the water/fuel layer in diesel fuel tanks. If left unchecked, these harmful microbes can create fuel contaminants that will plug fuel filters and acids that can corrode tanks.

Blue Clear Guard is an advanced, proprietary diesel fuel treatment that provides superior tank protection by dispersing water and reducing the chance of microbial contamination. It will also stabilize the diesel fuel, ensuring that the fuel stays fresh.
For the latest in diesel fuel protection, look no further than Blue™ Diesel Additives!

Learn more about Blue at

Monday, May 20, 2019

DIESEL products old & new . . . they are all good!

I want to start featuring some of our sponsor's products people sometimes take for granted or shops should push for more sales!

First up is ARP studs, bolts and fasteners, which has been a standard in our business for many years! Right now they are the only brand for what they do with an exception of a few cheap Asian ripoffs or private label Asian ripoffs. NO ONE does it like ARP who have been supplying the diesel market for many decades.

I always tell people DO NOT turn your tuners up WITHOUT adding performance upgrades and the first is ALWAYS ARP head studs along with some of their other fasteners/bolts.

PLEASE read their instructions for properly installing them, many guys just start screwing them in and not follow the proper steps for secure connections. These guys know what they are doing so read what they have to say about the installation. For shops they are used everyday in many operations but many times discounted in many ways - DON'T - these are premium products with NO competitors!

Great people to deal with on a daily basis ARP has a full support staff and they have invested yearly in many ways in our industry!

Second is a newer company called Stealth Performance Products which offers a module for newer diesel trucks THAT DOES NOT effect the ECM or leave a footprint. If you want to get rid of turbo/pedal lag and pickup a little boost in not only performance but also mileage then try this product.

Anyone can plug these in and immediately see a difference in any brand diesel truck. Backed by great customer service and help when you need it! This Stealth product is perfect for those who do not want a full tuner or wanting to keep it stock for warranty. A great option for a towing truck, recreational or long hauling on highways Stealth can give the truck an added advantage on mountains and hilly ranges.

Many of our competitors have a full blown older diesel truck on the trailer but want a new diesel comfortable truck pulling the trailer for long hauls. This product is a great fit and sale for those applications.

If you have a new truck or your customers have one tell them to try the Stealth Module and see the difference!

Support the companies who support our industry, buy and/or sell them to show how much we appreciate their support.