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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reporting in from LA - DIESEL Motorsports!

At the SEMA MPMC Conference looking for new products from manufacturers for our diesel industry. Met with some great companies the first day, Hughes Performance, Hotchkis, Precision Turbo, Master Craft Safety, Energy Suspension, Flaming River, Diablosport, AEM and of course our favored sponsors Mahle, K&N, Stainless Steel Brakes!

Hughes looking to expand their products with their Powerglide tranny, possibly wanting to test on a 2.6 pull truck. Hotchkis has great suspension products for trucks but not HD diesels, I asked that he consider making his parts and kits for our diesel trucks. Precision showed me they are installing regulation cross bolts on some of their turbos. Mastercraft Safety will consider a discount for DIESEL Motorsports members on their helmets, fire suits, crew shirts and all safety equipment that is SFI approved. Energy Suspension is looking for a 02-06 Dodge truck stock suspension so they can design their products for our market, if you are in the LA/OC area let me know. Flaming River has some great parts for our Dodge truck steering that is always loose! AEM has their Water/Methane injection kit ready for distribution and can be bought any where.

Mahle now has bearings for the Cummins and gasket sets that put shame to Felco sets, their pistons are now in full production and available. K&N introduced their new 2011-12 air intake for the Dodge with bottom air tunnel - it looks great! SSBC showed me their new dealer display package with storefront posters and flyers available for any diesel shop that sells their new brake systems and they now have the rear brakes for our diesel trucks.

Overall a great day to hear about new products for SIESEL Motorsports!

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