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Friday, May 31, 2013

What classes are running??? DIESEL Motorsports!

I get asked at least a dozen time a day before an event "What classes are running?"

Since we are a sanctioning body they are the same at every event if enough trucks show up to fill the class. They must remain the same because our insurance are for those classes along with our own diesel SFI techs who approve the trucks for competition.

So the classes are listed on our web site and the rules are downloaded for free so you can check your truck out as to what level to compete. I will give a short description of each class below but still go to our site and check the rules!

Drag Racing:

ET Bracket
This is a great class for the inexperienced or the experienced racer, the class is based on estimating your time to run either 1/4 or 1/8 mile depending on the track. As long as you don't redlight at the start you can run down the track and try to keep your times equal to the time you have chosen. We suggest most to run a few runs to test your truck or diesel vehicle to see what times you can run the track. Pick your best estimate and control your speed for the timed run at least four times.

Now I will tell you we have had 18 second trucks win this class along with some 12-13 second trucks so speed doesn't always matter. Reaction time at the lights helps you win this class and with your timed runs. Two years ago we had a copper 1983 Mercedes come in 2nd in the class and got paid more than what he paid for the car earlier that month.

It's a good way to get into the sport without damaging your vehicle by trying to go fast every time.

Quick Diesel - 12.0 Index
This class is similar but you must run 12.0 time in the 1/4 mile without breaking out (going faster than 12.0). Who can hold their truck closest to 12.0 with the quickest reaction times requires experience with your truck running down the track. It requires a truck that is a little faster and built for stability at high speeds.

This may be your next step up if you are wanting a faster truck and the need for speed.

Unlimited - Pro Stock
This is a heads up, go as fast as you can in the 1/4 or 1/8 mile track depending on the track. For those who want to go fast and feel their truck will out last the other competitor's trucks this class can be a lot of fun for the experienced driver/racer. It does require much more safety equipment for your truck including yourself so check the rules.

Many times I have seen a lot of 9 second trucks run fast then break after a couple of runs leaving the top finals to slower 10 second trucks. It's a gamble to see if that happens as the trucks are getting a little faster every year. But to get your truck to run that may times through the finals requires a racer much experience with their truck's capabilities.

Pro-Stock Diesel
Fiberglass bodied diesel-powered trucks and cars compete heads up to the finish in the 1/8 and/or 1/4 mile action. The diesel vehicles are tube framed with lots of safety equipment and requires NHRA/IHRA certification on the frames, equipment and license.

This class is for the experienced only and yes, we have seen a lot of these vehicles that did not pass tech so please read the equipment requirements before building these vehicles.

Top Diesel
Same as above but in a lighter class with tube frames and high-end diesel engines that run in the 1/4 or 1/8 mile depending on the track. These vehicles again require a lot of safety equipment and requirements for stability of the vehicle. Please check the rules before building one of these and it is for an experienced driver.

I wish we could say we have 20 plus Pro-Stock or Top Diesel vehicles but they are very few because of the expense of running and maintaining them.

So next time you think what classes are running check our site, and yes, the lower classes we require 8 trucks to make a class and the upper classes we require four vehicles.

I will cover the sled pulling classes tomorrow.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports - it is a business!

When we started this venture over 6 years ago we wanted to conquer the world of diesel trucks. We had many high ideas of how this would be accomplished and made a 5 year plan.

Well we are in our 6th year and we have now made an additional 5 year plan up to the 10th year. After two of the country's worst recessions and high hike of fuel prices we can say we are still in business and have broken even almost every year.

We have seen a few set backs in the diesel industry but have chosen to market around those problems and continue to build on our original plans.

We have seen the costs of the events almost double in 6 years including all aspects of the logistics of putting on the events.

Most people don't know the correct costs of these shows but they are from $25-65,000 for a one day show depending on the event. Our insurance alone shot up 30% last year! . . .  and we have never had a claim!

So most people don't understand it's a business that need to turn a profit (or close) in order for us to be around year after year. Is our decisions always popular, most likely not, but until the other people want to step up to be responsible for the dollar outlay then we need to continue what we have been doing for the events. The buck stops here is not a catch phrase.

Our future plans are to have a major diesel event in every month of the year somewhere in the country, expand the affiliate events from 50 to 100 events, and expand into foreign markets for our sponsors's products.

Yes, those are pretty high goals but we never thought we would be where we are currently at in the marketplace just 6 years ago.

We have learned a lot in the the years of putting on these events, and we have gone through some changes but it's always been for the improvement of the sport.

It's like the old advertisement - you ain't seen nothing yet!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The future of diesel . . . in DIESEL Motorsports!

As always every summer the price of fuel has gone up, it's expected! It does make normal working people cringe because it digs into your pocketbook.

Why is diesel more since it takes 1/3rd less crude oil to produce - because they can get it, the trucking companies need diesel to deliver our products all over the country. Today's stocking systems are based on three day inventory of all produce/food and 60 day on other products. The trucking companies keep their trucks running 24/7 in order to keep up with the demand of consumers.

The big oil companies and the government(taxes on fuel) make a large fiscal budget on trucking companies use of diesel. Why do you think when fuel goes up your local groceries goes up in price? It's passed right on to the consumer.

As most of you know the semi trucks are lucky to get 5 mpg during use and most trucking companies spend millions in dollars filling their fleets.

Now pass that use and abuse down to the consumer who uses diesel for their daily truck it gets expensive. I don't see this letting up anytime soon since we have not found nay replacement for semi trucks nor improved technology for that transportation mode.

I am excited that some domestic vehicles are hitting the consumer market again this fall, Chevy Cruze, Grand Cherokee, etc. Europe and Asia domestic vehicles and trucks are mostly diesel, only here in the US are we still using gas as the main fuel.

As long as the semi trucks need diesel to truck our goods across the country we are safe in having diesel available to us, however at what cost per gallon?

We have seen this effect the events and shows so that is why we have chosen to split the big shows up per state so people will not have to travel as far in order to participate in the sport. This also helps promote and spread the word regarding our sport of DIESEL Motorsports.

Supporting local clubs, associations, and events also helps spread the popularity of DIESEL Motorsports. No one else is investing their funds toward the local diesel shows. DIESEL Motorsports helps where we can and yes, our budgets are limited too!

Whether you like what we are doing or not it's the direction our Board (sponsors) have helped us layout in order to spread the excitement for our sport of DIESEL Motorsports. This will help us get to mainstream US and regular diesel vehicle owners while offering safe insured diesel competitions for diesel enthusiasts.

Not everyone understands our direction but it is for the advancement of diesel technology and sport.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Now is the time for part specials for your diesel!

The start of the summer months always starts a buying frenzy by diesel performance enthusiasts at local diesel shops, auto part stores and online. That is why companies offer some really nice discounts and pricing on these products!

Many of our sponsors are currently running specials such as Weld Wheels, Flowmaster, DEI, and many more! I have posted some of the specials below so check them out and order what you need.

OR . . .  come to DIESEL Motorsports East Coast Nationals July 20 in Numidia PA for the Little Power Shoppe Wholesale Tent event. This show features the normal diesel only drag racing, sled pull, dyno and show-n-shine competitions but is the largest WHOLESALE TENT SALE in the country! Bargains can be had!!!

Check out our sponsor's web sites and Face Book's pages for offers and discounts.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports - what have we built?

I found a flyer the other day cleaning out my files from the first year we started National Association of DIESEL MOTORSPORTS!

We had 5-6 sponsors and held five small events with sled pulling and drag racing as separate events. We wrote new rules for the sport with safety and performance in mind for diesel pickups. We filed the rules with SFI and purchased insurance as a operating sanctioning body.

Now I've been told throughout the years that being a sanctioning body doesn't mean much to the competitors that attend the shows but it does matter to the sponsors. Creating a safe environment for competitors where limited liability in motor sports is very important to businesses who are constantly worried about using the other "L" word (lawyers).

Plus the past couple of years I have had several competitors thanking us for keeping the rules consistent  and fair for all who compete in DIESEL Motorsports. Gone are the days when competitors come to the starting line with a beer in their hand. Making the shows safe and a pleasant environment for families was another goal that mainstream companies like to see from a sanctioning body for motor sports.

Another portion of the business many of the fans and competitors don't see is the marketing arm of the business that drives and sells the sponsor's products and services. Throughout the years DIESEL Motorsports has spent a large portion of our yearly budget marketing the sponsor's products at trade shows and on trips visiting WDs, dealers and other motor sport shows.

DIESEL Motorsports now has over 25 sponsors with multiple year contracts which assures the industry of continuing growth for the sport. Many of the sponsors have pledged testimonials as to what a great job DIESEL Motorsports has done to promote their products and produce positive sales growth within the diesel marketplace.

Some of these companies started with one or two products for the diesel marketplace and has grown to many different products for our diesel pickups.

DIESEL Motorsports saw years ago that we can't be everywhere at once as the sport grows so the board voted to having 4-7 larger combined shows throughout the US. The smaller shows were transferred to local diesel chapters or associations that DIESEL Motorsports helps with promotions, marketing, insurance, SFI certification, and advertising. Combine the shows and they have grown to over 50 events Nationwide.

What a difference from when we started over 6 years ago! It's like the old advertising slogan "you've come a long way baby"!