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Thursday, December 1, 2011

PRI - Performance Race Industry Show . . . DIESEL MOTORSPORTS!

DIESEL Motorsports and the crew are attending the PRI show this Thursday and Friday while capping it off with a diesel drag race on Friday night.

This show is only second to the SEMA show and for racers it's the top show. DIESEL Motorsports started coming to this show 4 years ago and have slowly built the diesel vendors and racing around the show to fit our enthusiasts.

Yes, it's all about racing and competition plus the SFI meetings are held here which give our tech managers time to catch up with new regulations.

We generally walk the floor visiting with existing sponsors and look for new sponsors and products that fit our market segement. A perfect place to look for race and performance parts/accessories.

Last year over 50 trucks showed for the Friday night drag race, we just visited the track yesterday and they have made several large improvements over the year.

Fast trucks! We hear it all of the time from other promoters - we have all of the fast trucks! What is a fast? Some run down the track once with a fast time and break, doesn't do much good since it takes two runs to set a record plus it cuts the entertainment value of the show to a short time.

A fast truck to DIESEL Motorsports is a well put together truck that can run 3-4 times during an event with relative fast runs that are consistant and without breaking. For those in the race industry they know a broke truck on the strip costs everyone money and time! The cleanup alone costs $400-$900 each time depending on the spill.

Remember DIESEL Motorsports has rented the track for the day and have sold the event as an 8am-6pm event for the fan base. If everyone breaks by noon, makes for a short show and no one comes back.

We have quite a few fast trucks when it's measured by our standards and they make for a great show. DIESEL Motorsports is quite proud of the drag racing program that we have put together over the last two years!

See you at the track!

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