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Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIESEL is rural America!

Back to where it all started - the rural areas produced and implemented the diesel truck sled pull. It started with tractors which is still very strong as a sport but diesel trucks soon gathered popularity with the rural crowds.

From there it moved to the drag strips that were rural and the ricers still can't believe that a 7000 lb 4x4 diesel can out race their lightweight import!

Diesel truck sled pulling can be found in rural counties from Missouri to NY during the summer months  every night of the week. Somewhere within their state they can find a sled pull they can compete in for prizes or points.

I know of one state pulling association that has a week in July where they pull 5 nights out of the 7(of course in different towns)!

Our industry has become quite technical in advances during the past years but the buyers are still in the rural counties.

What a minute! Am I talking about the rural counties that have no jobs, no industry and everyone has been moving out of to run to the suburbs?

I see many of our enthusiasts that live that lifestyle returning to rural America and making a decent uncomplicated life. They live unrestricted and love their independence - isn't that what this country is all about?

Here lies a problem, for years the big companies marketed to bigger cities and the suburbs. Advertising is all pointed to the cities and the population centers, how do they reach back out to this new rural market?

Answer: DIESEL Motorsports

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