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Friday, February 3, 2012

Rules are rules - DIESEL Motorsports!

The NEW 2012 rules for DIESEL Motorsports drag racing and sled pulling are now posted for FREE download on the web site - www.DIESELmotorsports.US!

SFI Certified rules that will make your diesel truck or vehicle safe to run on any track and at any event that is sanctioned. 

Most of the rules are based on safety for the sport so your truck is equipped with the proper parts depending on the classes you are running or pulling. The stock trucks mostly just need a turned-up exhaust to compete! This can be a clamp-on turn-up exhaust that fits over your existing side exhaust tip or if you already have straight pipes out of your bed you should be covered.

Even the drag racing trucks need turn-up exhaust because of past complaints by the tracks that the smoke is fogging the lights and timing equipment. Everyone wants to complain about the tracks ability to properly clock their time now know why that has been difficult. 

A simple clamp-on turn-ups can be found online and our official exhaust Flo-Pro Performance has some in production and will soon have them online. They don't have to be fancy since you are just clamping these on for competition but they do need to be functional and clamp-on properly.

For sled pulling you will need to refer to the rules for placement of the cross-bolts in the exhaust, Workstock trucks will need turn-up exhaust this year too!

Make sure to read the basic rules if you are just starting out in the sport or if you are building a truck for competition make sure it has the proper equipment. Some local competitions may not have all of the safety equipment we require but if you follow our rules you should be covered about anywhere for any organization.

The SFI safety equipment keeps our sport safe from accidents and also provides guidelines for our industry insurance companies so they can adjust rates based on a safe history of events. The longer the industry can put on events without incidents the cheaper the rates will be in the future. DIESEL Motorsports has been building that history now for five years for the National Insurance companies.

This allows the insurance companies to quote cheaper rates to smaller events running the same activities if the safety rules are followed. If your organization needs help with lower rates on insurance you can contact us for some contacts.

Suit-up and be safe when competing!

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