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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Local shops need to get involved . . .

So many times we plan our events that are surrounded by strong diesel shops. 


If there is enough diesel performance interest to keep your business open and profitable then there are enough diesel trucks to compete and draw a crowd.

Here's the problem . . .  and it's two fold!

We need local diesel shops to display at the events!

The local shops are competing and are short handed on help and resources to display at the events!

DIESEL Motorsports wants to drive the attendees/fans to local diesel shops to buy our sponsor's products! But we need to find out who those local diesel shops are and where they are located.

I know that the shops advertise and project their business by providing the top competing trucks at the events.  I know it takes all of their resources to bring their trucks and crew to the events so what can they do to further get recognized?

If local diesel shops within 100 miles of each event will email me their shop's info DIESEL Motorsports will announce them during the event and if they want to display I will discount the space.

So we have an event at Hebron, OH next week, any diesel shops within 100 miles can email me their info and I will announce them during the event!

This will help support local diesel shops while they are competing in the event.

Email shop info to: ronk@DIESELmotorsports.US