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Monday, November 19, 2018

Remember our local owned diesel shops when it comes to shopping for Christmas! DIESEL Motorsports

By Larry "Gene" Mohney

I know it is so easy to shop online because we all are so busy these days. The holiday events, family rehearsals, church, and then there is work! I'm guilty on this myself during the Holidays!

Who wants to take the time to go talk to someone about your truck or parts?

ME! ME! ME! lol consider it a trip to the hardware store or Menards, TSC Tractor or other men stores!

Then ask the local diesel dealer to make you a list of items with estimated costs of what you want done to your truck. Have him make a copy and keep one there, then take the other copy home to the wife or special other.

Tell her if it's something for Christmas you are looking for here is a list of low to higher price items plus include installation. 

What a special gift to even include installation, or better yet tell her to take the truck one day of shopping - hint, hint!

Many of the local diesel shops make very little on just selling the part since they have to compete with online shopping, however to have it installed makes them a little extra but helps them keep their mechanics busy for the Holidays.

If anything goes wrong with what ever they are having installed they will stand behind it. Hard to do that with on-line sales.

PLUS you get the local shop interested in your truck and how they can help when you need it the most. Who doesn't need a friend in the shop business, especially if you use your truck for work or business.

There are a lot of special fun gifts for the diesel truck whether it's performance or accessories! Visit your local shop and make a fun holiday for everyone!

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