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Thursday, November 29, 2018

PRI Show - what to expect??? Dec 6-8th DIESEL Motorsports

What to expect if you are attending the PRI Show (Performance Race Industry) in Indianapolis December 6-8th? Since DIESEL Motorsports has had a booth there for many years even when it was held in Orlando we can tell you what you will see while attending.

First, if you want to attend you need to register as a shop or a competitor for racing or pulling on the day of the event at registration. Second the parking is a bit of a problem so come early and expect to walk 3-4 blocks from your parking spot (parking is about $15-20 a day).

Once you park you do not have to bring a heavy coat because most of downtown Indianapolis is connected with heated skywalks that connect with the Convention Center. That way you won't have to carry around a heavy coat during the show.

Many booth/displays are in the hallways on the way into the show, take time to have a look at them. The display areas are split into certain groups, the main performance hall where most of the big name performance part manufacturers are in this hall. DIESEL Motorsports is in this hall (booth #1837) right down from the Fluidampr booth.

The second connecting hall is part machine hall for shops and the remainder is various WDs, circle track parts and a mixture of different displays. The third hall is full of a mixture of different performance, equipment, and fill-in displays.

Look in the halls for side rooms where first year displays are placed, some really nice companies are hidden in those side rooms. You will need two days to see everything but if you are looking for diesel related displays most can be found in the first two halls.

This is a performance part show so you will not see any truck accessory parts or vehicle displays like the SEMA show. It is a more one on one show where you can actually talk to a company representative about parts that relate to your shop or vehicles.

I like this show for diesels better than the SEMA show because not only is it for competitors but it is located where more shops can attend. We have supported this show for many years and we were the first diesel race and pulling organization to display at the PRI show. In fact we were the only one for many years.

Come by and see the DM Girls at booth #1837 to find out about our 2019 schedule, receive free t-shirts, swag, decals and literature. If you like to touch, feel, and talk about custom parts for diesel performance then you will enjoy this show.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Remember our local owned diesel shops when it comes to shopping for Christmas! DIESEL Motorsports

By Larry "Gene" Mohney

I know it is so easy to shop online because we all are so busy these days. The holiday events, family rehearsals, church, and then there is work! I'm guilty on this myself during the Holidays!

Who wants to take the time to go talk to someone about your truck or parts?

ME! ME! ME! lol consider it a trip to the hardware store or Menards, TSC Tractor or other men stores!

Then ask the local diesel dealer to make you a list of items with estimated costs of what you want done to your truck. Have him make a copy and keep one there, then take the other copy home to the wife or special other.

Tell her if it's something for Christmas you are looking for here is a list of low to higher price items plus include installation. 

What a special gift to even include installation, or better yet tell her to take the truck one day of shopping - hint, hint!

Many of the local diesel shops make very little on just selling the part since they have to compete with online shopping, however to have it installed makes them a little extra but helps them keep their mechanics busy for the Holidays.

If anything goes wrong with what ever they are having installed they will stand behind it. Hard to do that with on-line sales.

PLUS you get the local shop interested in your truck and how they can help when you need it the most. Who doesn't need a friend in the shop business, especially if you use your truck for work or business.

There are a lot of special fun gifts for the diesel truck whether it's performance or accessories! Visit your local shop and make a fun holiday for everyone!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

DIESEL Motorsports (NADM) celebrating 12 years in 2019!

12 years ago Gene Mohney and I left DHRA to start NADM (National Association of DIESEL Motorsports) on October 27th, 2007! We went to SEMA for the first time as our own business and sanctioning body for diesel 3/4 and 1 ton pickup racing, pulling and dyno competitions.

We have always stated NADM as the only sanctioning body because NADM took the trouble to obtain our ruleset, bought our own SFI sanctioning status and event/liability insurance. All other promoters/race organizations for diesels instead filed for ASO (Alternate Sanctioning Organization) with SFI and NHRA.

It is more expensive the way NADM did it but we make our own rules for diesels not someone else, in fact NHRA/IHRA do not have classes or rules for diesels. That is why many of you have raced once and then been DQed at tracks.

Once you pass tech with NADM you will not be DQed unless there is a safety issue and/or leakage. We thought this would be important for longevity in the industry. Coming from automotive aftermarket background i know most companies want to know they are covered by liability insurance and hold safety on a very high level of importance.

After being in business for a few years we found we were being confused with so many different race organizations with acronym names (NADM) so we decided to shorten it to be known as DIESEL Motorsports which is the last two words of NADM. If you look diesel motor sports up in the dictionary it is listed as three words. We coined it as two words - DIESEL Motorsports!

Easier to remember, easier to identify our events and marketing efforts. A big worded DIESEL with Motorsports underneath it or next to it!

We have gone from doing county fairs years ago to doing standalone events with diesels only to combined Diesel vs Gas events. It has always been about helping the rural diesel market and the shops who work everyday to make a living. NADM has advised many shops about who to service and sell, what to sell and how to market their business.

NADM has transformed at least 4 times in marketing and direction in the industry depending on OEM manufacturing, EPA/Government regulations and the increasing upward swing of performance with diesels.

Who provided the upward swing? The individual diesel shops and competitors who personally made each build stronger, bigger and more aggressive.  Cutting edge technology provided by diesel mechanics who dare push the envelope.

Our shows have changed throughout the years with many rule and class changes depending on what was being built for the next year. NADM was not always the first to make drastic changes because of the concern of holding back increased horsepower or innovation by competitors.

Currently we find ourselves still the only sanctioning body for diesel motor sports.  However, we do find many more diesel events throughout the country which means we are doing a good job of making it popular and the term DIESEL Motorsports is becoming quite common among many enthusiasts and manufacturers.

DIESEL Motorsports will continue on in 2019 and many more years as the industry continues to support our direction in promoting the sport and rural diesel industry. DIESEL Motorsports puts on not just one event but multiple events across the country promoting in old and new geographically areas for diesel enthusiasts.

It's always have been about the sport, the business model and making sure we make enough to stay in business year after year (which has been difficult many years)! You won't see Gene or I driving brand new trucks or being flashy at shows with equipment but being very conservative! Kinda like the people we work with and do business with during the year.

12 years is a long time for any business and yes, Gene and i have learned a lot during the events and years from doing the events, some painful and some fun! But we both still enjoy doing the shows and you will see both of us talking to young enthusiasts asking them what they have done to their trucks.

As the 2019 schedule is released at PRI in December make sure to follow us year after year, many have and we appreciate their business and friendship. Events happen and change as more events are added every year, thus always looking for different ways to entertain our diesel fans.

Monday, November 5, 2018

What we saw at the 2019 SEMA Show! DIESEL Motorsports

I report every year what we saw at the SEMA show which is much talked about on social media. If you have never been it is a pleasure to see so many custom pickup trucks and diesel vehicles since most booths and displays have a custom vehicle.

Not many manufacturers left that just show their products, which is what I look for during the show. Most show a wild killer custom vehicle that will draw attention to their booth.

Lots and lots of lifted trucks with big wheels and low profile tires makes for a nice showing but tough to run our back roads and highways out in the Midwest.

A few high performance diesel items but not much because of SEMA's EPA friendly atmosphere. however there is a lot of really nice truck accessory items that are new and exciting.

Some of the diesel Rat Rods were really nice and had performance engines along with some of the older diesels. It is always a blast to look how much someone's imagination can take them from concept to finish vehicle.

I saw a lot of parts from our sponsors since they are interested in what it takes to build a solid diesel motor. Manufacturer's like Mahle, Clevite, ARP, SPAL, Peak/Blue, BD Diesel, PPE, Carrillo, Autometer, RBP, Theromo-Tec; all had their parts/products out for people to see and ask questions. Since this is a aftermarket parts/performance show it is good to actually see parts/products and talk about them.

People spend a lot of money to display out at the SEMA show in order to get the recognition which is what the show is good at! Being recognized by thousands from around the world!

Looking forward to the PRI show and I will feature in the next few weeks the new items I ran into at the SEMA show.