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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Performance Diesel Discussion Panel Seminar at the PRI Show . . .

That's right . . .  Diesel Motorsports will get some visual time at one of the industry's major trade show - PRI Show in Indianapolis in December! 

Friday December 12th, 9am-10am, Rm 237 - open to all attendees. Performance Diesel in the USA!
Panel Discussion

Last time we did this was at the SEMA show over 7 years ago with a few diesel industry people chosen by SEMA (manufacturers) and I was the only one not pushing products but the sport.

This time we plan on having diesel industry shop owners, manufacturers, distributors, and of course myself leading the discussions. There is a lot going on in diesel motor sports that needs to be brought to light so other shops and manufacturers can get the truth on how well the industry is progressing and how they can make money on the sport.

The more people involved the more the sport grows, there are a few diesel industry leaders that think the less people involved, the more they can control the market and their profits. That will keep the sport small and eventually die or be reduced to a small section of the market.

Grow big and be a part of it or try and horde the people to your products seems to be the direction right now by many groups. 

DIESEL Motorsports prefers to grow the sport big into mainstream with everyone involved and let those that do business the correct way profit from supporting the sport.

The PRI Show is different from the SEMA show because actual shop owners and race/pull competitors can attend the shows to view all of the available performance products. We have been a part of the show for many years and held a drag race during the Orlando years at local tracks giving many manufacturers a view of diesel trucks racing for the first time.

Now DIESEL Motorsports does not plan to do that since it is being held in Indianapolis since last year we had 5 inches of snow and it was 10 degrees. Unless someone builds an indoor dragstrip we are out of luck on the weather.

However, DIESEL Motorsports does have a booth with the DM Girls passing out information along with our sponsor's literature and decals at the show. Last year we passed out over 3,000 packets to attendees wanting the literature on diesel motor sports. Many of you saw our Lime Green/Black backpacks all over the show that people used as bags for other booth information.

It's cold but make a plan now to attend and if you need a pass make sure to contact us early!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Year-end competition points - Finals - Blowout - etc . . . where to go???

This time of year always presents a problem for diesel competitors when so many groups are holding their year-end point series and finals. Local groups are a must if you have been running with them all year especially if you are in the top three spots, you might win the Championship!

Other organizations are claiming to be the biggest, baddest, event ever to grace the face of the earth. DIESEL Motorsports even has it's Year-End Blowout in Ohio September 27th at MCIR. However, we tried to make sure all of the local point series were complete so locals could come and participate.

If it was myself competing and knowing today's economy I would pick the event nearest myself in order to minimize my cost but still have a chance to win some dollars. Does it really pay to drive 4 states over to compete given the cost of fuel, hotels, meals, etc? Only if you are going for points or a title you might have a chance of obtaining. 

But then again, you look at weather by the time you get there, could turn out a bust! Better to be a bust close to home instead of traveling many miles to get there.

Most of these events are one day or day and a half for activities, can you get there and get back so Monday morning you are ready for work?

Takes a lot these days to stretch your dollar and make it all make sense. DIESEL Motorsports wants you around for next year so think about how to spend your dollars wisely and compete to have fun with the sport. 

I tell every competitor if you are doing this to get rich or make money it never works out that way, you do it because you love the sport. However, we understand you need to cover some expenses in order to recoup your expenses for making the trip to compete and perform for the diesel fans.

As the sport becomes more popular more and more groups, shops, people want to hold the biggest, baddest diesel event ever! All I can say after doing these for over 8 years is you better have a lot of money and be willing to gamble on an outdoor event.

We do this because it's a sanctioning body and a business, we get paid to host the events for diesel competition. I strongly encourage everyone doing this to be careful and we offer help to all groups for guidance and marketing the events.

Just remember, if you enjoy the sport do what is best for you and your family so everyone has fun without presenting a hardship for the winter.

We want to see you next year!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Time to sound off about our sport - DIESEL Motorsports!

Ok it's cool in the mornings and Fall is early and in the air - feeling frisky again so I thought I would start the weekly blogs again!

I had to take a break for a while because the events took a lot of time to plan and execute. Down to one more event so I now have some time to write my daily thoughts surrounding the sport. I was once accused of posting my ramblings which no one wants to hear lol.

If that was the case I would not have people visiting my blog daily to read my rants. Yes I have been in the industry a long time and younger people want to know what knowledge I have acquired throughout the years. They ask all of the time how do I get things done and people interested in DIESEL Motorsports.

It takes years of experience to know what people are looking for their ROI (return on investment)!

Business for automotive aftermarket products and services is very competitive and the ins and outs are often clouded by many different factors in today's economy.

Combining those factors with what's important in diesel motor sports takes knowledge of the market and how everyone can benefit from sales to consumers.

I'm the first guy to admit that I'm not a mechanic, never claimed to be! But I have picked up much knowledge on the mechanics over 30 years and yes in my younger years I worked on many cars and trucks. As many of you have heard me say at shows I don't do manual labor anymore.

That's because I have put in my time and younger people can do the hard work, I did plenty as a young person for little money for years. It's called years of experience, and yes, I under bid jobs many times learning what it would take. I finished those jobs and losing money while doing them, but I knew to price that job higher next time.

I see many young people in our industry working very hard and it pleases me to see this. Generally they are the quiet ones that just do the work and you never hear them mouthing off on the internet.  This is the segment who continue to build this industry for many years to come.

I told a client the other day that 90% of the people in the industry I really enjoy dealing with because they are great people. It's the other 10% that makes the bad times miserable and that is life, so I concentrate on the 90% and ignore the 10%.

We have a lot of really positive nice people in this industry and it's worth investing our time and money for the future of DIESEL Motorsports.