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Friday, May 27, 2016

DIESEL vs GAS Drag Racing at MO Truck Shootout! DIESEL Motorsports

This drag race only event in Northern Missouri was compiled together after discussing with a local diesel and gas fabrication shop Mike Goacher of Goacher Street Legends about the local trucks. The local track in Kansas City is now US 36 Dragway near Cameron Missouri since the old KCID near Nolan Road was shutdown by city officials almost 2 years ago and Topeka/Heartland went bankrupt last year.

It's a nice rural 1/8 mile track out in the middle of no-where but has tons of parking and space for our trucks. There appears to be a good amount of diesels already racing there plus a good amount of gas trucks so it was suggested to me by Mike Goacher and the owner of the track Mike Franks to include both types to run against each other - thus Grudge Match!

DIESEL Motorsports normally does "diesel only" events but I saw maybe this is an opportunity to persuade some gassers to convert and maybe they don't think diesels can go that fast. Nothing makes for a rural matchup like DIESEL vs Gas trucks.

Years ago we converted many young people at tracks when we had the faster trucks come in early on Friday for Test-N-Tune to run against local young people in their ricer cars. Many of the youth converted quickly when the trucks outrun them on the strip.

From what I saw in the crowd many of the local youth showed up in their diesel trucks, over 1,000 to watch the competition. For a week delayed rain-date and on a Friday night we were surprised at the turnout plus about 60 trucks racing in 3 classes.

Most of the trucks were street performance trucks but we had some fast trucks there running in the 6.7-6.9 in the 1/8th mile, that's pretty fast for a full size pickup truck.

Revolution Performance from Junction City, KS provided the dyno and quite few lined up to see what their trucks could do in horsepower and torque.

The staff at US 36 and the owners Mike and Ruth Franks were great people to work with during the event. We also found out they have an excellent place to also host a sled pull on their dirt circle track.

I had a blast with a nice turnout of trucks and the local enthusiasts who lined both sides of the track! Cameron and surrounding areas has some really nice people. A BIG thanks to the local shops who helped us put this event on: Goacher Street Legends, MCON, Tyrant Diesel, and MPE Machinery! 

K&W Diesel Drag Racing

Unlimited Heads-up Diesel
Champion - Dylan Grooms, 2nd Jesse Brisco

Unlimited Heads up Diesel vs Gas
Champion Robert Reffeh, 2nd JR Kjplshu

ET Bracket Diesel vs Gas
Champion Dan Holland, 2nd Matthew Doyle

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Dylan Goacher
GM - Nick Rickels
Ford - Joel Silvey
Vintage Truck - Peter Gilbert

Revolution Performance Dyno Highest HP - Dyno - Doug Perry

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One down - how's the season looking for the year? - DIESEL Motorsports!

DIESEL Motorsports finished it's first event of the year a few weekends ago with lots of people and diesel trucks - we have another event this Friday in Missouri! A drag race Friday night at US 36 Dragway near Cameron MO and a benefit sled pull with MMTTPA in Jefferson City on Saturday!

The trucks are looking slicker, more high-tech and produce more hp than ever before. This is testament for our sponsor's products and other diesel performance manufacturers in the country.

Our enthusiasts are buying your products and using them on their trucks. But the main point being is the diesel enthusiast is enjoying what they do with their trucks and the people they meet at the events!

It is a lifestyle and no matter what level their truck is currently at there is always like people with an interest of what they are doing to their truck.

Is the economy better than past years? It's about the same very roller coaster around the country, some companies reporting to me the had the best March ever then the worst April ever, so it is inconsistent. I can tell you from experience this always happens during election years. Why? Who knows but for years the same pattern exists but I can tell you it should be a great winter.

I see more enthusiasts staying closer to home and going to events that are close to them, That is why DIESEL Motorsports does an event a month in a different state where trucks are popular.

Looking forward to this year since we are in some new areas for the season. Make sure to check our events since we update these every month with new events.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Nebraska Diesel Show 2016

Nebraska Diesel Show
April 23/24, 2016
Kearney Raceway Park
Kearney Nebraska

In the Heartland is the Nebraska Diesel Show, which was more than seven years ago by a group of young men in Nebraska who love their diesel trucks and wanted to start a state group supporting diesel performance. The group grew larger and larger every year, which lead to an annual drag race and dyno competition.

It has been held every year at the Kearney Raceway Park in Kearney Nebraska. For those who are not familiar with the area or city, it is right in the middle of the state and it’s about 5 hours either from Kansas City or Denver depending which direction you are coming from to get there.
The Nebraska Diesel Crew expanded the original show last year by asking the National Association of Diesel Motorsports to hold the race class and sled pulling classes for the event. Having sanctioned classes ensure safety and provides insurance for the event through the sanctioning body of the National Association of Diesel Motorsports.

During the day on Saturday, enthusiasts could grudge race each other just by lining up against each other side by side in the staging lanes of the dragstrip. Drag racing on the track vs the street is ’s a great way to test vehicle performance under real world condition to see what your truck’s performance add-ons can do for speed in a safe environment.

The ET Bracket Class race was first up following the ever popular burnout contest. More than 20 competitors decided to test their skills at racing the tree and timed runs. Phillip Stiers in his 2006 Dodge out of Lakewood Colorado took the final when Kyle Simmons in his 2011 Dodge redlighted on the final match-up. Keep in mind the ET Class is mainly made up of street driven trucks.

 Once the presentation of the checks and trophies for the day were made, a surprise was sprung by Nebraska State Group leader Josh Follmer!  Josh dropped to his knee in front of the entire grand stand and proposed to his fiancĂ© Raegan Hartmann.  She said YES! The crowd cheered while family members and crews congratulated the couple.

Sunday morning came way too early for many who had to enter in the Nebraska Diesel Show – Mothers Show-N-Shine at 9am. The registration for sled pulling was also early since the pulling started at 11:30 am. The prep for the track was being done and trucks started to be teched and weighed for the pulling classes of Work Stock (street trucks), 2.5 Class, 2.6 Class, and tractors.
Overall it was a successful and fun weekend to kick the2016 season off for not only the Nebraska Diesel Show but also for DIESEL Motorsports. More than 3500 enthusiasts attended the weekend show with slightly more than 170 trucks competing  in the drag and pulling classes.


CRC Drag Racing

ET Bracket

Phillip Stiers – R .046/ET 11.62/11.632 @118.13

Top Diesel :
Champion – Greg Hogue Durmax Rail – ¼ mile, 8.20 @140mph

K&W Sled Pulling (in feet)

Work Stock
Jess Hardessen – 313.06
Andrew Bokelman – 298.06
Tyler Schimonitz – 268.11
Alex Ideus – 251.01
Colton Crawford – 248.02
Zack Larson – 246.05
Chris Wilholtz-240.08
Kyle Giger – 233.03
Austin Rathman-226.03
Matt Schaman-225.07
Devin Barid-195.07

2.5 Class
Brent Roberts – 282.11
Clelland Maynes-282.07
LeVon Reiff-273.00
Tim Wenske – 271.10
Tony Gonzales- 265.02

2.6 Class
Cole Nadrchal-305.09
Bryan Banghart-305.08
Dylan Lempka-304.11
Leah Urich-302.01
Brent Roberts-261.07
AJ Eilert-239.05
James Knight-176.04

Mothers Show-N-Shine Winners:

Dodge 1st place in Blue dually Austin McGinnis, 2nd was Curtis Holmes.
Chevy 1st place was Heath Whitman, 2nd place was Brian McDonald in his Red Dmax,
Ford 1st place was Bennet Steele, 2nd was Kearney Concrete.