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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Smoking trucks on the street and the track . . .???

No, yes, and some  . . .

Many brick and mortar shops now refuse to do the so called "lope tune" so a truck will smoke. It is bad tuning and they show back up and want to know why their truck won't run correctly after 6 months - it's because the system is clogged with fuel deposits! DIESEL Motorsports has had a no street smoke policy for over 8 years and many of our professional competitors agree it is bad for the sport.

However, when they get to the track racing, pulling or dyno competition the truck owners can turn up their tuners and compete at high horsepower levels. This is the grey area that gets the people upset with licensed vehicles!

With trucks before mid-2007 it is not a problem because of the original equipment on the truck, that is why so many older trucks have high resale values. After 2007 the trucks would be considered illegal under current EPA laws. However, many states do not have emission laws that cover the same laws and the vehicles are licensed by the states. It is a grey area to say the least because in the farming states these legal systems on the trucks have caused fire damages for many farmers or workers who leave their trucks on idle in open fields.

Many industry people don't understand most diesel truck owners buy a programmer so they can get better mileage when hauling a trailer (more air than fuel) and when they need power for hills or passing (more fuel) they can control the power for efficiency.

There is a small group who in year's past have used this grey area to smoke people or roll coal as it is called on people and Prius vehicles.

The majority of the diesel truck owners use their trucks for work, family and pleasure that do not abuse the grey area - in fact a large majority!

So in states with no emission or very little guidelines, the truck owners can go to rural events (tracks, fairs, etc) and use their trucks for a lifestyle pleasure and compete using it to race or pull!

Trucks with power, 4x4 and can haul their family for get-togethers to view other trucks, watch competing trucks and grill, drink a few cold ones plus enjoy the conversation.

Sounds like a good time in a controlled safe environment!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Do diesel trucks smoke during competition???

Yes, yes and getting better . . .

Offroad competitions are held at drag strips or fairgrounds (sled pulling) with 3/4 and 1 ton diesel pickups! This is legal under EPA guidelines and safe under SFI rules for diesel truck drag racing and sled pulling.

Do the trucks smoke? Yes, part of the excitement of sled pulling is the smoke! It is like the fire belching monster truck eater, it is part of the show for entertainment. Saying that, you must know 4 of the 5 sled pulling classes are trailered in for competition. That means the trucks are not licensed for the street use, nor would you want to ride in one on the streets. Most have all of the suspension removed or blocked and they ride very rough.

Pulling dates back to rural county fairs with horse pulling, then came the tractors, and now the diesel trucks! It is part of the rural lifestyle of using the trucks during a work week and how much can you pull with it!

It is no different than the emissions put out by methane fueled race cars or high-end dragsters. The racing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has help build the America auto industry.

In drag racing there is many that do blow smoke but again 3 of the 4 classes are trailered in for competition, which makes them legal under current guidelines. Many drag trucks are cleaning up the emissions so they are getting better!

It is in the tuning technology along with important engine components that control the smoke emissions and one day what our talented diesel shops are doing will be used in domestic diesel cars.

So when companies say we don't want to get involved with DIESELS because of the smoke, then are they forgetting the gases released into the ozone with gas modified race cars?

These are MODIFIED competition vehicles that smoke at competitions.

Tomorrow, part III of smoke in competition diesels!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Is the diesel performance segment back on track with the new administration??? No EPA!

NO, no, and maybe easier . . .

No you can not pull up to an intersection and blow smoke all over a Prius or a group of people. Because of these kind of shenanigans the past administration along with many towns have made such actions a crime. Plus there are still many hold over people from the EPA who will continue to hound our diesel shops replacing the DPFs.

MAYBE with some common sense and about 1 year under the current administration the rural diesel market can relax back to the normal business of using trucks the way they should be used for work and pleasure.

I have already seen local advertisements on social media for DPF Delete kits, wrong thing to do since on the books it is a crime. If it is for a offroad performance upgrade then it would be deemed legal under the current laws.

Local cities and towns are not going to tolerate rollin coal all over people and intersections, just as they didn't tolerate the muscle cars burning out at intersections and racing on the streets. Even the so called Street Outlaw Races are not so outlaw anymore and being held at tracks.

Nobody in the near future is going to keep our performance market held back by regulations but they will want the true performance to be held at safe tracks and off of public streets. Always has been that way and if common sense is used both segments can get a long in an environment friendly world.

I do expect to see more American made parts for our performance industry due to new restrictions on imports which is good for our local diesel shops. It is time for our industry to mature and be part of the performance automotive industry instead of smoke blowing parties!

More on the smoke blowing part of our industry tomorrow . . .

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to compete for the Show-N-Shine??? DIESEL Motorsports

More and more diesel trucks are showing up just for the Show-N-Shine so how do the winners get picked?

I'm about ready to tell you how we rate the trucks in order to pick a winner! It is done on a 1-5 scale (5 highest) in selected categories for each truck! We normally announce when the judging will be done, it may be minus or plus 30 minutes from that time since we are trying to run a show but we also have to round up the judges.

Yes, DIESEL Motorsports does not pick the winners our judges select the winners. Who are the judges? 

Normally the judges are sponsor representatives that attend a lot of shows or a notable writer or authority in the diesel community. Then they walk the trucks with a DIESEL Motorsports personnel and tells us what the ratings are in the elected categories.

What are those categories?

Overall appearance
Performance Upgrades
Interior Appearance

Then they rate each vehicle 1-5 in each of those categories. Many times we do not know the winner until we are done with all the trucks and the numbers are totaled! The top point winner gets Best of Show, then we break them down to next high points for Ford, Dodge and GM/Dmax. DIESEL Motorsports now has added a new division of Vintage/Rat Rod.

So if your truck is locked up or the hood is not open you will get a 0 rating for that category. How can we see your performance upgrades if your hood is closed or rate the interior if the doors are locked. The judge may even ask the owner questions about the build so it is very beneficial if you are there during the judging.

Sometimes many do not agree with the judges or even myself agree with them but that is the most fair way and unbiased. An industry person who does not know who owns the trucks or what they favor for products or makes of trucks.

Most of these judges have been to many different industry shows and see many spectacular builds so it is a challenge for them to find the perfect diesel pickup.

I have to say from even 5 years ago there are now some unbelievable builds coming to the shows.

After last year's East Coast show DIESEL Motorsports decided to add the 5th class because there was some rare diesels at the show such as rat rods, diesel Tempo, and a diesel Chevette! These are great diesels that deserve recognition so keep bringing them in to the shows.

I'm still waiting for the 80's Diesel Cadillac Sedan to be entered along with some really cool dodge Power Wagons!

We have some NEW great prizes for the Show-N-Shine this year! Mothers will again be awarding their special Bucket of goodies, RBP will award a couple of $2000 Grilles and Kleinn will award a couple of $1000 air horn sets - plus the trophies and cash prizes!

Monday, March 6, 2017

NEW sponsors for the 2017 season . . . PLUS

Every year DIESEL Motorsports adds new companies as sponsors who are interested in the diesel performance marketplace. This is a commitment by these companies to pay monies into our sport in order to promote their products to diesel truck owners.

Remember our diesel trucks are still pickups 3/4 and 1 ton trucks that are used everyday for work, play and family activities. So not only performance parts but also truck accessory products are bought by many of our enthusiasts who want a customized look for their truck.

Rolling Big Power/Pilot signed as endorsed product sponsor for the "Official Grille" for the season. Their product line includes grilles, steps, wheels, trim and tips for the special custom truck. These grilles are highly sought after for the top end trucks which we saw many at the SEMA show this year.

PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) known in the industry for many years as a performance part company who has elevated many trucks to higher competition in the marketplace. PPE signed as a endorsed product sponsor for the "Official Exhaust Manifold"! All of their performance products are 50 state legal and have been approved by Carb.

DRIVEN Performance Oil (Joe Gibbs) has signed as the official oil for the season with many new products to come for diesel truck lubrication applications. This highly researched synthetic oil is made for performance whether it be on the street or at the track.

Kleinn Horns signed this last week as the official horn system for our diesel trucks, if you want to be heard then you need to check these bad boys out! There is nothing better than a BIG truck with a BIG sound and they have many systems that will fit your trucks.

PLUS . . . we NEVER forget our returning sponsors who have provided for not only DIESEL Motorsports but the diesel performance sport for the past years! Some have been with DIESEL Motorsports for the entire 10 years we have been in business and many not far behind being there 8 and 9 years. These people are very important to our sport so please show your support by buying their products!

Returning sponsors -

South Bend Clutch
Official Clutch

Industrial Injection

Official Turbo


Official Studs

Mahle Pistons

Official Pistons

Mahle Original

Official Gaskets


Official Engine Bearing


Official Rods


Official Damper


Official Air Intake System


Official Fuel Pump

Firestone Ride-Rite

Official Air Suspension

Official Injectors

Vulcan Performance

Official Fuel Drawstraw


Official Seat Covers

BD Performance
Official Injection Pumps

Redline Transmissions

Official Transmission


Official Quick Connection

Spal Fans

Official Electric Fans


Official Polishes, Waxes, Cleaners


Official Steering Box

RPM Performance

Official Data Logger


Official Diesel ATV

Make sure you buy their products since they are supporting our sport, remember overtime you get a check for competition they are providing those monies!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rules for 2017 are posted - plus schedule!

NEW rules for pulling and racing are posted up on our web site - www.DIESELmotorsports.US!

This is always a huge effort by DM to grow the sport by making sure ALL sections, clubs and groups are covered in the diesel market for competition. It is always a controversy because each groups says their rules are the right way.

Well it may be for their area but not others so we have to mediate the in-between and provide rules that will work for everyone across the country.

Plus DIESEL Motorsports wants to grow the sport and this means not jumping on to new rules where enthusiasts have to spend more monies to compete. The more trucks that can afford the sport the more it will grow.

I got a call yesterday from a long 18 year old running competitor who sold all of his rig because he was tired of the expenses. I talked him into our NEW Hot work stock class where he can drive to the event and compete with a powerful truck. He loved the NEW class and voiced it was like it used to be years ago, drive there , pull and then go home!

Now when it comes to drag racing it is a lot easier because of the safety rules governed by SFI for IHRA/NHRA but the classes we have are developed for diesel trucks with special checklists for safety on these big trucks. IHRA/NHRA DO NOT have classes for diesels however I understand they are now getting concerned about the safety on their tracks.

Currently IHRA/NHRA run the trucks under the ET standards and DQ them as they break out from those guidelines. Most don't understand that does not happen at DIESEL Motorsports since we write the rules for competition.

DIESEL Motorsports currently is the only sanctioning body for diesel trucks for drag racing, the rest run under IHRA/NHRA rules and guidelines.

So check out the rules and make sure to make it to the events outlined on the web site!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's NEW for Diesel Motorsports parts - at the shows!

Every year DIESEL Motorsports attends and displays at industry shows in order to promote diesel performance in the automotive marketplace. I just returned from the SEMA MPMC which is the Motor Sports Media Council where you meet with manufacturers for 3 days every 30 minutes with a different manufacturer.

It is always interesting to hear about new products or the manufacturer wanting to know more about our sport so they can maybe make products for the market. It helps build the excitement about our segment in automotive aftermarket.

I will list some of the new parts I found at the show that would work for our trucks and new items for our diesel shops to sell. Some are pretty hi-tech and some are a must have!

First to hit some highlights from a few of our regular loyal sponsors that I saw on the trips.

Fron Mahle, the big news was that they sold Victor Reinz but held all of the great gasket sets made for our diesel trucks and other vehicles. They now sell under the name Mahle Original! So when you order ask for Mahle Original not Victor Reinz!

From CP-Carrillo they informed me they had doubled their production and machining for the diesel rods so you can now get orders faster than before with still the quality and detail in place.

ARP now has a bolt kit for Cummins 4BT engines and will soon have them for the NEW Cummins 8cyl and 4 cyl diesel engines! Plus they had on display a very nice set of piston ring squaring tools which is much easier to use than those old plier version and a lot more accurate!

 The bore sizes are prominently engraved for easy identification and range in size from 3.150” to 4.800” SAE and 80mm to 122mm Metric. 

Autometer had new electronic plug-ins that will let you bluetooth your gauges (NO MORE WIRES)! And bluetooth to their new BT gauges, CT screen or your smart phone or pads! Plus a few fun items like a HD tire gauge that really goes to 100 lbs and a battery charger that can be switched to different voltage level of batteries (great for farm use)!

Driven Brand (Joe Gibbs) Oil has a new Diesel oil available for our trucks in a 5-40 synthetic with great additives already in it to protect and quiet down our diesels engines. Plus they will soon have NEW products for the diesel lubrication applications such as grease, additives and more oils.

Mychanic showed us a couple of new battery jumper cables that were pretty slick, one is a 4 gauge rewindable 20 ft cable so no more wads of them in your truck. Plus a 6 gauge HD set with a electronic gauge showing the charge in your battery! Very nice HD jumper cables that we have all used!

A couple of more charge units with mentioning is from a old name we all know "DIEHARD"! Yep owned by craftsman which is now owned by Black & Decker the DIEHARD brand is coming out with some NEWER electronics for batteries and chargers that is what us 2 battery truck owners need! Soon to be release a bigger battery for diesels with an electronic chip that will link with a app on your smart phone to alert you when the charge is getting low or below charge. Plus a battery charger with the same technology that you can leave on all of the time with no overcharging, plus it also will alert you with a smart phone app! You can even check on the progress while you are warm inside by pulling up app.

They didn't stop there so they showed us their NEW Emergency charge battery that will start a vehicle in Emergency situations, has a high intensity flashlight/flasher and will power your smart phones and pads! All of this and it fits in a small bag that will fit in your glovebox!

Not yet available but DIEHARD representatives informed me that a line of DIEHARD tires will soon be available for our E Rated diesel trucks, the auto tires are already released.

Mothers polish has released a clay polisher along with a new line of SPEED cleaning products for it for those who want to touch up at the shows. A new Waterless Wash product for those over dirty trucks who do not have a hose available at some of the shows is released!

So as you can see a lot of new and fun products that is coming to our diesel shops or auto stores, some are already available. Keep these companies going by buying these great products for our diesel trucks!