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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rebel - Final in a series - DIESEL Motorsports!

In some ways our DIESEL Motorsports business is almost see contained within the Midwest (MO to PA to TN), however the popularity is now expanding to other areas.

The reality is the big money has always been on the two coastlines, for every business market! The area between the two coastlines works, buys and builds the business that they support. Our largest business centers are LA/San Francisco in the West and NY/DC on the East, however Chicago in the upper Midwest is not too shabby.

The publication/media companies are on the coastlines, manufacturer's headquarters or sales offices are on the coastlines, and the financials are on the coastlines. If we want to grow the sport then we need to get them to notice our diesel group and their buying power!

If you notice DIESEL Motorsport's sponsors, it includes many large corporations that are considered mainstream automotive aftermarket suppliers. If you look at our list from the first year it was all diesel specific sponsors, it has taken us five years to expand that list into other areas of manufacturing.

They have now noticed and have heard about DIESEL Motorsports!

Now they need to understand the potential of the sport and the growth in the past ten years. In order for them to do so DIESEL Motorsports continues to tell our story which includes the diesel enthusiast and fan base. The more comfortable they become, the easier it is for them to accept our sport, our diesel marketplace and us as individual consumers.

The more products and money infused into our sport the more it will grow and expand into new areas!

Promoting and supporting the diesel market place using traditional business practices along with providing safe, insured diesel events as a sanctioning body is a weekly, monthly and yearly effort by DIESEL Motorsports!

And you thought we just did events like the other guys!

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