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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Every time I attend one of these shows I come away excited because I see more companies wanting to get involved and building new parts and accessories for our diesels. That must mean we are doing our job and getting the word out about DIESEL Motorsports® and how fast it is growing around the country.

I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to take the time, go to our sponsor's web sites and check out their new parts for the diesels. Even for some of the newer trucks they are constantly doing research to build better and more updated performance parts. It costs these companies money to do the research and development in order to give our market new parts.

The companies in turn help our sport by sponsoring DIESEL Motorsports® with funds from the sales of the the parts, which they give to us to help write to you in purse monies. When we make the statement "Unifying DIESEL Motorsports", that's what we mean by helping the sport grow through proper distribution where everyone wins so the sport can continue to grow. Yes, it's a direction and vision that is part of our Mission Statement for the future of the sport. If the sport doesn't congeal together and the crowds in the stands grow then the sponsors are not happy, if there is not a show by competitors then the fans do not show, if the fans do not show and the stands are empty - wow I just went in a circle! 

It's the overall picture that those who are really interested in our sport must look at in order for the sport to grow. All businesses are built on fundamentals that success is written, most only want to view what pertains to them.

Enough of the soapbox! Companies build new parts when they see an opportunity to sell them and make money. With a small portion of that money they can put back into marketing and advertising which hopefully is DIESEL Motorsports® because they see the value of the services which is reaching the diesel marketplace.

This year we are asking that all trucks competing display our sponsor's decals. If you do not then you may receive smaller purses, no purses or points depending on the event and our discretion. These companies deserve the exposure at the events and we plan to make sure they get it!

Again, look at the NEW PARTS you might be surprised to what you may find for your truck!

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