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Monday, November 5, 2018

What we saw at the 2019 SEMA Show! DIESEL Motorsports

I report every year what we saw at the SEMA show which is much talked about on social media. If you have never been it is a pleasure to see so many custom pickup trucks and diesel vehicles since most booths and displays have a custom vehicle.

Not many manufacturers left that just show their products, which is what I look for during the show. Most show a wild killer custom vehicle that will draw attention to their booth.

Lots and lots of lifted trucks with big wheels and low profile tires makes for a nice showing but tough to run our back roads and highways out in the Midwest.

A few high performance diesel items but not much because of SEMA's EPA friendly atmosphere. however there is a lot of really nice truck accessory items that are new and exciting.

Some of the diesel Rat Rods were really nice and had performance engines along with some of the older diesels. It is always a blast to look how much someone's imagination can take them from concept to finish vehicle.

I saw a lot of parts from our sponsors since they are interested in what it takes to build a solid diesel motor. Manufacturer's like Mahle, Clevite, ARP, SPAL, Peak/Blue, BD Diesel, PPE, Carrillo, Autometer, RBP, Theromo-Tec; all had their parts/products out for people to see and ask questions. Since this is a aftermarket parts/performance show it is good to actually see parts/products and talk about them.

People spend a lot of money to display out at the SEMA show in order to get the recognition which is what the show is good at! Being recognized by thousands from around the world!

Looking forward to the PRI show and I will feature in the next few weeks the new items I ran into at the SEMA show.

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