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Monday, April 4, 2016

Diesel Pre-season - hurry up and finish . . .

This time of year I hear so many saying they are trying to get their trucks rebuilt for the season but are running into obstacles - such as funds, part delivery and time to do the work! Many of our competitor's trucks are shop trucks, that is how they advertise their business!

If we build a killer 1st place competition truck then you will want our shop to do the work to your truck! It is what keeps our sport rolling and growing every year!

And for the individual competitors it is time from their normal work and the expenses of getting it done for an event that is coming up fast.

We see it every year and if we get the events too early then a lot of the trucks are not done to compete. But yet, the early events are great for those who are done to come and test what they have built before the main events start during the Summer months!

That is why we are doing early events in new areas, not only to build in those areas but give our guys in the bigger states to either compete early or gitrdone!

The diesels to compete are much more than they used to be even five years ago and the expense goes up every year in order to stay on top. But yet if you are competing in the sport to have fun then you can easily come to the early events and have fun along with the rest of the trucks.

It's all about coming to the events, meeting people you have talked to online and looking at everyone's new trucks or what they have done over the winter months.

One event a month for the next 6 months in every part of the country! GITRDONE!