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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Texas Diesel Spring Nationals launching season!

It may be a chance with weather in Texas that early but it will be Spring Break and a chance to let some steam off on the tracks!

It also launches North Star Dragway's monthly DIESEL ODRA night every fourth Friday! Earn points during the year and then compete in a final run-off on October 18/19!

Check out the date on their web site and mark your calendars now!

We tried starting this last year but the track manager fell through with the plan and now the new owner Gene is all about having us diesels come to his track. He wants to help build the sport in Texas and willing to put in the time and effort to help ODRA and DIESEL Motorsports with the events.

Let's get together and show the new owner how much we care that he is willing to build on our sport.

We are going to make this a two day event being Friday night and Saturday with drag racing Friday night and Saturday. Sled pulling will be on Saturday along with dyno and ShowNShine. It's still a month away and we may get creative and do something else involving our diesel trucks!

Come on down and give your truck a try at the first event for the year!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Traveling man - DIESEL Motorsports!

Not too many people realize this but DIESEL Motorsports is just not about events showcasing diesel pickups.

DIESEL Motorsports spends the other part of the year marketing our sport and attending trade shows, conferences and promoting DM at other events.

Spreading the word about DIESEL Motorsports to major automotive companies and associations brings more attention to the trucks and competitors. Of course, they are interested in selling their parts or services to diesel truck owners but that makes our sport grow in the marketplace.

I just spent this last week at the SEMA MPMC (Motorsport Parts Manufacturers Council) as a contributing writer for DIESEL World, and other magazines. I spent 30 minutes with a different manufacturer every half hour from 9am to 6 pm. It's a great opportunity to talk directly about DIESEL Motorsports and how their parts relate to the business. Many of the manufacturers do not carry parts but are interested in what they can provide for our industry.

Just over 5 years ago I talked to many different companies who now carry parts that many of us use on our trucks. They didn't carry any parts and when I asked them to build the parts we needed like when I asked Mahle to build us pistons that would with stand the torque plus spraying NOS while competing or asking Carrillo to build us rods that are heavy duty so they would not distort under pressure. Even accessory manufacturers like when I asked SSBC to build us brakes that would stop a 7,000 lb 4x4 truck that sports 800 hp, sure we could go but could we stop safely?

Most of the companies respond if they see potential, now there are dozens of companies who have stepped up to supply us with important parts that we sell to diesel truck owners. Parts that enhance the performance and longevity of our diesel trucks.

The list goes on forever, take a look at our sponsor's products! They all make very important parts for our trucks. This last year Fuelab brought their brushless wet fuel pumps to diesels, Weld Wheels have brought back their billet wheels for 8-lug and Firestone designed a complete air bag suspension for our trucks.

Just this last week Mickey Thompson asked how they could further build a perfect tire for our diesel trucks during competition for racing and pulling?

So is worth going to trade shows? You tell me, how many of these products do you now sell in your diesel shop?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The stage is set for 2013 - DIESEL Motorsports!

Many returning sponsors have stepped up this year by signing multi-year sponsorships along with our new VIP Title sponsor Flowmaster Inc, thus making a statement that sanctioned diesel racing and pulling is going to be around for quite some time!

Sponsors are chosen by the popularity of their use by the diesel marketplace and competitors. Endorsed product sponsors are tested by competitors or officials of DIESEL Motorsports for their quality and precision during operation of a truck. Not all products are chosen so be assured the ones listed below carry a badge of high standards set forth by the association.

NEW for 2013

DIESEL Motorsports is proud to represent some of the finest companies in the industry to our diesel enthusiasts and fans. The list is still growing since DM is still attending many trade shows this Spring in order to promote the upcoming season. Look for more to be added during the first quarter of the year.

DIESEL Motorsports has posted some of the events on the web site with the first event being during Spring Break in Texas March 8/9 in Denton! Check back every week since we are adding many more along with our affiliate events!

2013 Sponsors listed below:
VIP Title Sponsor:
Flowmaster Inc.

Endorsed Product Sponsors:

Fluidampr – Official Damper
South Bend Clutch – Official Clutch
Industrial Injection – Official Injector and Turbo
ARP – Official Fastener
Carrillo – Official Connecting Rod
Flo-Pro Exhaust – Official Exhaust
SSBC – Official Brake System
Mahle – Official Piston
Victor Reinz – Official Gaskets
K&N – Official Air Intake
Fuelab – Official Fuel System
Champion Blue Flame Oil – Official Oil
Vulcan Performance – Official Fuel Tank Draw Tube
Pure Power! Incorporated – Official Oil Filter
Covercraft – Official Seat Cover
Custom Diesel – Official Steering Stabilizer
DEI/Ny Trex – Official Nitrous System
Little Power Shop – Official Champion’s Circle
Sinister Diesel – Official EGR Cooler Upgrade
CRC Incorporated – Official Fuel Cleaner
Firestone Suspension – Official Air Suspension
WeldWheels – Official Wheel
PPE – Official Tuner
Mickey Thompson – Official Tires
NRA – Official Membership

We will see everyone at the events, bring your families, coolers, popups, and truck!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flowmaster is NEW VIP Title Sponsor


Flowmaster Inc: The Official VIP Title Sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports®
January 16, 2013, Kansas City, MO – Flowmaster Inc. of Santa Rosa, CA is proud to announce that it has signed a multi-year official VIP TItle sponsorship agreement with DIESEL Motorsports® (National Association of Diesel Motorsports), and will be the official VIP Title Sponsor of the diesel race and pulling sanctioning organization.

“We are excited about our partnership with the DIESEL Motorsports race and pulling sanctioning body,” stated Nate Shelton, CEO, “We started with this organization years ago and now we are proud to be their VIP Title sponsor now that they have grown so much in 6 years,” Shelton added, “the diesel truck industry is a very large growing part of our business and our sister companies B&M and Hurst Shifters have in production products for the diesel industry. By being the VIP Title Sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports we hope to create excitement within the industry and ask other companies to get involved with this motorsport.” 

"I am thrilled to have such big names in the performance industry affiliated with DIESEL Motorsports," says Ron Knoch, President of DIESEL Motorsports, "Flowmaster actually helped us get started many years ago and now they have come back to help us reach the next stage of taking this sport mainstream!"

ABOUT the DIESEL Motorsports® SERIES
Diesel Motorsports® (National Association of Diesel Motorsports) was formed October 17, 2007. Directors and principals of the association are Ron Knoch, and Gene Mohney. DIESEL Motorsports® is the only sanctioning body for diesels that promotes all diesel motorsports associations, clubs and events. DIESEL Motorsports holds a number of diesel events around the country while also building a membership that offers useful benefits for business members as well as fans!

DIESEL Motorsports offers diesel drag racing, sled pulling, and Dyno competitions. In addition to exhibition diesel vehicles, Show-N-Shine, DIESEL Motorsports is looking to add some new fresh competitions to please the diesel fans and competitors around the world.  DIESEL Motorsports events are all about diesels including a large Vendor Alley at each event with many National manufacturers represented.

ABOUT Flowmaster Inc.
Flowmaster Inc. – The Exhaust Technology Company

In 1983, Flowmaster brought its revolutionary mufflers to market, using a fully welded design that contained internal flow directors to quell noise via sound-wave cancellation, rather than with traditional packing material. The primary benefit was exceedingly high flow capability combined with street-legal sound levels; the trademark sound also appealed to performance fans, and Flowmaster’s mufflers quickly gained favor, leading to a broad array of variations along with a line of large-diameter, mandrel-bent exhaust pipe kits to complement the mufflers.

Flowmaster's product line includes exhaust products for Performance Street, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Street Rods, RV's, Motorhomes, and all types of race applications. With over 400 different muffler models, 370+ exhaust systems and numerous exhaust accessories available, Flowmaster offers you the choice of sound to fit your preference from "wild to mild" and your specific vehicle needs.

In 2011 B&M/Hurst purchased Flowmaster Inc combining some of the highest profile names in performance automotive under one roof. Their offices are located in Santa Rosa, CA with production facilities in CA and Idaho. They are proud to say their products are American made and of the highest quality in the industry.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Champion Point Winners

Yes the year ended with a Mayan wannabe whimper but DIESEL Motorsports made some noise with great competitors during the year along with some NEW World records.

Listed below are the point winners in drag racing and sled pulling for the DIESEL Motorsports 2012 year. They enter the line of being distinguished as professional competitors in diesel motorsports. We have strived to project our series of races and pulls as a mainstream professional sport, our point winners project that image while competing with some of the best diesels in the country.

Being competitive means running more than once down the track in drag racing and pulling further than anyone else. Racers have to run multiple times down the track while running for their best times against others. Pullers on the other hand have one chance to out pull the same weight class and sled weights for the distance. Both feats are hard on the truck's drivetrain so the winners have to know their trade and their truck in order to win.

World Records were set this last year, one in the Unlimited Class at Thunder in Muncie and the East Coast Nationals in the Pro Stock Class.

At the Muncie Dragway in Muncie Indiana Jarid Vollmer set a record in Unlimited/Heads Up Class running 9.46 at 149 mph in the 1/4 mile. Jarid runs his 2007 Dodge Cummins sponsored by BullyDog Technologies. Jarid has been developing this truck for a couple of years and has it dialed in for fast runs every time.

The East Coast Nationals held at Numidia Dragway in Numidia, PA we saw Wade Moody for a second time beat past record holder Gale Banks with a 178.76 mph 7.73 backed with a 7.56 at 181mpin his 2002 Chevy Duramax. Wade's truck is sponsored by Flo-Pro and Industrial Injection that runs completely smokeless which makes it the fastest running clean diesel in the World!

As a sanctioning body for diesels, DIESEL Motorsports has the trucks run at least twice with backed up qualifying time slips and verified by SFI techs that are licensed for diesel only competition. No other organization has the qualifications to do so in the country. This makes DIESEL Motorsports' records legitimate and legal in all of the states.

DIESEL Motorsports 2012 Point Champions

Sled Pulling

Kyle Harness, Frankfort, IN
2005 Chevy

2.6 Class
Corrie Baker, Mt Pleasant, PA
2006 Chevy

3.0 Class
Bryan Baker, New Carisle, OH
2001 Dodge

Super Street
Wayne Greier, Salem, OH
1997 Dodge

Modified Class
Van Haisley, Fairmount, IN
2000 Dodge

Drag Racing

ET Bracket
Doug Branens,  Mount Pocono, PA
1939 Rat Rod

Quick Diesel
Steve Bohatch, Gibsonia, PA
1999 Dodge 

Jarid Vollmer, Chubbock, ID
2007 Dodge BullyDog Truck

Pro Stock
Wade Moody, Mechanicsville, MD
2002 Flo-Pro Chevy

Top Diesel
Jeff Dean, Lancaster, OH
Duramax Powerflow Rail