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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diesel Motorsports . . . SEMA Board meeting!

It's always good to meet with fellow sponsors, manufacturers and diesel supporters once a year to talk shop. Can these conversations get dicey, yes they can because we are all passionate about our business and what we do in the industry.

Everyone has their opion on what should heppen at the shows and within the industry. This is good to hear so many different sides and what we could do in the future to further advance the sport.

There was some great ideas and you will see some new changes in how a few things are done with DIESEL Motorsports.

But the buck does stop here when it comes to what is best for DIESEL Motorsports and we need to stick to our original business plan. A consistant direction is always important and not the need to react to knee-jerk reactions.

There is a lot of new products, new players and new opportunities for DIESEL Motorsports!

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