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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Every time I attend one of these shows I come away excited because I see more companies wanting to get involved and building new parts and accessories for our diesels. That must mean we are doing our job and getting the word out about DIESEL Motorsports® and how fast it is growing around the country.

I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to take the time, go to our sponsor's web sites and check out their new parts for the diesels. Even for some of the newer trucks they are constantly doing research to build better and more updated performance parts. It costs these companies money to do the research and development in order to give our market new parts.

The companies in turn help our sport by sponsoring DIESEL Motorsports® with funds from the sales of the the parts, which they give to us to help write to you in purse monies. When we make the statement "Unifying DIESEL Motorsports", that's what we mean by helping the sport grow through proper distribution where everyone wins so the sport can continue to grow. Yes, it's a direction and vision that is part of our Mission Statement for the future of the sport. If the sport doesn't congeal together and the crowds in the stands grow then the sponsors are not happy, if there is not a show by competitors then the fans do not show, if the fans do not show and the stands are empty - wow I just went in a circle! 

It's the overall picture that those who are really interested in our sport must look at in order for the sport to grow. All businesses are built on fundamentals that success is written, most only want to view what pertains to them.

Enough of the soapbox! Companies build new parts when they see an opportunity to sell them and make money. With a small portion of that money they can put back into marketing and advertising which hopefully is DIESEL Motorsports® because they see the value of the services which is reaching the diesel marketplace.

This year we are asking that all trucks competing display our sponsor's decals. If you do not then you may receive smaller purses, no purses or points depending on the event and our discretion. These companies deserve the exposure at the events and we plan to make sure they get it!

Again, look at the NEW PARTS you might be surprised to what you may find for your truck!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Report from LA Third Day of Meetings! DIESEL Motorsports . . .

It's always exciting to end the week by meeting with new people at the SEMA MPMC Conference and find out about new products that relate to DIESEL Motorsports. But then again, that is what this week's meetings are all about. Editorial content and reporting of NEW products and services to report on for the magazines. Rules are you are not supposed to sell (sell ad space) but talk strictly about their products.

Does this happen? Not so much sometimes since I saw many companies there strictly to sell ad space or services. I try to honor if all possible to stay to guidelines of the meetings, meaning I do not sell space and if I am asked I defer to talk to them in the following weeks.

They do want to hear about this last year's activity regarding DIESEL Motorsports, which I do tell them what happened at the shows and within the marketplace. Sometimes they tell me they do not have anything for diesels but yet when talking to them about their products I spot a couple of applications that can be used in our marketplace - that's what makes this conference important.

I met with the following companies on Thursday: Bilstein Shocks, Meziere, Coker Tire, SPAL, SPX, Hypertech, GM Performance Parts, Falken Tire, SuperChips, Hellwig, Federal Mogul, and Eaton Performance. Also spent a good amount of time meeting with our sponsor ARP where we discussed how educating the masses about their quality products is important to a company who has helped many in DIESEL Motorsports the past years.

ARP showed the different displays they have set up to show how a simple head stud being made is not that simple and over 10 different steps are taken to make a quality Ford 6.0 head stud! Make sure it's a true ARP stud by the marking of their logo on the product and box.

Bilstein Shocks had a wide range of shocks for the diesel trucks and they reported high activity for their products, and Meziere had of course their water pumps plus inter cooler pump and HD Flex plates. Coker tire had some drag racing tires that definitely can be used by our trucks along with some pulling possibilities. SPAL does not have anything currently for diesels but should have some brushless fans by fall. SPX always has their gauges but for the shops they carry Actron analyzers that can help read thrown codes plus they now a free download for Smart phones that can tell you what thrown or shown codes means (explanation), - pretty cool! Hypertech has a legal tuner box for the new Duramax 2011-12 that will gain 40 hp and more mpg, all of their boxes are made for trucks that require no upgrades (stock). GM Performance Parts does not have anything for diesels in their catalog but are considering short blocks in the near future. Falken Tire carries a nice line of street and road tires for our diesel trucks and SuperChips/Edge is now offering their new legal box for the new Ford 2011-12! Hellwig had some very nice stabilizer bars for our diesels that are badly needed for our trucks along with shocks. Federal Mogul had the usual line of gaskets for our diesels but Eaton had some very impressive Made in America products. Eaton for years has supplied our sport with quality lockers and differentials that are HD and made tough to withstand the pressures our pullers put on them!

I also met and talked to industry leaders at dinners and at the local watering hole at the hotel in the evening. Some great people who all want to hear about our growing sport and how it effects their automotive aftermarket. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Report from LA Second Day of meetings!

Sorry for the delay, busy with meetings during the week but here is a recap of the second day of meetings. I will report on the third day on Monday. SEMA MPMC conference is held in LA is where you go from room to room every 30 minutes to discuss what is new products from the manufacturers for motorsports.

Second day I met with Cherrybomb which does not have diesel kits and Specialty Auto Parts/Profab which also does not have diesel parts but was interested in making some in the near future. Auto Meter had some great gauges for our diesels  with some new gauges for the Duramax that will match OEM colors! Weld Racing Wheels had their new 8 Lug custom wheel line with matching trailer wheels displayed, these new styles look great and are made in the USA!

Gibson had some killer tips in 5", 6" and 8" done with Metalucia logo bolted on to the black tip, our younger guys will like this. Borgeson Universal now has the complete steering kit for the Dodge including pump and hose upgrades all made in the US. Hawk Performance did not have any thing for the diesels other than a stock wheel, but Mickey Thompson had a killer wheel that looks like a big rig wheel that you can add different lug bolts for different preferences but yet it still bolts on as a 8 Lug wheel and the Center cap covers the 8 lug bolts! What a hoot for those looking for something different.

Gear Vendors offers their Overdrive unit for any of the diesels and has been used by drag racers and some pullers. Maradyne Performance had fans for 34" radiators but as most of you know diesels are smaller than that dimension. Nitrous Express had their usual line of kits for the diesels.

Our sponsors were there including Champion Oil with the new line of Performance Oil for non-DPF diesels, by adding the additives back into the oil it's a must for the older diesel trucks. CP-Carrillo was there with their great heavy duty connecting rods with applications for all of our diesel trucks.

Diesel Motorsports are proud of our sponsors who attend these conferences because they help us spread the word about our sport along with introducing myself to many new manufacturers. Every year this conference gets better because the companies all want to know more about DIESEL Motorsports!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reporting in from LA - DIESEL Motorsports!

At the SEMA MPMC Conference looking for new products from manufacturers for our diesel industry. Met with some great companies the first day, Hughes Performance, Hotchkis, Precision Turbo, Master Craft Safety, Energy Suspension, Flaming River, Diablosport, AEM and of course our favored sponsors Mahle, K&N, Stainless Steel Brakes!

Hughes looking to expand their products with their Powerglide tranny, possibly wanting to test on a 2.6 pull truck. Hotchkis has great suspension products for trucks but not HD diesels, I asked that he consider making his parts and kits for our diesel trucks. Precision showed me they are installing regulation cross bolts on some of their turbos. Mastercraft Safety will consider a discount for DIESEL Motorsports members on their helmets, fire suits, crew shirts and all safety equipment that is SFI approved. Energy Suspension is looking for a 02-06 Dodge truck stock suspension so they can design their products for our market, if you are in the LA/OC area let me know. Flaming River has some great parts for our Dodge truck steering that is always loose! AEM has their Water/Methane injection kit ready for distribution and can be bought any where.

Mahle now has bearings for the Cummins and gasket sets that put shame to Felco sets, their pistons are now in full production and available. K&N introduced their new 2011-12 air intake for the Dodge with bottom air tunnel - it looks great! SSBC showed me their new dealer display package with storefront posters and flyers available for any diesel shop that sells their new brake systems and they now have the rear brakes for our diesel trucks.

Overall a great day to hear about new products for SIESEL Motorsports!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NEW 2012 Sponsors help the sport grow! DIESEL Motorsports

The fun part of this job is getting new companies interested in our sport, they may have already been in the marketplace but then decide to help us build for the future. They believe in the structure and mission of DIESEL Motorsports and we appreciate the support they are providing for many years to come.

It's exciting to see our business grow and how others want to be involved in the development and benefits of growing DIESEL Motorsports. At times we may seem quiet and restrained but we go about our business with a direction that is known to our Advisory Board (which is our sponsors). No flash, no claims, no promises that can not be kept but just business as usual for DIESEL Motorsports.

Some of the new companies have developed new products for our market and want to sell their products to our enthusiasts. Some have been in the business for quite some time and have even supported us in the past but now want to help us. Regardless of the reason they see that DIESEL Motorsports is growing and we may have something to do with that growth.

This year should be exciting with so many good companies representing our sport and helping us advertise and market the events. New truck sales has risen back to where they had fallen off four years ago and the used diesel truck market in the mean while has risen dramatically. The aftermarket business is starting to pickup again (no own intended) in the truck markets and diesel performance is one of the reasons.

Please take notice of these companies and their products.

Alligator Performance -
One of the top 25 growing companies in the Nation according to Fortune 500 magazine last month. A diesel business being recognized by mainstream financial giants, you got to be proud of this accomplishment, I know I am! A great group of diesel enthusiasts who have built a successful .com business dedicated to diesel. Call their diesel techs on the phone any day of the week for expert advice.

They have been around for a while building flow-thru fuel pumps for the gasser performance market and now has developed two systems for the diesel trucks. A flow-thru pump that is brushless (brushes deteriorate when used with diesel fuel) and provides long term even flows to your injection pump. Made right in the center of the US in Illinois these pumps will help many performance diesels reach new level in competition.

System 1 Oil Filtration
System 1 has been around for many years providing their filtration systems to other markets but have now made units not only for our pickups but also the Class 8 trucks. Instead of changing your oil, clean your re-usable filter and keep the original running for many more miles. Yes, it has been tested many times over and it does work for many different applications. Again made in the US and developed by industry experts these people know what they are doing when it comes to oil longevity.

DEI/Ny Trex
Design Engineering has provided heat wrap materials for quite some time for the performance markets but now they are expanding their business by offering a Nitrous system for diesels. Located in Ohio they are in the middle of diesels and they are currently putting their new Nitrous system on some new diesel dragsters and trucks. New technology made just for our market and at a reasonable price.

Little Power Shop
This Little Power Shop in northern PA is not so little, I've been to Bradford PA and saw John and Pam Anderson's business (no not that Pam Anderson)! But she could be her younger sister, what a nice couple that run a very nice diesel business along with a .com business. Their expertise on performance diesels brings them many East coast diesel buyers and service work in their garages. John has offered to come to each event with his trailer to sell our sponsor's parts along with offering additional monies to the winners.

Sinister Diesel
A diesel shop that also manufactures exclusive parts for the diesel industry specializing in competitive upgrades for the EGR system plus custom grilles, bumpers and light kits! A diverse business that has been around a while and decided to help us build the sport and possibly bring sanctioned diesel events to CA. Their products can be found most anywhere on the Net just type in Sinister Diesel, their parts are widely used and distributed around the country.

Vulcan Performance
A long leader in the diesel industry for providing custom add-on parts for electrical and fuel systems, Vulcan has now started to manufacture a Pulling Hitch. Many of these have been custom made throughout the Midwest but now Vulcan is going to provide these on a National level through multiple distributors. I've know the owner for over 7 years and he has always produced quality parts for our diesel enthusiasts.

The Spring is not over and I'm still adding sponsors for the 2012 season, I am attending a Conference this week to talk to several new sponsors and more industry shows in February and March. Many of the companies are still deciding how to spend their advertising dollars and getting involved with DIESEL Motorsports!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Sponsors see Value in the DIESEL Motorsports market!

Last year we again signed new sponsors who started to see the value in the DIESEL Motorsports marketplace. A few years ago the truck market basically died and dropped down dramatically for the after maker products and accessories, diesel pickups dropped some at the time but has continued to rise in popularity.

It's the youth market that is driving the diesel market and this has changed from the older crowd who started the movement 10 years ago . . . or did they just get older? Actually the older market who started it all got the younger people interested in the trucks because of the power and rural settings.

It's a new growing niche in automotive aftermarket and the companies look for the company who can get them in to the youth market of diesel pickups. DIESEL Motorsports builds on the youth market in order for the sport to grow every year, that is why we encourage the street divisions for drag racing and sled pulling by offering larger purses in those classes.

It's also the street divisions who are going to buy our sponsor's products, the trucks owners who want to go faster, look cooler, and appear bigger than life in their trucks.

The third and fourth year more sponsors wanted to be a part of our growing movement. . . . like the ones listed below:

SSBC - Stainless Steel Brake Corporation
I met these guys years ago and heard about their extra-heavy duty brake systems for trucks. I explained to them that our guys are taking a stock OEM truck and doubling or tripling the horsepower and still relying on brakes that was supposed to stop a 7,000 lb. truck at 360 horsepower. For safety sakes we need a brake system that can stop these high horsepower trucks, they developed kits and applications that fit our trucks.

Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust
Flo-Pro has been around for a few years and started making complete exhaust systems for our diesel trucks. Many of you know their systems when you purchase them from our Title sponsor H&S. A perfect fit and installation is the story I get from our diesel shops who use their products. I inspected all of their systems and being an old exhaust guy myself I can tell you these are made for durability. A very nice lie of exhaust products that can be found at many different locations across the country.

K&N Performance/Air Intakes
I have contacted this company from the very beginning because of their reputation in the industry for producing the best in air intakes. Their fit and technology fits our enthusiast's trucks perfectly and helps produce more horsepower while keeping the engine clean of debris. K&N is known Worldwide for the top quality products and service, especially when they came out with their dealer guarantee on OEM intake replacements.

Champion Blue Flame Oil
I have known Karl for many years as an oil expert and when I saw him about this time last year he was just starting with Champion. He asked what he could do for the diesel market, I told him make us a performance oil that had all of the additives and Zinc back in it pre-2007. Six months later he called and said it was done and ready to sell! I couldn't believe it, a performance oil for non-dpf engines! It's the only oil out there right now that is made for our diesel enthusiasts.

What does a cover company's products got to do with diesels? Everything when they make the best fitting seat covers in the country and yes, made in the USA! Our diesel customer is all about using their trucks for work, pleasure and recreational which means they get it dirty. Covercraft makes some very stylish seat covers in plain, camp and race colors that can keep our guy's trucks original interior clean as the day they bought it! Another example of our diesel vehicles are still trucks and can use truck accessories.

Every year these companies come out with new or upgraded products for our diesel trucks. . .  plus they put money back into our sport so it can grow! Now tell me that doesn't mean something to you next time you need an item for your truck? Buy their product lines to show support.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Every year more sign up . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Every year we have been in business more and more companies wanted to bring their products into the diesel marketplace. They needed a company who could help market, pre-sell and reach the niche market of diesels enthusiasts. They picked NADM for a number of reasons but the most apparent is creditability and marketability, we are the only licensed sanctioning body for DIESEL Motorsports - legally!

We carry our own SFI status as a sanctioning body and not an affiliate sanctioning body, which means that an affiliate can only use a true sanctioning body's ruleset. We carry our own insurance for all liability and coverage, not just the track, we carry the same amounts as NHRA or IHRA.

Companies like to know they are covered by insurance if anything happens on the track or with the crowd and it's a licensed business for racing and pulling.

The companies who signed up the second and third year are not only big in the diesel industry but all motorsports around the World.

Carrillo Connecting Rods
Carrillo is known around the World for their products and it didn't take them long to produce some well needed heavy duty connecting rods for our diesel market. Their racing products have always carried a long history of quality and durability and what a bunch of nice people to work with on a yearly basis. I now know of quite a few racers and pullers using their products and are reporting great results.

ARP Automotive Race Products
ARP was already needed badly by all of our competitors for their head bolts but they felt they needed more exposure because of the imitation bolts being used in the marketplace. Make no mistake, ARP's products are easily marked and can be identified as the real deal for durability. They have been a supporter of DIESEL Motorsports for quite some time.

Keystone Automotive/1800Autoparts/A&A
They are one of the country's largest distributors of aftermarket automotive parts and they wanted to get into diesels, what a better way than to hold one of the largest DIESEL ONLY shows in the country in your back yard - East Coast Nationals! A 160 ft tent full of diesel products for sale at below regular pricing, mix that in with DIESEL ONLY drag racing, sled pulling and dyno - great times!

Mahle Motorsports
Met them four years ago at the SEMA MPMC conference where I found out an old friend from many years ago was their new Motorsports Director! I asked immediately why they didn't make special performance pistons for diesels, they were making some custom ones but wanted to design specific performance pistons for the normal diesel performance enthusiasts. They did just that and now dominate the market for performance pistons for diesels.

Victor Reinz
They are part of Mahle/Clevite but they have their own division for the gaskets. Victor Reinz is a World wide name that was acquired by Mahle just a few years ago and they are now making performance diesel gasket sets! Make sure to ask for them when visiting your local part store, they make the best gasket sets designed for performance with our diesels. You will start seeing more of them on our high end diesels!

What a great group of sponsors to support our sport, show our appreciation by supporting them when you buy products for your next rebuild or upgrade!

Monday, January 16, 2012

There was five - five years ago! DIESEL Motorsports

Hard to believe we started this venture five years ago, a lot of miles and a lot of time has been spent building DIESEL Motorsports. This motorsport association was not built alone, but we the help of many business people who have become friends!

Out of the 22 sponsors for this year we started out with 7 sponsors five years ago and of those five faithful companies remain with us.

All of the sponsors listed above are considered friends of the business and have signed as multiple year sponsors for DIESEL Motorsports. Their influence has help build and directed the sport for diesel racing and pulling.

Fluidampr is the official endorsed product of DIESEL Moortsports for dampers. Their loyalty has been unshaken as the economy has gone up and down along with supporting us. Their product is part of our SFI rules by providing a safe SFI spec damper for our diesel engines, when we crank the engine past OEM standards their product holds the entire engine together - literally! Just this last fall their owner offered an unbelievable opportunity for our business in order to help build our business.

South Bend Clutch has been instrumental in building the pulling market since those trucks rely on their clutches to hold while pulling down the tracks. I have never seen a customer service department as dedicated to the sports as SBC. They have chosen to work with many different competitor throughout the years and their owners has helped us with advice regarding the sport. SBC was the first sponsor to sign up for the business and the first every year to sign.

Industrial Injection has been there for DIESEL Motorsports every year through support and business direction regarding the sport. They are currently the official injector and turbo but most people know any of the products Industrial Injection manufactures is of top quality and made in the US. Many hours have been spent discussing the diesel business with their owner Brady throughout the years. A nice family business where all of the family is involved from sales to bookkeeping. 

Pure Diesel Power was one of the early sponsors who called and asked what they could do and immediately supported a class and then later an event. Two young people who have traveled every year with us to many of the far reaches of the country to help build the sport through their pulling trucks and diesel business. I don't know how they do it sometimes driving the hours that they do in order to make it in time for the pulls. They too have helped in advice regarding our sport and business, true supporters during the years.

New Era Diesel - A diesel shop and business that is owned by another young couple that have become part of our family, friends and business. The owner Chuck Rucker is now our race director and controls the rules, races and schedule for the drag racing division of our business. Chuck and his wife has helped us every year during the events and in-between their regular business hours guiding our direction. Every business needs young people that can carry on the sport well past our years and what a nice couple to do so than New Era Diesel.

Gene and I have relied on quite of few people throughout the five years and these listed above have been there at all times for the business and sport. Does it all relate to their business, of course it does! They realized early the value in helping guide and design the business that helps build their business. Anybody who says they are doing it to build the sport and not money is not being truthful, however the passion that these people project for their business and the sport are unsurpassed by anyone. 

The past few years have not been easy for any business and who would have thought we decided to start a motorsports sanctioning body during the worst economy since the depression. The sponsors above not only helped us but stayed faithful when others doubted our direction and compassion. That is why we call them friends of the business!

I will feature all of the sponsors who have signed during this next week in the blogs, they are all special to our sport!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIESEL Motorsports: Announces 2012 Sponsors and Schedule

H&S Performance: The Official Title Sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports

January 14, 2012, Kansas City, MO – H&S Performance of St George, UT is proud to announce that it has signed a multi-year official TItle sponsorship agreement with DIESEL Motorsports (National Association of Diesel Motorsports), and will be the official Title Sponsor of the diesel race and pulling sanctioning organization.

“We are excited about our partnership with the DIESEL Motorsports race and pulling sanctioning body,” stated Casey Shirts, “In addition to being a premiere sanctioning series for competitive Diesel racing and pulling; it is an ideal proving ground for our technology.” Shirts added, “the diesel market is huge for us and by leveraging the exposure of the series and the fact that many are multi–use vehicles. We feel we can reach not only the diesel competitor but also the towing and fuel economy diesel market.  By being the Title Sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports we hope to create awareness about our exciting technology and the big benefits for diesels” 

ABOUT H&S Performance
H&S Performance – Bring on the Power

H&S Performance was founded with a desire to create better products for the diesel performance and racing industry.  Located in St. George, Utah, H&S Performance got its start by designing the first ever Competition Performance exhaust and tune system for the 2007.5 + Dodge Ram 6.7L.  Since its humble beginnings, H&S has emerged as the industry leader in performance tuners and exhaust products for late model Dodge Cummins, GM Duramax, and Ford Powerstrokes.
H&S Performance’s programmers are dedicated in providing the ultimate tune for power and fuel savings on any make of diesel vehicle. By providing complete kits they take the guess work out of making the switch on your diesel pickups.
H&S Performance is committed to delivering you the highest quality parts and service.  Through countless hours of research and development, each of our products have been designed with YOU, the end-user, in mind.  From cutting edge tuners, to high quality exhaust products, you can always count on H&S to deliver the products you need!

For more information go to:

DIESEL Motorsports: Announces 2012 Sponsors and Schedule

January 14, 2012, Kansas City, MO – H&S Performance’s DIESEL Motorsports Race and Pull season will begin early in the spring with various affiliate events and the first larger event May 5th in Sedalia, MO at the Missouri Sate Fair Grounds. The full schedule is outlined below with over 50 affiliate events and 7 larger DIESEL Motorsports events.
Many returning sponsors have stepped up this year by signing multi-year sponsorships along with our new Title sponsor H&S Performance out of St George UT, thus making a statement that sanctioned diesel racing and pulling is going to be around for quite some time!
This year’s events are scheduled to be bigger with more attractions and larger purse money and prizes for the competitors. Many events are returning for the fourth year at the same time and locations. Many have new sponsors and added venues in order to add to the show value and as always new sponsors in Vendor Alley. DIESEL Motorsports intends to add more family oriented activities surrounding the diesel competitions so the entire family can enjoy a day long event with something for everyone to keep them busy!
Sponsors are chosen by the popularity of their use by the diesel marketplace and competitors. Endorsed product sponsors are tested by competitors or officials of DIESEL Motorsports for their quality and precision during operation of a truck. Not all products are chosen so be assured the ones listed below carry a badge of high standards set forth by the association.
Television was shot at one event last year and two more events this year are scheduled to be featured on FOX Cable Network Sport’s Channels. DIESEL Motorsports is it’s own 30 minute TV show with many different features on the diesel show.

Sponsors listed below:
Title Sponsor:
H&S Performance

Endorsed Product Sponsors:
Fluidampr – Official Damper
South Bend Clutch – Official Clutch
Industrial Injection – Official Injector and Turbo
ARP – Official Fastener
Carrillo – Official Connecting Rod
Flo-Pro Exhaust – Official Exhaust
SSBC – Official Brake System
Mahle – Official Piston
Victor Reinz – Official Gaskets
K&N – Official Air Intake
Fuelab – Official Fuel System
Champion Blue Flame Oil – Official Oil
System 1 – Official Oil Filter
Covercraft – Offial Seat Cover
DEI/Ny Trex – Official Nitrous System
Alligator Performance – Official .com
Little Power Shop – Official Champion’s Circle
Sinister Diesel – EGR Cooler Upgrade

Event Sponsors:
Bungart Motorsports – Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, MO
Pure Diesel Power – Thunder in Muncie, Muncie IN
Keystone Automotive/1-800 Autoparts – East Coast Nationals, Numidia, PA
Industrial Injection/H&S Performance – WMDs/Salt Lake City, UT
New Era Diesel – Buckeye Diesel National, Hebron OH
RAM /ODRA  - Texas Roundup, Denton TX
Diesel Specialists – PRI Drags, Orlando FL

H&S Performance’s DIESEL Motorsports 2012 Schedule

May 5 Bungart Motorsport’s Sled Pulling Tune-up
Sled Pulling/Dyno
Missouri State Fairgrounds
Sedalia, MO

June 23 Pure Diesel Power’s Thunder in Muncie
Drags - TBA
Pull - Gaston Lion’s Club
Muncie IN

July 20/21 1800Autoparts East Coast Nationals
Drags, Pulling, Dyno
Numidia Dragway
Numidia, PA

Aug 17/18 Industrial Injection/H&S Performance’s WMDs
Rocky Mountain Raceway
Salt Lake City, UT

Sept 8 New Era Diesel’s Buckeye Diesel National
Drags, Pulling
National Trails Dragway
Hebron, OH

Oct 6 RAM/ODRA  Texas Diesel Roundup
Drags, Pulling, Dyno
North Star Dragway
Denton, TX

Nov 30 Diesel Specialists PRI Drags
Drag Racing
Central Florida Race Complex
Orlando, FL

Check Web Site for Updates!
Plus over 55 local affilliate diesel events with local clubs supporting and unifying diesel motorsports! Check our sites for affiliate events which are held all over the country for drag racing and pulling. More signing up every day!

For more information go to: www.DIESELmotorsports.US