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Monday, November 9, 2015

SEMA was a success! Great time for truck owners with many options!

Just got back from SEMA over the weekend! As always it was a great time meeting and talking with existing sponsors selling their products to national and international customers. Plus meeting new manufacturers and sponsors during the week along with new products for our diesel trucks.

New products such as BDS's new adjustable traction bar and Quiet Ride's sound proof mats for our diesel trucks including hood and firewall plus cab sound proofing kits.

Many items that are unique for our truck market makes the trip worth it and connecting those companies with our diesel shops. Like a heated windshield wiper system for those in cold and icy markets, easy installation for most people. A new machined Dmax head from Edelbrock that is built for performance that is very reasonable.

Heavy duty brake pads and rotors from Hawk that are made in the US will give normal brake systems more stopping power when you need it.

There are many items that are new and exciting plus the unusual diesel vehicles. It is now a year away so put in for some vacation next year the first week in November every year.

Just as good is the PRI Show in Indianapolis December 10-12th, make sure to come by our booth #1830 DIESEL Motorsports!