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Friday, January 11, 2019

Getting ready for 2019 - DIESEL Motorsports!

So much opportunities are available for the sport going into the new year! DIESEL Motorsports first event is a benefit pull at the Keystone Nationals in Harrisburg PA for the FFA! Hosting and sponsoring a HOT WorkStock class for the first time at this indoor pull we had over 30 applicants for just 10 invitational spots! Hassler Diesel and PPE is helping us sponsor this event for the 3 day indoor pull.

This is telling me that diesel truck is still alive and kicking big time when it involves the street trucks with LOTS of power! This industry was built on power but the past couple of years I feel a lot of enthusiasts have been left behind because they could not afford some of the upgrades required for the classes in pulling and racing.

It seem the shops can afford the trucks because of their resources and labor but an individual had a hard time because it was their cash in hand. I had reports from all of the shops across the country that trucks are being rebuilt but going for high HP on the street level! That is an equal level so things don't break so often which means they still want a bad ass truck but running everyday so they can use it!

DIESEL Motorsports has already made the adjustment in our classes by providing new classes in pulling and racing for the high horsepower street truck! Make sure to watch for updates made on our blog here and we will keep you informed!