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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Diesel Shops VS Diesel Web Sites for parts?

Where do you want to buy parts for your diesel truck?

A local diesel shop or a web site when you are looking for a part to be replaced or upgraded on your truck, that seems to be an issue.

If you are doing the repair yourself you may want to consider a web site where you can find the most competitive price. However, if you install it incorrectly or have warranty issues there may be a problem.

If you take it to a shop to honor the warranty they will turn it away since you did not buy it from them. If you want your install repaired they will charge full price and most likely replace the part if it is damaged with their part.

If you call the web site where you bought it many will take returns but not if it is damaged or they may refer you to the manufacturer for warranty. Many long time web sites have qualified diesel people to talk to about installation, repairs and returns.

Some do not and will consider the sale final plus refer you to the manufacturer for warranty. Sometimes there is a price for buying the cheapest price/part!

The local diesel shop makes very little profit from a part sale so don't expect the cheapest price from them. They cannot compete with large web sites because they have overhead of a building and equipment.

However, you can expect first hand experience of what will work with your truck, the install and most will not only honor the part warranty but also their work on the truck. It is their integrity that is on the line and they will do their best to make sure your truck is running properly and will continue to operate.

Many shops I know turn away work on trucks who have bought the part elsewhere, why repair somebody else mistake. Again, their work on a truck must speak for their quality and longevity in the business.

Even if you are a DIY you may want to consider buying the parts from a local shop since they can offer their experience on the install even if you are doing it. Then if something goes wrong they will honor the warranty and most will help you fix the install.

Again the local shops have much higher overhead with a large building, lifts, tools and paying experienced employees to repair vehicles.

Parts are available everywhere since most outlets NOW carry most diesel truck parts including the bigger WDs and web sites including Amazon.

Think about what you are buying, the old saying "let the buyer beware" goes a long way when considering what you are getting. You do get what you pay for many times depending on what you want for your truck.

As with any performance parts and especially OEM parts, if your truck is used in competition that warranty most likely will be voided! This has been the norm in the industry since the beginning of racing or pulling.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

UPDATE: Pulling Classes for 2018! DIESEL Motorsports

As a National Association that is SFI certified we try to include all classes represented across the United states since they are different depending on where you re at in the country. Doing so make it difficult to include all local rules but we have tried to make it a safe sport besides being fair and competitive without excluding someone's truck.

Saying that we cannot satisfy everyone but we have tried to keep it fair for all involved. The MAIN goal is to let EVERYONE pull who wants to pull their truck as long as it is safe based on their Horsepower. We do require at least 8 trucks minimum to make a class to make it a fair pull for everyone.

Work Stock - Performance upgrades allowed but it must have stock turbo! Licensed street truck, drivers license, street tires, no weights, no hood stack.

HOT Work Stock - same as above but larger turbos up to a 2.55 plug with all safety equipment for the HP, no weights, no hood stacks, street license truck

2.5 Turbo - Same as last year

2.6 Turbo - Same as last year

2.6 Smooth Bore - Same as last year

3.0 Smooth Bore - Same as last year

3.0 Turbo - Same as last year

3.6 - Same as last year

3.6 Smooth bore - Same as last year

Modified - Same as last year

Semis - Same as last year

All rules can be found at

All trucks will be teched before pull by SFI certified techs!