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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Trade shows are over and the season begins soon!

March is coming to a close and DIESEL Motorsports is done going to the trade shows promoting the 2015 shows and sponsors. In March we had two different shows on the same weekend. One in Harrisburg PA at the Keystone National Indoor Pull and in Indianapolis IN at the Performance Business Shop Show.

Gene and the DM Girls ran the show in Harrisburg while I manned the booth and Shop Show in Indianapolis with a little help from some diesel friends. The shows were 2-3 days long and we saw a lot of people at both shows.

Why are we doing these shows?

To promote diesel motor sport shows and the sponsor's products or services. We pass out flyers for the shows, decals, swag and product literature for the sponsors. A lot of diesel customers, fans and shops attend the shows. We want to promote what DIESEL Motorsports does in front of new people at every show. None of the other diesel promoters spend their monies to do this for the sport, but then again that is why the sponsors are with DIESEL Motorsports.

It is a yearly job to promote our sport and lifestyle to the public, 5 years ago we estimated we were only reaching 1% of diesel owners. Currently we are reaching 5-10% of diesel owners Nationwide with our message so we have come a long way in those short years. 

The yearly shows are now well established in the areas DIESEL Motorsports has deemed worthy of producing the most diesel trucks for events. Plus we have expanded into some new areas that have grown over the years. Many of our affiliate events continue to grow new areas while maintaining current markets into more rural areas that want the diesel events.

It is so easy to hold just one or two events per year but producing or helping with over 60 events a year takes a lot of work and time. It is worth it when DIESEL Motorsports sees the results at the end of the year by hearing about the amount of parts sold by the sponsors.

DIESEL Motorsports first event of the year is the Nebraska Diesel Show which has been held every year for over five years by local diesel enthusiasts and shops. This year they wanted it to go bigger with the addition of sled pulling, Show-N-Shine and more sponsors. Diesel Motorsports is happy to bring something to the table for these hard working locals who want a great diesel show. It's early in the year April 25/26th but normally the weather is good for the show before the May rains hit.

Take some time to look at our schedule for some great diesel shows in your area.