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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diesel Motorsports . . . SEMA Board meeting!

It's always good to meet with fellow sponsors, manufacturers and diesel supporters once a year to talk shop. Can these conversations get dicey, yes they can because we are all passionate about our business and what we do in the industry.

Everyone has their opion on what should heppen at the shows and within the industry. This is good to hear so many different sides and what we could do in the future to further advance the sport.

There was some great ideas and you will see some new changes in how a few things are done with DIESEL Motorsports.

But the buck does stop here when it comes to what is best for DIESEL Motorsports and we need to stick to our original business plan. A consistant direction is always important and not the need to react to knee-jerk reactions.

There is a lot of new products, new players and new opportunities for DIESEL Motorsports!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Looking for the right parts . . . for your diesel truck!

As I'm headed to SEMA on the plane I start thinking about the many different manufacturers that will have their products on display at the show. I'm hoping to find some new diesel performance products for our enthusiasts.

The one thing that I will be looking for which seems to be quite important to our members nowadays are the products made in the USA!

So many different manufacturers are buying China parts and slapping their name on it trying to pass them off as American made. Well we know that many of our products are made in China and if not, their components are made in China. 

It's hard to find parts made in the USA anymore but they are becoming more predominent in our diesel marketplace. I see the American Flag on many of our newer products and I see those products selling very well.

Many of our sponsor's products are made in the USA!

I have had many diesel mechanics tell me they don't want cheap China made parts because they get tired of changing them out for free in their customer's trucks. Doesn't do much good to make the sell on servicing a truck if you have to do the work three times over and over!

The manufacturers who do make their products here I tend to try and push their products more because I know it gives our diesel guys jobs that are local.

What's more important than giving our diesel enthusiasts jobs and selling those same products to our marketplace.

Beware of the companies who are buying cheap China knockoffs and selling them under a name that claims they are American. Ask where the parts are manufactured . . .  you might be surprised!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIESEL is rural America!

Back to where it all started - the rural areas produced and implemented the diesel truck sled pull. It started with tractors which is still very strong as a sport but diesel trucks soon gathered popularity with the rural crowds.

From there it moved to the drag strips that were rural and the ricers still can't believe that a 7000 lb 4x4 diesel can out race their lightweight import!

Diesel truck sled pulling can be found in rural counties from Missouri to NY during the summer months  every night of the week. Somewhere within their state they can find a sled pull they can compete in for prizes or points.

I know of one state pulling association that has a week in July where they pull 5 nights out of the 7(of course in different towns)!

Our industry has become quite technical in advances during the past years but the buyers are still in the rural counties.

What a minute! Am I talking about the rural counties that have no jobs, no industry and everyone has been moving out of to run to the suburbs?

I see many of our enthusiasts that live that lifestyle returning to rural America and making a decent uncomplicated life. They live unrestricted and love their independence - isn't that what this country is all about?

Here lies a problem, for years the big companies marketed to bigger cities and the suburbs. Advertising is all pointed to the cities and the population centers, how do they reach back out to this new rural market?

Answer: DIESEL Motorsports

Sunday, October 21, 2012

SEMA Show is for those looking for new parts!

SEMA Show October 30-November 2 Las Vegas NV

What goes on at SEMA for those who have not attended?

The country's best manufacturers of Automotive Aftermarket display their parts and services at the show in order to attract new customers to buy their products.

And yes it is this crowed during the week.

A show that boasts if you walked every aisle it would be 17 miles. So it is the World's largest auto parts show that also shows some of the best of the best in wild out-there cars, trucks and vehicles on the planet.

DIESEL Motorsports goes every year in order to meet with sponsors and search out new products for our diesel enthusiasts. We try our best to convince large manufacturers to produce diesel performance parts our industry needs for our diesel trucks.

More and more companies want to join in the growing sport of DIESEL Motorsports.

Many of DIESEL Motorsports sponsors display at SEMA or AAPEX(hard parts/fluids at the Sands).

Is it a must go for diesel enthusiasts?

Not really, most of the show is gas and car oriented, truck accessories take up a hall but diesel performance is something you have to look for in the different halls.

Is it entertaining? Absolutely if you are familiar with automotive performance for all vehicles. We hold DIESEL Motorsports yearly board meeting here because most of the companies are in one location.

If you are looking to beat everyone to carrying new parts for diesel performance you may want to make the trip. Plus it's a fun town to visit!

Friday, October 19, 2012

BIGGER mainstream companies are now taking notice of DIESEL Motorsports!

Is it a good sign when larger companies are noticing the growth of DIESEL Motorsports and wanting to join by making products for our marketplace?

Some of the older diesel crowd would not like it because they felt they have always dominated the market with their products and services, but the younger newer crowd always wants change and progress.

Progress always brings in better/newer products and services. If larger companies see a market grow they too want a piece of that market for their business. They may already make similar products that can be modified for diesel use. If that is the case it is a easy transaction with the chance of future growth and dollars back into their company.

DIESEL Motorsport's extended growth must have caught some attention since larger manufacturing companies are calling to inquire about the sport. Upcoming trade shows should be very interesting for our diesel enthusiasts, we have had several new companies request meetings with us in order to find out more about DIESEL Motorsports.

A growing sport into mainstream US has always been our goal and to make it bigger nationwide, so by getting inquiries gives us hope we are moving in the right direction.

Good things are coming!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIESEL Motorsports - Does it matter to be safe or sanctioned?

Ask the normal street racer and they will tell you they don't care as long as they can race their diesel truck! Ask a puller and they will tell with reservations that they don't care as long as everyone has the same rules for the classes!

Knock on wood, this sport has not had an accident that would harm anyone and we hope it never happens. Being safe helps keep our sport alive and away from the two big L's - lawyers and liability!

With motor sports it is always a major concern for all involved, the track, the sponsors and the competitors. I have asked before how many of our race or pull teams have insurance to protect themselves?

If the event does have insurance it protects them and their sponsors to a certain point. The competitor signs a waivor that releases the event promoters from any liabilities from the competitor. So that leaves the competitor with no coverage or protection from the L's.

If the event is not sanctioned the track does have insurance but it only covers the track and their signed sponsors, not the event promoter or his sponsors.

Why do some trucks get DQed at non sanctioned events? Because they have to run under the track rules which is there for their insurance safe guidelines. Go too fast and you don't have your truck certified or a roll cage and you get DQed.

At DIESEL Motorsports this is all taken care of at the tech station since we have our own diesel techs, diesel rules and insurance that covers our rules. When we run an event we rent the facility with our insurance which allows us to control what is safe and how the race or pull is run for the competitors.

Who it matters to is the sponsors! They are big companies with many people that rely on them for jobs, product, and many times shareholders. They hate the two L's with a passion and that is why DIESEL Motorsports was started may years ago is to provide a safe environment for diesel trucks to compete under their own rules.

Yes we live in a world where rules are needed for our own protection. How safe is your truck and how safe is our sport going to be in the future?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where are we going . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Let me start out by saying that our agenda is "DIESEL ONLY", will be and always has been!


Our sponsors do want big crowds but they also want crowds who will buy their products - period.

What sense does it make to combine shows with a non-diesel crowd to draw people in when they won't buy diesel products because they don't own a diesel! Even cross-over markets have been explored in the past in order to expand the market. Rodeo people drive diesel trucks, we researched that avenue years ago for a sponsor and found  a large portion of them do own diesels but guess what they spend their discretionary income on - horses and stock!

Is it a challenge to find the diesel only crowd plus attract a crowd in the stands, sure it is but that is why we have focused main events in certain areas of the country. Yes, we are always looking for new markets and locations and that is what our affiliate programs does for the sport. We let local clubs and groups build those areas as we help them.

Does DIESEL Motorsports have a competing business like us?

Not really when you dissect what we are doing. As of now DIESEL Motorsports is the only licensed SFI sanctioning body for diesels! What does that mean? We hold the credentials to rent tracks, bring in our own SFI Diesel Techs, provide our own insurance, bring our own personnel and run drag racing, sled pulling and other activities so they fit diesel vehicles.

DIESEL Motorsports spends the Winter months attending trade shows and meetings lobbying for diesel as a sport with many different associations and businesses. All year we constantly market our sponsor's products to distribution centers such as WDs and diesel shops.

DIESEL Motorsports also gathers it's own demographics surrounding our sport through surveys taken during the events. No one else is providing this marketing information to the manufacturers.

We divide our business focus into three divisions, support for the competitors, marketing for the manufacturers, and advertising/marketing our niche sport to mainstream America.

Instead of contingency payouts DIESEL Motorsports pays out to competitors checks for each event. Years ago our sponsors decided this was more effective than contingency because it puts cash in the competitor's hands quicker so they can repair or upgrade their trucks and come back to compete the next week or event.

Do we spend our funding on fancy trailers, personal diesel trucks, fancy rigs - not so far! We had a plan when we started to run lean and give the funding back to the industry for a five year period. That's how you grow a market by giving back to it and investing back into the business.

Will we ever be NASCAR or NHRA/IHRA, doubtful but we are growing! Five years ago we started with 9 small events and 8 sponsors, in 2013 we are looking at over 60 events supported by over 25 sponsors!

That's the direction DIESEL Motorsports is going!