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Friday, August 31, 2012

NEW Lift pump for Diesels with NEW technology!

Fuelab has been in the performance gas pump market for a number of years. Their break into the diesel market came when they designed a brushless pump, why does this make a difference?

Diesel fuel degrades brushes because of the sulfur content, existing gerotor pumps use brushes in gear driven pumps. Problems with existing pumps have been compromised brushes, shaft seals, and inconsistent pump pressures.

The performance gas market quit using gerotor pumps 10-15 years ago for high end performance cars and dragsters. They all switched to direct flow or flow-thru pumps where the fuel actually runs inside of the pump and helps cool the motor. Fuelab has made these pumps for a number of years among other companies.

This flow-thru technology is now available for the diesel marketplace. Fuelab has launched the Velocity line of pumps with not only a lift pump that supplies a consistent flow to your injection pump but in a unit that provides filtration and air-separation.

The Velocity line of pumps come in a 100 gallon per hour unit and a 200 gph. The 100 gph unit is for street trucks and normal daily use with performance in mind, this unit is capable of pumping consistent 100 gph while filtering your diesel fuel with a filter that is not brand specific. Meaning you can buy the filters in any part store for either the 100 or 200 pump.

The 200 gph pump has a Vortec air chamber that removes the air from the diesel fuel at high rates leaving pure diesel fuel running into your injection pump. The 200 pump has the replaceable filter/water separator along with an output for a gauge for measuring the psi running into your injection pump. The 200 gph pump is a two speed pump which can be switched from running at 50% level or all out 200 gph.

The power for this line of pumps comes from the Fuelab brushless pump. The design of this pump is totally different than the competing pumps by using the flow of the fuel to help in cooling and efficiency in the pump's operation. All controlled by a circuit board with a processor the pump is capable of providing consistent fuel pressure during operation and peak performance use. This pump is capable of moving fuel at a high volume while maintaining lower psi than the competing pumps.

The pumps are sold separately from the install kits, they come with a inside frame mounting brackets that require no drilling on all model of trucks. The install kits are sold separately depending on what your needs are ranging from a complete install kit to a competitive switch-out kit that only takes 20 minutes to install. The install kits are very familiar and follow the same install procedures regarding the fuel lines, electrical and connections as the competitive kits. The only difference is the Fuelab kits use real high pressure fuel hose and includes parts for all year models in one kit. So you may have a couple of parts left over depending on what year you are installing.

Race teams such as Jeff Dean's Duramax rail, Wade Moody's Flo-Pro S-10 dragster are using these pumps with great success, Diesel shops such as New Era Diesel, S&R Diesel, Vulcan Performance and 4Horsemen Diesel are using these pumps for all of their customers.

They are starting to be used and replacing the older technology pumps. Yes they do cost more but with an expensive injection pump to care for these are insurance for a consistent flow. Plus the money you will save by buying your own filters at local auto stores will make the difference up.

Easy installation, lighter weight, QUIET, you cannot even hear them run and a company who stands behind their products - that is why DIESEL Motorsports has chosen the Velocity line of pumps as the official fuel system for our diesel consumers.

They can be purchased at the diesel shops I mentioned above and at the following distributors: DPPI, and Keystone Automotive.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When will we take DIESEL Motorsports serious???

Do we want mainstream America or automotive motor sports to take DIESEL Motorsports seriously as a motor sport?

How did NASCAR, NHRA and others make the jump into a serious featured sport?

They all started as grass roots racing, NASCAR came from running moonshine in fast cars! They all started as get togethers with drinking, women and showing off their vehicles.

Once they started racing with organized rules, large sponsors, safety equipment, the parties seem to disappear, but they had a much larger fan base once they made the jump.

Why? Because they appealed to mainstream America as a sport.

When will diesel enthusiasts make the jump? Is it coming anytime soon or are we going to the wayside like the Sport Compact racing crowd and others?

There are a few racers and pullers who make the effort to appear as professional teams in DIESEL Motorsports. When will the diesel fans join their ranks?

The competitors realize their teams are a business and it takes lots of funds to keep doing what they love to do as a sport. Some have called and asked for help with getting more sponsors. They wonder how does DIESEL Motorsports get the corporate sponsors?

We get them by conducting ourselves as a business with sanctioning rules for safety, insurance and controlled events where mainstream America can bring their families to watch this new sport.

Realize DIESEL Motorsports and all the other diesel events have only reached less than 5% of all diesel vehicle owners in America. Think about that for a minute.

DIESEL Motorsports takes our sport seriously, when are the competitors and fans going to take it seriously?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Turnup exhaust a BIG hit . . .

. . .  but not with competitors!

It's a have to anymore when we are renting the drag strips, not only for the front linemen (track workers) but also for their property (concrete walls and signs).

Turned up exhaust extensions has been in sled pulling for years because if the turbo blows then the little fragments do not shoot off into the crowd with side exhaust trucks. That is why so many opt out for the straight pipes out of the bed (plus it looks cool).

One of the biggest problems at the drag strips is the fogging of the lights/lasers at the starting line. Most tracks have a "smoke the lights" and you are DQed. This is an easy fix for all concerned by requiring upturned exhaust extensions for drag racing.

Yes we heard a lot of yelling and screaming by the competitors because the extensions were selling at the track vendors for $40-70 dollars a piece. This rule has been incorporated in the rules for three years and this is the first year we are making it mandatory.

It's just good sportsmanship to do this for the personnel working at the track, the track's property, not fogging the lights and they want us back to the track because it doesn't interfere with their usual operations.

In fact we have been thanked by every worker and track owner since we have made it mandatory this year. Being good stewards of the sport make our truck owners look good . . . period!

DIESEL Motorsports has printed the rule in RED online, posted "read the rules" before every event and warned everyone before they show up at the tracks. But every time we hear complaining and griping that no one else is requiring this action.

That is what makes DIESEL Motorsports a sanctioning body for our sport, lead by example and show the others how to be safe. I'm just not patting ourselves on the back I'm stating that others who hold events should follow suit and do the same at their events.

We want mainstream motor sports to want DIESEL Motorsports at their facilities, and welcome our competitors with open arms.

Is it being responsible? You bet and all it took was a little clamp-on exhaust extension! Flo-Pro Exhaust has brought many to each event as well as other vendors, we will continue to ask that they are mandatory.

Make your own and save yourself some $$dollars, throw it in the bed and come to the next event. Use the extension not just at DIESEL Motorsports events but all of the events you compete, it's just a good image to project to the masses.

PS - Here is what happens when you try and make one out of dryer hose and duct tape - doesn't work!