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Monday, March 31, 2014

Diesel enthusiasts . . . let's give back to those who support us.

First off let's go back to the diesel shops who are producing the competitor's trucks and providing top notch mechanical repairs. That's right, licensed businesses who know how to repair your diesel truck.

Because of the popularity of the diesel sport many wannabes have come out of the woodwork and caused many pain and loss of dollars with repairs gone bad. DIESEL Motorsports have received a lot of questions about where they can find a reputable diesel shop?

There have been a lot of advancements in technology for our diesel trucks during the past 5 years. The diesel shops have experienced many repairs on the different models. Some repair only one brand and others repair all brands of the OEM trucks.

Many diesel enthusiasts have acquired cheaper parts online, however if something goes wrong with it they find that returning it or have the warranty work done is very difficult. When purchasing from a bricks and mortar diesel shop they will most likely complete the warranty work and repairs.

DIESEL Motorsports is giving back to the diesel shops by having a National Database of these shops available to the public by zip code search. The web site now sports the search and it is basic right now but we are adding to it daily by listing new diesel shops along with more details outlying their services and products.

Give us 30 days and many diesel shops will be listed along with some interesting listings and information. It is our goal to have diesel shops from every state listed within six months.

Buy or repair your diesel products and services from a local shop where you can get personal service along with vast knowledge of the diesel industry.

Looking forward to this summer's activities and being able to supply more information to our diesel fans and competitors.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Are you - we insured for the sport??? DIESEL Motorsports

Had a call over the weekend from a longtime diesel competitor who found himself in a unpleasant situation with his insurance company.

He had a legitimate vandalism claim regarding his truck which is a daily user, they investigated and found where he used it on the weekend to compete at diesel events.

In order to keep from paying the claim they countered with a fraud charge because their policy named the policy holder as not using their vehicle for competition. By signing the original policy they agreed they did not use their vehicle in competition, thus the fraud charge.

Now not only are you out of the vandalism claim on your truck but now you are out attorney fees and possible fines.

As claims get more abundant for insurance companies and profits tighter for them the insurance companies are finding ways to get out of paying a lot of claims. To us it's no different than using your truck for offroading or hill climbing but since it is a paying competition the insurance companies consider it motor sports.

CHECK your policy carefully before you sign the bottom line. You could get caught in the same trap if you ever have to place a claim. Regardless if the claim is legitimate be it a wreck, vandalism, etc, the insurance company can deny any claim based on their policies statement.

A few years back DIESEL Motorsports offered through a company associated with us cheaper business liability insurance, it amazed us how many diesel shops had the wrong kind of insurance for their business. Yes, theirs was cheaper but one was designated as a gas station with no flammable products in the building, yet they rebuilt engines and had fuel and oils in the building. If the building ever had a claim the insurance company could deny any claim no matter how legitimate it was because they had fraudulently labeled their business.

As a sanctioning body we insure for all possible claims at an event, in fact we carry the same insurance as a NHRA or IHRA large event. We have too, the facility requires us to carry the proper insurance in order to rent the facility. We don't use track insurance because it only covers the track's claims leaving the sponsors possibly open for liability. We cover all aspects of liability including our sponsors, fans and competitors.

Now what this doesn't cover is the insurance for the competitors personal vehicles at the track or off of the track. Even if you trailer your competition vehicle to the track is your truck trailering covered? Better check your policy - they are getting REAL picky on what they cover!

Make sure to ask will my truck be covered since I use it for recreational competition at diesel events? In order to get the business normal companies will write an add-on policy to include the activity. Then you are covered but at least you told them up front and have it in writing.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Legitimizing DIESEL Motorsports as a motor sport . . .

To para-phrase and old saying - "We've come a long way baby" relates to our diesel industry. What started out as a cottage industry, diesel motor sports has grown to a industry contender. Yes, we have had a slight setback with the performance tuners not being available for newer model trucks but the sport is still going strong in the rural Midwest states.

UFC started out in a similar way, it became very popular, crowds grew but then when out of hand events gathered media attention it became untouchable until a company bought the group and built it for mainstream business. They insured the events, sanctioned the organization and gathered National sponsorships.

DIESEL Motorsports has done the same for the diesel industry. Big companies want safety and insurance installed in order to limit liability. A structured family lifestyle event where everyone can enjoy their diesel trucks is what attracts fans, competitors and sponsors.

DIESEL Motorsports is taking the next step by launching this month the first database of legitimate diesel shops that can work on your diesels, a search by zip code will produce a list of shops nearest you.

We have already been the first to offer endorsed product sponsorship where the products were tested by industry leaders before DIESEL Motorsports would accept their sponsorship. Every product we have listed is the best quality in the industry for our diesel enthusiast's trucks.

We have turned down many manufacturers that did not fit the product profile or their products failed during operation. It's about credibility within the industry.

Example: A manufacturer of a tuner product sets up diesel shops with a product that works most of the time, then after establishing a business of selling the units wholesales the entire inventory to a larger WD and then discounts the product price below what the dealers are selling it for and quits servicing what had been sold to the dealers.

We get complaints every week about companies who do not stand behind the products and is in it for a quick buck. DIESEL Motorsports has spent an enormous amount of time lobbying with major automotive aftermarket manufacturers to produce products for the diesel marketplace. Companies that will stand behind the products and answer their warranty phone lines.

Just look at our sponsor list and see the Mainstream companies that are respected in the automotive industry, this is how DIESEL Motorsports is taking the sport into mainstream America.

Legitimate events, legitimate diesel shops, legitimate manufacturers, legitimate services, and professional legitimate competitors makes for a solid business plan that will last for years.