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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The NEW Diesel Truck . . . DIESEL Motorspots!

The year ended and all three Auto makers announced increased truck sales for 2011! Diesel truck sales increased, a lot of it in fleet. However we are seeing more and more newer diesel trucks on the road and at events.

Why? For those who use their trucks for work they know they can only push the old one so far until the repair bills out weigh a monthly payment. It is simple economics, especially in today's economy.

So what can be added to the new diesels that can improve performance and make it a fuel efficient truck.Actually a lot is available for those with new trucks!

With increased new truck sales comes the report from manufacturers their business is picking up. It's only natural, past figures can show that more monies are spent on vehicle's accessories and upgrades within 90 days of purchase of a new vehicle(see SEMA market reports).

As the vehicle gets older the amounts go down on upgrades, the newer the more money is spent.

Maybe things are looking up for diesel truck owners, more is always better than less!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Is it Real or Memorex? DIESEL Motorsports . . . ,

For some of you too young to remember that catch phrase, it was used to sell the quality of cassette tapes for stereo use (even for those who remember cassette tapes)! Ella Fitzgerald sang a high note and broke some crystal wine glasses and you were to believe it was her singing or was it the taped music.

It was quite effective and soon everyone was using it to compare what was real in every day living situations. Slight of hand, smoke and mirrors, optical illusion, there are a lot of definitions for the same analogy and it applies to what we hear today regarding our diesel marketplace.

With the use of electronic communications through web forums, Facebook, texting, Twitter,  everything moves at a super fast rate compared to the old technology. The past few years it has also meant that information that is not true travels faster and grows the farther it is communicated.

That is why so many companies hate the forums, it starts with some kid who doesn't know anything but wants to make like he is a big man on the internet, and makes a wild claim that is not true and off it goes!

The people in the media and marketing laugh that if the Internet had a truth filter it would be half the size it is today!

As always through the Winter our competitors and wannabes tell false stories about DIESEL Motorsports and as always, we run through our normal schedules, list our sponsors and continue on with our programs.

The one thing you can count on every year is that we don't announce anything until the contracts are signed, the sponsors are sold/signed and the TV has an exact date and channel it will be telecast. No smoke and mirrors for us and when we tell you we plan on doing something - it gets done exactly as we described.

We ARE the only sanctioning body for DIESEL Motorsports with full accreditation and insurance for every event! We have our own SFI Techs, we can rent NHRA or IHRA tracks and run our DIESEL rules/classes without interference from the facility. 

No one else can claim or do what we are doing . . . is it Real or Memorex?

DIESEL Motorsports® looking forward to a great 2012 season!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rebel - Final in a series - DIESEL Motorsports!

In some ways our DIESEL Motorsports business is almost see contained within the Midwest (MO to PA to TN), however the popularity is now expanding to other areas.

The reality is the big money has always been on the two coastlines, for every business market! The area between the two coastlines works, buys and builds the business that they support. Our largest business centers are LA/San Francisco in the West and NY/DC on the East, however Chicago in the upper Midwest is not too shabby.

The publication/media companies are on the coastlines, manufacturer's headquarters or sales offices are on the coastlines, and the financials are on the coastlines. If we want to grow the sport then we need to get them to notice our diesel group and their buying power!

If you notice DIESEL Motorsport's sponsors, it includes many large corporations that are considered mainstream automotive aftermarket suppliers. If you look at our list from the first year it was all diesel specific sponsors, it has taken us five years to expand that list into other areas of manufacturing.

They have now noticed and have heard about DIESEL Motorsports!

Now they need to understand the potential of the sport and the growth in the past ten years. In order for them to do so DIESEL Motorsports continues to tell our story which includes the diesel enthusiast and fan base. The more comfortable they become, the easier it is for them to accept our sport, our diesel marketplace and us as individual consumers.

The more products and money infused into our sport the more it will grow and expand into new areas!

Promoting and supporting the diesel market place using traditional business practices along with providing safe, insured diesel events as a sanctioning body is a weekly, monthly and yearly effort by DIESEL Motorsports!

And you thought we just did events like the other guys!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rebel - Part III - Spreading the Word!

The main attribute of being a successful Rebel is to have a cause and a direction!

DIESEL Motorsports has a cause and a direction with thousands of diesel enthusiasts behind us, helping us pave the way for a new motorsport. The silent majority they try to label our group's presence, we are alright with that label.

Usually those who are silent are working and making headway at what they are working toward. DIESEL Motorsports embraces the people who makeup our group and it matches our business model. Not flashy, no big brags, no large claims, just business as usual.

DIESEL Motorsports takes your story to the automotive industry from September through April at industry trade shows.

The automotive industry needs to understand our group in order to embrace our sport, how to relate to them, how to sell to them and what products are they going to purchase?

We take your story to them! Call it lobbying, marketing or providing information, it's what is needed for our sport to grow. The more I can get the industry involved, the more people will come to the events, more companies will sponsor and more media will highlight our sport.

DIESEL Motorsports attends one to two major trade shows per month during those months to promote the sport and our segment of the market. We pass out over 35,000 flyers and literature during that time period with our sponsors on every piece from Los Angelos to NYC to Orlando!

Wait a minute, I just mentioned the two coastlines . . . that's right! We do attend shows in the mid part of the country but many of the major manufacturers are on the coastlines, and I want them to get involved with our sport.

Why . . . ?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rebel -Rebel Part II - DIESEL Motorsports!

Yea I know I'm profiling our diesel enthusiasts, I call it demographics when it comes to marketing and selling our sport! It's the working crowd of the Midwest, I tell our manufacturers that our enthusiasts have money to buy what they want for their truck.

Are they flush with money, not particular, we just don't have the materialistic values that many have on the two coastlines. A $150 pair of jeans would be a joke when we can get Levis or Wranglers at Walmart for $35 and they last longer. We will spend big dollars on boots because we wear them for work and keep them for 10 years or longer - and not for a fashion statement.

Do they live in big fancy houses? Some do, but most not because our houses in the Midwest are pretty moderate compared to the coastlines, especially the cost of the homes. As long as it is comfortable they are generally happy and it houses their family.

Now when it comes to the trucks! The American dream is alive and well when talking about our trucks. It's the pride taken for what you have worked hard for and own. It can be a rusted out pickup with bald tires but our guys will compliment the owner on what he has done to the diesel engine or vice versa. It's a work in progress for most of these owners and they add something to it when the funds become available. In a couple of years the truck is a show piece and runs like a well tuned race car.

Each individual gives their truck it's own personal look or customize it to fit their lifestyle.

There's that Lifestyle thing again, keeps popping up as to what best describes our diesel enthusiast. If the two coastlines design their marketing and sales based on the people around them they will be missing the mark when selling their products!

I have asked most of the sponsors to come to a couple of events to get the feel of what kind of people come to the events. It's the only way they are going to learn about who they are selling their products to for their company. I asked one of our large sponsors what his tech reported when he came to a couple of events this last year? He said the people who came to his booth drilled him on the products and were very technical regarding the product. He just found out our guys and girls know a lot about their trucks and diesel!

DIESEL Motorsports is just not a licensed sanctioning body who put on events, but also a marketing company who educates the rest of the automotive industry about our sport.

More tomorrow . . .

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rebel-Rebel - DIESEL Motorsports!

Yes it is a song by David Bowie, that's not what I'm talking about! It's the attitude of our diesel youth and diesel enthusiasts.

Think about it!

You can't tell me I can't drive a big vehicle.
You can't tell me I can't get 20mpg while towing.
You can't tell me I can't put big tires on this truck.
You can't tell me I can't lift this truck so I have to climb into it.
You can't tell me I can't make a 7000lb truck run a 12 second 1/4 mile.
You can't tell me a 4-wheel drive truck can produce 800 HP.
You can't tell me my truck can't pull a 30,000lb sled down a dirt track

YES, most of what we do with these trucks goes against all logic and good reasoning in our society. How we look and act is conservative and yet not. We are mostly politically incorrect most would say, most believe in guns, hunting, fishing, enjoy outdoor living, roasting red meat abundantly, and drinking lots of fluids.

Most of our diesel enthusiasts comes from close families and they raise close families. Most are religious in some form or fashion and they rely on each other. There is a reason most of the diesel activity is in the Midwest States, farming, rural living, diesel truck manufacturing, and the LIFESYTLE!

Yes our LIFESTYLE brings us together and the diesel trucks are part of it.

I have had more than one track owner/manager tell me that our crowds are the most well behaved they have ever had at the tracks. They said if we ask them to move or park in that direction they do and say "yes sir"! They are telling me this as a compliment, I tell them heck yea they have respect for people and their property and if they didn't their daddy would take them behind the wood shed for a lesson!

I was quite shocked to see so many Rebel flags represented at our events and we were not in the South! I have seen these in Northern PA and OH (they were not Southern trucks either)!

It's the Rebel part of us that started this great country - the United States and I would have to say the spirit is alive and well with our diesel enthusiasts. I write this because I am proud of our group and what they represent, their lifestyle shows it on their daily posts on Facebook. I actually enjoy reading about how our crowd lives plus the frustrations they face daily and the support they get from others all over the country. As you can tell I'm one of them adding my two-bits in time to time.

Yet we may be Rebels, but you won't find more loyal patriots to our great country than our diesel enthusiasts. When they chips are down they are there for us and the country.

I'm writing this in a series so I will continue Monday as to why I'm writing about this. HINT: When on the two coasts talking to automotive industry leaders some did not have a clue why diesel and what are we about? They know we buy their products but they don't understand us, hhmmm I think that is going on a lot these days on the two coasts.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are YOU covered . . . for liability? While competing!

We have many different diesel shops outfit their shop trucks to compete so they can win and draw business to their shop for performance upgrades. It's part of our business, DIESEL Motorsports draws individuals and shops to the competitions so the fans can see how fast their trucks can either race down the drag strip or pull on the track. The bigger, badder the truck is the better showcase for their shop's ability to produce top trucks. Our top three classes in competition for racing and pulling is 80% diesel shop trucks who are there to compete against each other to see which shop can produce a winning truck.

Question:? Is your truck and the competition covered for liability?

Meaning if anything (god forbid), a mishap occurred during competition and people get hurt, will those hurt come after you or more important your business?

If you think your normal auto insurance covers your activities you are dreaming, any activities during competition is not covered and you will be cancelled for coverage if you try turning in a claim.

Your normal business liability insurance will not cover such activities, plus you sign a waiver at the track. Who covers your activities? . . . the track? Their insurance covers their liabilities, their property, claims against them and their business, it does not include you!

It's a horrible subject to bring up and I'm not trying to scare anyone but in our sue happy society what does get covered when a mishap occurs?

Lawyers are pretty methodical when it comes to looking for money, they first go after the track, and then the association. When that is exhausted they go after the sponsors (the bigger dollars) and then go after the smaller dollars which is the shops.

I'm bringing this up because as we go more mainstream and more events in our sport are held, more eyes will be watching the activities during competition. If something does happen the sharks tend to come out for fresh feeding.

Most local events at fairgrounds, associations, clubs and dragstrips carry liability insurance that covers their business, their sponsors, and their fans. That's a blanket liability policy that is the norm for the industry, very few companies offer such coverage (less than a dozen). 

Be aware your truck and your shop's activities are not covered under that policy.

DIESEL Motorsport's policy covers the norm as I mentioned above but we went a step further and cover the crews (not your truck). We carry the same policy as a NHRA track at all of our National events plus the crews. You can never be too careful in our eyes, that is why we are such sticklers on safety!

If your shop or you need coverage during competition contact DIESEL Motorsports, we can put you in contact with the right people for coverage. It's something to think about before the season starts!

Plus you may want to check if your next diesel event has proper insurance coverage before you compete, sponsor or display your business? It's just good business.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exhaust pointed upwards - not a new rule but enforced! DIESEL Motorsports!

We have had a couple of questions regarding the NEW rules posted last week regarding that exhaust needs to be pointed upward (90ยบ) during competition. This is not a new rule, always has been in sled pulling and was put into drag racing last year.

The reason is simple, move the smoke coming out upward so it will not fog the lights and equipment at the drag strip and to keep any debris from broken turbos from going into the crowd at any event!

It has been in sled pulling from the very beginning because of the close proximity of the crowd with the short distance the truck travels has the highest risk of blown turbos and the particles shooting straight out into the crowd. Years ago there has been fans killed from the debris blown from turbos and now the insurance companies require it. Think about it, a side exhaust is at what level if a turbo blows and shoots small metal particles out of the exhaust?

Remember we are a SFI Insured Sanctioning body for DIESEL Motorsports - safety! The other groups and promoters do not have to follow the same rules because they are not a sanctioning body. They follow local pulling rules or insurance and at the drag strip they use NHRA techs and rules. NHRA does not have rules or classes for diesels so they just tech for gasser safety. But then again that is why so many different tracks do not want diesels running at their facilities. 

That is why DIESEL Motorsports is trying to change that attitude by being proactive and show them we care about safety and their equipment/personnel by pointing the exhaust upward. Set precedent by example, that's what a sanctioning body should do is show them we are responsible competitors by being safe!

Plus, not that drag racers complain but we have had several voice concerns that the track did not properly clock their time correctly. In most instances it was because the smoke fogged the lights and made the equipment malfunction. With turned up exhaust it takes that out of the argument with a legitimate complaint. Most drag strips now have the rule if you fog the lights and your opponent complains he can have you DQed and eliminated. I don't think any competitor would want that to happen.

We are not saying EVERYONE should run stacks, we are asking if you compete bring a clamp-on turn-up exhaust tip! Does this cause problems for those who run dual exhaust or those who have spent big money on a fancy exhaust tip - it sure does! 

But as a think-out of the box group like our diesel guys we should pride ourselves by coming up with a simple but effective clamp-on turn-up tip for the exhaust. I tell our sponsors all of the time our guys are creative and inventive when customizing their diesel trucks, yes, I am bragging about our diesel guy's mechanical abilities!

I know most guys who have already done so did it by spending $25-$90 for a simple turn-up that they can clamp on to their tips. That is a pretty low cost to compete and show the industry we know how to adjust to the conditions. 

I will tell you duct taping a dryer exhaust pipe from Lowes will not work for obvious reasons!

Several of our sponsors (Flo-Pro) and shops carry turned up exhaust tips so they are available online (Alligator They will have them available at the events at their trailers and booths (PureDieselPower, Lil Power Shop, New Era Diesel, etc.) among others so you can easily purchase one this year.

It is just being a responsible sport and that we care about others involved at the track whether it be the track officials/equipment or the fans who have come to watch our sport.

Is this a rule we have thought about carefully, of course we have! We do not want to give any reason for a beginning diesel guy to compete because they do not have a turned up exhaust tip! I have seen pullers run their truck down the track and then run their tip back to their friend to use on their truck pulling. A little harder to do in drag racing because of the number of runs, but it's about coming to the track prepared and compete in a responsible way. 

It's winter and you have a couple of months to be creative or to find a tip to purchase to bring along to the next diesel event. Use it at your local event even if they don't require it, show them you are setting an example by being a safe diesel competitor!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dodge Death Warble or others . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Got a truck with loose steering and at high speeds the wheel warbles in your hands scaring the you-know-what out of you?

Dodges are known for this issue but I have seen and driven others just like them. Loose suspension, linkage and steering box is the culprit and it is not fun to drive when that happens!

Some how a 7000 lb truck going 60-70 that starts to weave and warble all over the road only spells disaster for all involved. Just released last week the new projection for light-medium truck life on our roads just jumped to 11.5 years ownership. That is an all time high - ever!

Tighter economy, new trucks cost more (rose $1000 per year in the past ten years), they are built better and the ability to fix them is easier. All of the above reasons compounded together gives the reason for such longevity for the trucks.

Again, perfect business for the diesel shops that support our business and sport.

One of those shops who have turned manufacturer and now provide a answer for the "Death Warble" is Custom Diesels out of Morristown, Tennessee! They are the NEW sponsor as an endorsed product for the steering stabilizer, a perfect and reasonable solution to making your older truck a little safer and stable.

Look under Dodge parts - steering stabilizer, a sure fix for what ails your truck!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Support your local DIESEL group!!!

When we started DIESEL Motorsports a few years ago there was not that many diesel events to attend in order to compete with your truck. As the sport is growing and more become interested in what you can do with your diesel truck there are more and more local diesel events and clubs!

That is exactly what we wanted to happen, more local events so more can participate and less travel is required for the diesel enthusiast. 

Check with local fairgrounds, drag strips and clubs for a diesel event near you, I know we will soon have several affiliate group's schedules and small local series running in many different states. 

The plan we had set up in the beginning is working, more local events and large National events regionally at different times of the year that are DIESEL ONLY!

We get requests every week for more localized series and events, those asking for structure, insurance, SFI techs, marketing and exposure. DIESEL Motorsports is here for that very reason.

Check your local listings and starting next week we will be posting local events.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rules are rules - DIESEL Motorsports!

The NEW 2012 rules for DIESEL Motorsports drag racing and sled pulling are now posted for FREE download on the web site - www.DIESELmotorsports.US!

SFI Certified rules that will make your diesel truck or vehicle safe to run on any track and at any event that is sanctioned. 

Most of the rules are based on safety for the sport so your truck is equipped with the proper parts depending on the classes you are running or pulling. The stock trucks mostly just need a turned-up exhaust to compete! This can be a clamp-on turn-up exhaust that fits over your existing side exhaust tip or if you already have straight pipes out of your bed you should be covered.

Even the drag racing trucks need turn-up exhaust because of past complaints by the tracks that the smoke is fogging the lights and timing equipment. Everyone wants to complain about the tracks ability to properly clock their time now know why that has been difficult. 

A simple clamp-on turn-ups can be found online and our official exhaust Flo-Pro Performance has some in production and will soon have them online. They don't have to be fancy since you are just clamping these on for competition but they do need to be functional and clamp-on properly.

For sled pulling you will need to refer to the rules for placement of the cross-bolts in the exhaust, Workstock trucks will need turn-up exhaust this year too!

Make sure to read the basic rules if you are just starting out in the sport or if you are building a truck for competition make sure it has the proper equipment. Some local competitions may not have all of the safety equipment we require but if you follow our rules you should be covered about anywhere for any organization.

The SFI safety equipment keeps our sport safe from accidents and also provides guidelines for our industry insurance companies so they can adjust rates based on a safe history of events. The longer the industry can put on events without incidents the cheaper the rates will be in the future. DIESEL Motorsports has been building that history now for five years for the National Insurance companies.

This allows the insurance companies to quote cheaper rates to smaller events running the same activities if the safety rules are followed. If your organization needs help with lower rates on insurance you can contact us for some contacts.

Suit-up and be safe when competing!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are we being watched??? DIESEL Motorsports!

Of course we are being watched!

We are being watched to see how professional as a group are we going to act during events and back out on the roads.

When the mainstream automotive groups realize there might be something to our growth then all eyes become focused on everything we are doing. They want to know what kind of group is this DIESEL Motorsport's people?

On the track, we should carry on as usual and have fun with our diesels, just like we always do! This is what makes us as a group unique and our own. Yes, our diesels smoke at the track, it's part of the show and we dial up for competition. That's what you do with performance vehicles!

When we leave the events and back out on the road we should act like any responsible motorsport enthusiast, we obey the laws that we live everyday and respect other people's property. We dial the trucks back down, tune it for the street, no smoking the intersections or burning the tires on the streets.

That's what they are looking for! How professional are we as a group and how are we going to act back out on the streets.

And it's not just us, this same attitude was given the muscle car crowd many moons ago.

At the track we are considered off road/exhibition by the government agencies and other motorsport's organizations. Under our sanctioning rules we can run performance competitions with our diesel trucks. Burn your tires all you want inside on the track, tune up your diesel and run hard drag racing, pulling and dyno. Show others what you have done with your truck, we are all proud of our personal trucks.

Most outsiders don't realize that over 99% of our pulling trucks from 2.6 class and up are trailered trucks that could no more be made street legal nor would you want to drive them on the streets. 99% of our top three drag racing class trucks are trailered to our events and again would not be driven on the streets.  Only one street class in pulling and two in drag racing would be considered street driven trucks.

But realize, we may not be new to us, however we are a new segment to the mainstream so they will be watching for a time!

Let's give them a show and let them know we are a responsible group who enjoys our individual rights to build our trucks the way we want!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Now that DIESEL Motorsports is growing up and joining the Mainstream . . . what to think about!

You know years ago when I got involved in DIESEL Motorsports I was asked to give a seminar on what should the competitor's teams do to get sponsors involved and how to look professional. Maybe a few of you remember that session held in Indianapolis, I think there was about 30 people attending.

I said then that we were a small group compared to the rest of the automotive world and no we don't have the funds it takes to look like NASCAR teams, you can do things on a small budget that will get you noticed and what National Marketing Professionals are looking for when viewing your proposals.

Have a clean appearance and have your team wear matching t-shirts, hats with team name and sponsors on shirts. Properly display sponsors's decals on trucks and trailers even if they are the organization's sponsors. They like to see that you don't mind thanking those who help the sport. Take professional photos of your truck, accomplishments, wins and personnel in order to send them updates periodically. Prepare a yearend report stating accomplishments, wins and appearances in National publications, ads, flyers, etc. They look for creditability, and NO liabilities during an event!

Do you have insurance for your race or pulling team and truck during competition and traveling?

Does the competition you are competing have proper insurance for liability in case of an unfortunate accident?

It is sad but in today's sue happy society the corporations have to look for what is safe. Think about it, motorsports, safe, the two do not normally go together. That is why the insurance is so high when we go to buy the polices that make us legal.

DIESEL Motorsports has tried to make that liability smaller for the companies and the competitors by being the only sanctioning body with SFI approved rules!

That means we have the legal rights to rent facilities and use our own SFI approved diesel techs at events. I know a couple of other promoters are using alternate SFI status which means they can use other SFI rules with permission from the organization. That doesn't make them a sanctioning body legally because they are using someone else's SFI rules and insurance. NHRA will allow diesels to run but not set records because they do not have diesel classes. When you are using NHRA SFI techs they do not have the status to set diesel records.

Our insurance covers the fans, facility, competitors/pit crew(not their vehicles) and our staff for all liabilities based on using our SFI approved ruleset. That is why when we are asked for a "free for all" class at events we have to turn it down, that would not be covered under our sanctioning body insurance.

This is important for large companies, they want to properly promote their companies products without worry of being sued by somebody at the tracks. Using the track umbrella insurance covers the track's liabilities, which is not the promoter, his sponsors and the competitors/crews. They cover their track, their sponsors, fan base and their personnel - that's it!

Even when we are running our programs in with someone else's (track or other organization's event) DIESEL Motorsports buys our own insurance for additional coverage. You almost have too in order to be legal and fully protect who we are representing.

It's just good business!