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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One down - how's the season looking for the year? - DIESEL Motorsports!

DIESEL Motorsports finished it's first event of the year a few weekends ago with lots of people and diesel trucks - we have another event this Friday in Missouri! A drag race Friday night at US 36 Dragway near Cameron MO and a benefit sled pull with MMTTPA in Jefferson City on Saturday!

The trucks are looking slicker, more high-tech and produce more hp than ever before. This is testament for our sponsor's products and other diesel performance manufacturers in the country.

Our enthusiasts are buying your products and using them on their trucks. But the main point being is the diesel enthusiast is enjoying what they do with their trucks and the people they meet at the events!

It is a lifestyle and no matter what level their truck is currently at there is always like people with an interest of what they are doing to their truck.

Is the economy better than past years? It's about the same very roller coaster around the country, some companies reporting to me the had the best March ever then the worst April ever, so it is inconsistent. I can tell you from experience this always happens during election years. Why? Who knows but for years the same pattern exists but I can tell you it should be a great winter.

I see more enthusiasts staying closer to home and going to events that are close to them, That is why DIESEL Motorsports does an event a month in a different state where trucks are popular.

Looking forward to this year since we are in some new areas for the season. Make sure to check our events since we update these every month with new events.

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