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Friday, August 12, 2016

What Classes are running for Sled Pulling - DIESEL TRUCKS - DIESEL Motorsports!

This year of all years makes for a mixed up view of what classes are available for pulling. Changes to a long running breakdown of classes by turbo sizes and truck weights gets turned upside down by a organization that favors tractors. There was too many diesel trucks showing up and taking the show attention and time along with money resources. 

So what do you do but change the rules so there are less trucks because of the high cost of making the change. 

DIESEL Motorsports roots comes from pulling with street trucks, driving to the event, changing the tires and then pulling for a fun sport. It was never about the money but having fun doing it.

Over the years the diesel shops got into bringing bigger and better trucks to the events showing what can produce more horsepower and torque. It progressed rather quickly which brought about opportunities for performance part sales among many other drivetrain parts.

Soon the 2.6 became 2.8 and then 2.8 became 3.0 and so on goes the transformation to bigger turbos. Then the bigger turbos crammed into smaller inlets in order to gain power within the classes. It all became grey areas on which turbos were legal or not for the extra 100 hp or inches on the track.

So currently the classes are made for strictly trailered trucks with none being driven to the track and the costs goes higher but the purses seem to be going downward.

We see many trucks up for sale and many of the old guard dropping the sport and those who can no longer afford it. Fewer trucks with no incentive for the young people to jump into the sport.

DIESEL Motorsports is saying "NO" we cannot let this happen! This year is a mixup of classes, work stock is a combination of driven trucks and 2.5 trucks who have dropped down because they want to still have fun with OEM like turbos.

The 2.5 trucks are mostly trailered in and many are the old 2.6 trucks who have dropped back in order to compete with their current truck with items such as hood stacks, hanging weight and a few other exceptions.

DIESEL Motorsports has combined the old 2.6 and the new 3.0 smooth bore into a 2.6/3.0 class. In our rules we call it 2.6 and 2.6 Pro in order to temporarily extend the boundaries to include both trucks into a class.

We have combined the old 3.0 trucks along with the new 3.6 trucks into a combined class along with twin turbo pulling trucks. These trucks are all trailered into events.

Next year we are already planning some big changes in order to make the proper adjustments so the street trucks can easily get into a competitive class for pulling.

We are starting by offing a $1000 1st place purse for Work Stock at the Buckeye Diesel Blast in LaRue OH on September 24 at 6pm. We plan on paying 5-8 places back but holding registration to 50 trucks for the class.

DIESEL Motorsports is about diesel trucks, NOT tractors! Look for the changes after this season has ended and next year's rules for DIESEL TRUCK sled pulling!

Friday, August 5, 2016

SAFETY in racing & pulling - because it can be dangerous - DIESEL Motorsports!

DIESEL Motorsports hears it from all competitors at every event - "why can't I run it's just a small part or equipment needed"! We tech for safety for a reason, a no accident history (knock on wood) is very important in any motorsport.

We turn a few away at events, they get mad and trash us on social media but it is worth it to us when the other 250 plus trucks run with no incidents. Safety equipment saves lives and vehicles!

Proper updating of the equipment will keep you safe when racing or pulling at high horsepower in our diesels. We talk with safety equipment suppliers at least 2-3 times a year on equipment updates and what is available, do you know many of the suppliers will custom make blankets or guards for very little and they are SFI approved.

We see many of our diesel trucks are now running in the 8s in the 1/4 mile using parachutes, do you know after 4-7 deployments the chute should be replaced and the lines attaching it? 

Our techs can not catch everything and the competitor should keep a log on when to update their equipment. If you are now going faster you should check the rules and make the updates to your vehicles. The roll cages and frame certifications should be updated regularly, trucks weigh a lot more than cars and weight difference should be taken into consideration. An SFI updated firesuit is now less than $200, pretty reasonable considering the cost of your diesel truck!

Everyone enjoys watching the sport, and assumes nothing bad can happen at anytime! It can change all so quickly!

DIESEL Motorsports has taken the effort to write our own rules for diesel classes and vehicles. They follow the NHRA and IHRA rules for safety equipment but we have added the extras to include our diesel specific equipment. Plus having the insurance to back up the safety equipment at the same levels of NHRA. 

That is the difference between us and the other promoters in the diesel industry. Many times the purses may or may not be more but we always provide the safety of added expense of insurance and we do pay at the events soon as it is over!

Are we regulated? Yes we are! Are we safe? Yes we are! Please read the rules and invest in proper equipment.