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Saturday, December 24, 2011

DIESEL presents for 2012 . . .

Christmas time is perfect to talk about what is coming out new for diesels in 2012! What better presents to receive then some new products and services to look forward to in the new upcoming year!

Every year there are new performance and maintenance products to make our diesels run more efficient, we have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. Some of you already have some the items I am going to mention but there are many who do not!

Double or triple turbos -
The new hot item is no longer a BIG turbo but a double or even a triple setup for quicker spool up and power plus cleaner emissions. New technology for even the new diesel trucks are available.

Street efficient turbos -
New turbos being released by manufacturers are producing more power, quicker and with smaller turbos for those single users.

Fuel system alternatives -
A new brushless lift pump with filtration units including a new air separation filtration unit will increase flow rates with smaller foot print and amperage. Later in the year an electronic fuel regulator that will control the entire fuel filtration system for exact flow rates to your injection pump during street use or competition.

Suspension -
Newer alternatives for those weak OEM linkage and steering problems, some are already available and some new improvements will be available next year. Take an old truck and the drivetrain may be strong but the linkage and ride is worn out, these can all be replaced.

Wheels/Tires -
New wheels for 8 lug were shown at SEMA and PRI, one piece and three piece. Built here in the USA these new styles are not for the weak wallet but quality does cost you. NEW tires with correct sizing is coming for our diesel trucks along with some treads built for competition.

NEW Electronics -
Electronic gauge panel that has minimal 38 gauge capabilities along with a built in datalogger plus GPS! Built on dyno meter for your driveline shaft while in use! You bet, a new Dyno-Shaft available for diesels that operates while you are running, great for tuneups and chassis setup.

Injectors -
Out with the Asian cheap rip-offs and in with the hotter quality injectors. New suppliers coming from new machining brings hotter and more precise injectors. These are now becoming available and time to replace those faulty injectors.

If you are a diesel dealer there are a lot of new products to sell through your shop! Many new presents that can appear on a diesel owner's want list for 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lumps of Coal for Christmas . . . DIESEL Motorsports.

Where did this saying originate? From European and old American folklore where the chimney sweep cleaned the house's flu before the Holiday fire. When he was paid he would leave small gifts in stockings hung on the mantle for the children of the house. If the parent told him a child was bad or naughty instead of being nice the sweep would leave lumps of coal or particles out of the chimney in the stocking.

Now this analogy has been used by many different parents, even Santa to motivate children to be good and not naughty within 3-6 months of Christmas. We have all been told you better be nice someone is watching and you could end up with nothing but lumps of coal!

This story and analogy relates to DIESEL Motorsports when all the good people in our sport come together to help build the sport. There are too many to even list them all including the competitors who show up at every event or just one event. These are tough times for motorsports and by everyone helping each other we can keep DIESEL Motorsports alive and growing for the future.

Pretty much like normal life, the working good people of society all work together, network, negotiate and continue to grow within society and business. In all parts of the country DIESEL Motorsports have held events this last year we have found many new friends and associates who help without asking for pay or hand out just to help build the sport. Many have seen the need for sponsorship and stepped up to fund the sport in order to help it grow.

I can't communicate properly the excitement about DIESEL Motorsports when I attend the automotive trade shows from the manufacturers and leaders in the industry! We are growing with a LOT of WORK from everyone!

The troublemakers are the loudest and most visual on the surface but they do not have substance behind them. Who gets the most attention in the media, those who yell the most, the troublemakers while everyone else works daily in order to continue.

I think most will agree these trouble makers usually end up with that "lump of coal" at the end of the day, year, etc.

Funny how a child's folklore tale relates to modern day life!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yearly recap 2011 . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Normally this time of the year we all slow down for the Holidays and enjoy the time with families, friends and people we know in the industry. A perfect time to think about what we have done this past year and what we have accomplished.

For DIESEL Motorsports we started the year with a storm/tornado at the first event but still got in some great drag racing and pulling back in Indiana. Followed by a great turnout in Hebron OH at the National Trails Dragway with some very nice high powered trucks.

We saw an old event relived at Thunder in Muncie where the DIESEL Only events started ten years ago, we had the original promoters and organizers present to watch a good size crowd watch some of Indiana's best pulling trucks compete with some original attendees including Haisley, Wright, and Smith.

It was a pleasant return to the top of the mountain in Numidia PA at the East Coast Nationals where hundreds of trucks competed in front of one of the largest DIESEL Only events in the country. This was a retail/wholesale show where many different vendors under one tent sell products to diesel truck enthusiasts.

It was then off to Salt Lake City for Weekend on the Edge where we sanctioned the drag race with 94 trucks competing in front of 4,000 people. The next night after the daytime dyno event at Edge we sanctioned the sled pull with over 70 trucks entertained 3,000 people in the Pioneer Stadium stands.

Back across the country to National Trails Dragway for the second Buckeye Diesel Blast in September, we had a blast alright with DIESEL only drag racing and sled pulling performing at the same time. We held the first Cow Patty Bingo raising funds for Homes for the Troops using a local baby bull!

Down South to Texas to the ODRA/DIESEL Motorsports Texas Diesel Roundup at the Denton track for DIESEL ONLY drag racing, sled pulling, dyno and shownshine. Great turnout with lots of vendors enjoyed a nice crowd of diesel enthusiasts.

Ended up in Orlando Florida at the PRI show with a drag race at Central Florida Race Complex where not only did we see some fast diesels but also had fun with a rental car race. The sponsors saw some good trucks running down the track and enjoyed some BBQ while they watched the trucks run.

Overall we saw good crowds at all of the events and we saw many new trucks at the events along with some new records being broken.

Yes, DIESEL Motorsports is growing and we are soon going to see more of it as it goes mainstream!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How about BIGGER and BETTER? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

In the world of marketing and numbers in order to justify spending . . . BIGGER is always BETTER!

That's what we have planned for 2012 for the events we will be announcing after the first of the year. Combined shows with more venues/competitions to participate plus watch and DIESEL ONLY!

I think we branded that term DIESEL ONLY quite a bit last year along with the name DIESEL Motorsports. I know everyone cried they are changing their name, furthest from the truth, we just shortened it! National Association of "DIESEL Motorsports". Easier to brand and understand, too many other alphabet names out there to get confused with on a weekly basis.

No confusing "DIESEL Motorsports" now is there?

The shows will be advertised, televised and marketed much more than in the past so we can start building on the fan base crowd. We have spent the last four years concentrating on where the best locations should be for attracting diesel trucks and fans. Now is the time to start building the fan base but with that in mind we need to add to the show.

Why? So they can feel like they are getting their monies worth when attending, so we have plans to make the shows more competitive and add to the competitions. Part of that is larger purses, more prizes from sponsors and better profiling of the winners!

How can we do that? By adding more staff and train the existing ones to handle multiple job tasks. Being organized and effective during the shows, we can afford to do that right now since we have refined the process and classes.

Some of the events will be bigger than others because we already have a good base at three or four of them. It just takes hard work and lots of money! Just like I tell companies who want to get ahead "it takes money to make money", the difference is knowing how to spend it in order to get a return. In building DIESEL Motorsports we have been laying the blocks for over four years and the walls are starting to go up!

You can watch it grow or be a part of the growth, being a part of it will be a lot more fun than sitting back and watching I guarantee you!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

IMIS show for diesels . . . Diesel Motorsports!

Just finished attending the show, yes there were a lot of people. But in whole they were not diesel guys but round track people. There were some diesel guys because Scheid had a booth and he was busy, but I questioned some of our other sponsors who were there and they reported very little interest in diesel from attendees.

It's the perfect location, right in the heart of diesel country, so where are the diesel guys? I would take a guess and say they were never contacted because DIESEL Motorsports is still too young a sport to be included in their scope of business.

Considering the size of the show and they are trying to build against their competitor in Orlando which is older and larger, you would think they would build on what's around them. I guess they just don't have the right person to go after the market.

It's too bad they don't capitalize on their location and the people in the area that could help them grow this show to include DIESEL Motorsports! I don't think they even consider diesel sled pulling a motorsport?

In Orlando the sponsors reported lots of diesel people asking about products, I think holding the diesel drags there helps. However their group does not want to recognize DIESEL Motorsports as a sport either, I was told it's not their direction to include us.

The attitude of both trade shows is why our association exists, to promote our sport and maybe look for a diesel trade show who wants to recognize us!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

PRI Drag Race . . . Huge Success! DIESEL Motorsports!

What a hoot last night at the Central Florida Race Complex, over 35 trucks racing, over 30 rental cars, free BBQ, free drinks and lots of sponsors who got to see what DIESEL drag racing is about!

Want to thank all who participated becuase this event is helping us grow DIESEL Motorsports! Some of the PRI manufacturers who came out have never seen the trucks in action. It was good for them to see the hard work some of you have put into the sport.

Special thanks goes to Diesel Specialists who help us put this together two years ago along with Kurt, Scott and Roger - appreciate the effort guys!

I already got commitments from two attending sponsors to donate to the purse to make this event larger next year. Look for new info on next year's race at Central Florida Race Complex.

The PRI show is becoming more and more about diesel performance along with some great manufacturers who want to join the sport!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

PRI - Performance Race Industry Show . . . DIESEL MOTORSPORTS!

DIESEL Motorsports and the crew are attending the PRI show this Thursday and Friday while capping it off with a diesel drag race on Friday night.

This show is only second to the SEMA show and for racers it's the top show. DIESEL Motorsports started coming to this show 4 years ago and have slowly built the diesel vendors and racing around the show to fit our enthusiasts.

Yes, it's all about racing and competition plus the SFI meetings are held here which give our tech managers time to catch up with new regulations.

We generally walk the floor visiting with existing sponsors and look for new sponsors and products that fit our market segement. A perfect place to look for race and performance parts/accessories.

Last year over 50 trucks showed for the Friday night drag race, we just visited the track yesterday and they have made several large improvements over the year.

Fast trucks! We hear it all of the time from other promoters - we have all of the fast trucks! What is a fast? Some run down the track once with a fast time and break, doesn't do much good since it takes two runs to set a record plus it cuts the entertainment value of the show to a short time.

A fast truck to DIESEL Motorsports is a well put together truck that can run 3-4 times during an event with relative fast runs that are consistant and without breaking. For those in the race industry they know a broke truck on the strip costs everyone money and time! The cleanup alone costs $400-$900 each time depending on the spill.

Remember DIESEL Motorsports has rented the track for the day and have sold the event as an 8am-6pm event for the fan base. If everyone breaks by noon, makes for a short show and no one comes back.

We have quite a few fast trucks when it's measured by our standards and they make for a great show. DIESEL Motorsports is quite proud of the drag racing program that we have put together over the last two years!

See you at the track!