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Saturday, December 24, 2011

DIESEL presents for 2012 . . .

Christmas time is perfect to talk about what is coming out new for diesels in 2012! What better presents to receive then some new products and services to look forward to in the new upcoming year!

Every year there are new performance and maintenance products to make our diesels run more efficient, we have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. Some of you already have some the items I am going to mention but there are many who do not!

Double or triple turbos -
The new hot item is no longer a BIG turbo but a double or even a triple setup for quicker spool up and power plus cleaner emissions. New technology for even the new diesel trucks are available.

Street efficient turbos -
New turbos being released by manufacturers are producing more power, quicker and with smaller turbos for those single users.

Fuel system alternatives -
A new brushless lift pump with filtration units including a new air separation filtration unit will increase flow rates with smaller foot print and amperage. Later in the year an electronic fuel regulator that will control the entire fuel filtration system for exact flow rates to your injection pump during street use or competition.

Suspension -
Newer alternatives for those weak OEM linkage and steering problems, some are already available and some new improvements will be available next year. Take an old truck and the drivetrain may be strong but the linkage and ride is worn out, these can all be replaced.

Wheels/Tires -
New wheels for 8 lug were shown at SEMA and PRI, one piece and three piece. Built here in the USA these new styles are not for the weak wallet but quality does cost you. NEW tires with correct sizing is coming for our diesel trucks along with some treads built for competition.

NEW Electronics -
Electronic gauge panel that has minimal 38 gauge capabilities along with a built in datalogger plus GPS! Built on dyno meter for your driveline shaft while in use! You bet, a new Dyno-Shaft available for diesels that operates while you are running, great for tuneups and chassis setup.

Injectors -
Out with the Asian cheap rip-offs and in with the hotter quality injectors. New suppliers coming from new machining brings hotter and more precise injectors. These are now becoming available and time to replace those faulty injectors.

If you are a diesel dealer there are a lot of new products to sell through your shop! Many new presents that can appear on a diesel owner's want list for 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lumps of Coal for Christmas . . . DIESEL Motorsports.

Where did this saying originate? From European and old American folklore where the chimney sweep cleaned the house's flu before the Holiday fire. When he was paid he would leave small gifts in stockings hung on the mantle for the children of the house. If the parent told him a child was bad or naughty instead of being nice the sweep would leave lumps of coal or particles out of the chimney in the stocking.

Now this analogy has been used by many different parents, even Santa to motivate children to be good and not naughty within 3-6 months of Christmas. We have all been told you better be nice someone is watching and you could end up with nothing but lumps of coal!

This story and analogy relates to DIESEL Motorsports when all the good people in our sport come together to help build the sport. There are too many to even list them all including the competitors who show up at every event or just one event. These are tough times for motorsports and by everyone helping each other we can keep DIESEL Motorsports alive and growing for the future.

Pretty much like normal life, the working good people of society all work together, network, negotiate and continue to grow within society and business. In all parts of the country DIESEL Motorsports have held events this last year we have found many new friends and associates who help without asking for pay or hand out just to help build the sport. Many have seen the need for sponsorship and stepped up to fund the sport in order to help it grow.

I can't communicate properly the excitement about DIESEL Motorsports when I attend the automotive trade shows from the manufacturers and leaders in the industry! We are growing with a LOT of WORK from everyone!

The troublemakers are the loudest and most visual on the surface but they do not have substance behind them. Who gets the most attention in the media, those who yell the most, the troublemakers while everyone else works daily in order to continue.

I think most will agree these trouble makers usually end up with that "lump of coal" at the end of the day, year, etc.

Funny how a child's folklore tale relates to modern day life!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yearly recap 2011 . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Normally this time of the year we all slow down for the Holidays and enjoy the time with families, friends and people we know in the industry. A perfect time to think about what we have done this past year and what we have accomplished.

For DIESEL Motorsports we started the year with a storm/tornado at the first event but still got in some great drag racing and pulling back in Indiana. Followed by a great turnout in Hebron OH at the National Trails Dragway with some very nice high powered trucks.

We saw an old event relived at Thunder in Muncie where the DIESEL Only events started ten years ago, we had the original promoters and organizers present to watch a good size crowd watch some of Indiana's best pulling trucks compete with some original attendees including Haisley, Wright, and Smith.

It was a pleasant return to the top of the mountain in Numidia PA at the East Coast Nationals where hundreds of trucks competed in front of one of the largest DIESEL Only events in the country. This was a retail/wholesale show where many different vendors under one tent sell products to diesel truck enthusiasts.

It was then off to Salt Lake City for Weekend on the Edge where we sanctioned the drag race with 94 trucks competing in front of 4,000 people. The next night after the daytime dyno event at Edge we sanctioned the sled pull with over 70 trucks entertained 3,000 people in the Pioneer Stadium stands.

Back across the country to National Trails Dragway for the second Buckeye Diesel Blast in September, we had a blast alright with DIESEL only drag racing and sled pulling performing at the same time. We held the first Cow Patty Bingo raising funds for Homes for the Troops using a local baby bull!

Down South to Texas to the ODRA/DIESEL Motorsports Texas Diesel Roundup at the Denton track for DIESEL ONLY drag racing, sled pulling, dyno and shownshine. Great turnout with lots of vendors enjoyed a nice crowd of diesel enthusiasts.

Ended up in Orlando Florida at the PRI show with a drag race at Central Florida Race Complex where not only did we see some fast diesels but also had fun with a rental car race. The sponsors saw some good trucks running down the track and enjoyed some BBQ while they watched the trucks run.

Overall we saw good crowds at all of the events and we saw many new trucks at the events along with some new records being broken.

Yes, DIESEL Motorsports is growing and we are soon going to see more of it as it goes mainstream!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How about BIGGER and BETTER? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

In the world of marketing and numbers in order to justify spending . . . BIGGER is always BETTER!

That's what we have planned for 2012 for the events we will be announcing after the first of the year. Combined shows with more venues/competitions to participate plus watch and DIESEL ONLY!

I think we branded that term DIESEL ONLY quite a bit last year along with the name DIESEL Motorsports. I know everyone cried they are changing their name, furthest from the truth, we just shortened it! National Association of "DIESEL Motorsports". Easier to brand and understand, too many other alphabet names out there to get confused with on a weekly basis.

No confusing "DIESEL Motorsports" now is there?

The shows will be advertised, televised and marketed much more than in the past so we can start building on the fan base crowd. We have spent the last four years concentrating on where the best locations should be for attracting diesel trucks and fans. Now is the time to start building the fan base but with that in mind we need to add to the show.

Why? So they can feel like they are getting their monies worth when attending, so we have plans to make the shows more competitive and add to the competitions. Part of that is larger purses, more prizes from sponsors and better profiling of the winners!

How can we do that? By adding more staff and train the existing ones to handle multiple job tasks. Being organized and effective during the shows, we can afford to do that right now since we have refined the process and classes.

Some of the events will be bigger than others because we already have a good base at three or four of them. It just takes hard work and lots of money! Just like I tell companies who want to get ahead "it takes money to make money", the difference is knowing how to spend it in order to get a return. In building DIESEL Motorsports we have been laying the blocks for over four years and the walls are starting to go up!

You can watch it grow or be a part of the growth, being a part of it will be a lot more fun than sitting back and watching I guarantee you!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

IMIS show for diesels . . . Diesel Motorsports!

Just finished attending the show, yes there were a lot of people. But in whole they were not diesel guys but round track people. There were some diesel guys because Scheid had a booth and he was busy, but I questioned some of our other sponsors who were there and they reported very little interest in diesel from attendees.

It's the perfect location, right in the heart of diesel country, so where are the diesel guys? I would take a guess and say they were never contacted because DIESEL Motorsports is still too young a sport to be included in their scope of business.

Considering the size of the show and they are trying to build against their competitor in Orlando which is older and larger, you would think they would build on what's around them. I guess they just don't have the right person to go after the market.

It's too bad they don't capitalize on their location and the people in the area that could help them grow this show to include DIESEL Motorsports! I don't think they even consider diesel sled pulling a motorsport?

In Orlando the sponsors reported lots of diesel people asking about products, I think holding the diesel drags there helps. However their group does not want to recognize DIESEL Motorsports as a sport either, I was told it's not their direction to include us.

The attitude of both trade shows is why our association exists, to promote our sport and maybe look for a diesel trade show who wants to recognize us!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

PRI Drag Race . . . Huge Success! DIESEL Motorsports!

What a hoot last night at the Central Florida Race Complex, over 35 trucks racing, over 30 rental cars, free BBQ, free drinks and lots of sponsors who got to see what DIESEL drag racing is about!

Want to thank all who participated becuase this event is helping us grow DIESEL Motorsports! Some of the PRI manufacturers who came out have never seen the trucks in action. It was good for them to see the hard work some of you have put into the sport.

Special thanks goes to Diesel Specialists who help us put this together two years ago along with Kurt, Scott and Roger - appreciate the effort guys!

I already got commitments from two attending sponsors to donate to the purse to make this event larger next year. Look for new info on next year's race at Central Florida Race Complex.

The PRI show is becoming more and more about diesel performance along with some great manufacturers who want to join the sport!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

PRI - Performance Race Industry Show . . . DIESEL MOTORSPORTS!

DIESEL Motorsports and the crew are attending the PRI show this Thursday and Friday while capping it off with a diesel drag race on Friday night.

This show is only second to the SEMA show and for racers it's the top show. DIESEL Motorsports started coming to this show 4 years ago and have slowly built the diesel vendors and racing around the show to fit our enthusiasts.

Yes, it's all about racing and competition plus the SFI meetings are held here which give our tech managers time to catch up with new regulations.

We generally walk the floor visiting with existing sponsors and look for new sponsors and products that fit our market segement. A perfect place to look for race and performance parts/accessories.

Last year over 50 trucks showed for the Friday night drag race, we just visited the track yesterday and they have made several large improvements over the year.

Fast trucks! We hear it all of the time from other promoters - we have all of the fast trucks! What is a fast? Some run down the track once with a fast time and break, doesn't do much good since it takes two runs to set a record plus it cuts the entertainment value of the show to a short time.

A fast truck to DIESEL Motorsports is a well put together truck that can run 3-4 times during an event with relative fast runs that are consistant and without breaking. For those in the race industry they know a broke truck on the strip costs everyone money and time! The cleanup alone costs $400-$900 each time depending on the spill.

Remember DIESEL Motorsports has rented the track for the day and have sold the event as an 8am-6pm event for the fan base. If everyone breaks by noon, makes for a short show and no one comes back.

We have quite a few fast trucks when it's measured by our standards and they make for a great show. DIESEL Motorsports is quite proud of the drag racing program that we have put together over the last two years!

See you at the track!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will we expand the DIESEL Motorsports market base?

. . . and continue to grow our sport?

Yes we will, despite the economy, despite the EPA restrictions on diesel and despite the rising cost of fuel!

How are you going to do that?

Expanding the market by having new enthusiasts join us and reaching out to them even though they don't know about our sport. Also by bringing back some of the old diesel enthusiasts who started out with us over 10 years ago.

Yes, we have the means and the know how to do both functions and continue to grow our sport.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports is concentrating on larger combined events and developing more clubs and affiliate events to further grow the sport.

It's a group effort and we have some great people on our teams that have the passion to see it grow.

Actually the economy is helping our local diesel shops with a lot of maintenance care for diesel trucks because people are keeping them longer. The EPA is only interested in the newer model trucks so the older truck market is booming right now and the cost of fuel is remaining steady.

But who would have thought that during a flailing economy that DIESEL Motorsports would still be thriving and showing growth in parts of the country?

I think it says something about our working middle class and their desire to live a lifestyle they enjoy and want to spend time and extra funds into the sport.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Now is the time to restock . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Hope every one had a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Laying off of the cheap imitation parts for a couple of days only to remind diesel shop owners now is the time to re-stock for upcoming 2012 season. DIESEL Motorsports spends this time to restock our inventory of sponsors and revitalize our direction, plus plan new programs for DIESEL Motosports and marketing for our sport.

You can do the same because during the winter months the manufacturers are looking at some pretty tough winter months which means special deals and savings for you when purchasing inventory. 

Ask for 2011 inventory at a discount, and payments into 2012 1st quarter or second, many of the WDs will work with you this time of the year. Look for new 2012 products as introductory pricing for new product lines, manufacturers are anxious to start moving new stock and this is a good way to do it by discounting stock plus taking payments in the 1st quarter which is usually short of goals.

Plus many truck owners are looking to rebuild this time of the year and have already started to tear down their trucks.

DIESEL Motorsports has some new programs planned for the 2012 year. We'll be announcing the NEW programs during the first week along with 2012 sponsors. We always wait till after the first of the year to announce sponsors so we fully honor and fulfill the 2011 agreements ending December 31st!

Now is also the time to look for bargains on new trucks along with used trucks, dealers who want less inventory during the winter months will deal on those trucks. Add some upgrades and additions to those trucks, sell and make a little profit. People are always looking for good quality used trucks!

There are many different ways you can restock for the season . . . equipment, inventory, direction, personnel and of course, yourself!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fake Dampers for diesels . . . in DIESEL Motorsports!

How to spot a real Fluidampr, one that is SFI approved, one using the real logos, names, etc . . .

For those who want to install a Fluidampr, make sure it is their product! There is a lot of Chinese imports that are copying their logo, box, product and even fake SFI stickers.

They are calling them "Fluid Dampers" on ebay so they won't get into trouble with the ebay police then quickly identifying them as Fluidampr's product in the copy.

They are fake and can cause extreme damage to your engine if you use them and they come apart during operation.

Real Fluidampr with proper box logos and registered trademark, look for proper identification!

Fake "Fluid Damper" , look for imitation logos, box design and fake SFI decal.

Solution: buy from a reputable dealer or go to your local diesel shop/dealer for proper product and installation.

This unit goes on the front of your engine and attaches to your crank, imagine what damage that can cause when the fake starts to disintegrate and falls apart while your engine is running. The original Fluidampr has been in business for over 20 years making an American quality product, don't be fooled by cheap prices and a cheap product!

You always get what you pay for . . .

Monday, November 21, 2011

What is in a good turbo - CERTIFIED?

As I wrote a few days ago, I wanted it all to sink in what I had said, the imports that are non-certified is killing our business. It's filling the marketplace with cheap imitations that are un-safe and dangerous for your truck.
D-Tech 64 from (fake! not even from D-Tech which is a respectable company)

Phatshaft from Industrial Injection authentic BorgWarner components along with US backed warranty and company!

You are saying that is some pretty bold claims? Claims that every turbo builder in the US is fighting on a daily basis, names such as Borg Warner, Garrett and Holset. These cheap turbo imitations are coming out of Asia using steel and metals that are not tested for strength.

They are filtering in to the US without check points and the public does not know these products from the correct safe ones. They can even use the same names or like names without penalty, Chinese do not honor our patents along with lawsuits.

Common diesel enthusiasts are buying these inferior products through ebay, Amazon, and other small diesel .com sites. Again I am saying buy from respectable .com sites that are know among enthusiasts or diesel shops who are certified. Then when the product fails they are calling the main companies that they think the products came from for reimbursement only to find out it is a fake.

Do your research, look for registered products and if it's too good to be true, it's not!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


It has become a huge problem in our industry more and more as the popularity grows with diesel engine components. Components such as turbos, injectors, injection pumps, and even dampers are being duplicated over seas and imported with FAKE SFI stickers and claims.

Beware if your purchase is too good to be true, top name with top product claims at a unbelievable price!

The Internet is our worst enemy when it can be placed in front of you from anywhere in the World. Look for Internet Diesel companies that have a US address and is advertised as legitimate businesses.

These replica parts can do extensive damage to your truck, engine and sometimes people around the vehicle. They are inferior parts that can fly apart throwing small projectiles through metal like it's slicing through butter. Made from inferior metal components in foreign countries, repackaged using similar names and packaging, they can be deceiving.

But make no mistake, they are fake parts with inferior performance and quality.

We have had many manufacturers receive calls from angry enthusiasts complaining about broken parts only to find out it is not theirs but a replica from over seas.

This is all legal under current trade agreements but it is a huge detriment to our trade and industry. I'll be covering some of the fall outs of using this equipment during the next few days.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting the word out about DIESEL Motorsports . . .

I'm showing this photo and talking about displaying at a major automotive show not because the business shown is a major sponsor but because they did it so proper and professional!

Presenting a professional image of diesel performance and DIESEL Motorsports is important right now. Being a new sport among the old standbys, the automotive world is watching to see what we are doing and what we are about!

There is a group that is trying to discount our popularity by showing the smoke blowing race trucks and the pull trucks, talking about the bad behavior at some events and discounting the seriousness of our sport. There is always competition among the sanctioning bodies and I don't have to tell you how competitive racers and pullers become over their sport. It goes clear back to the NHRA vs the IHRA days.

Presenting our business as legitimate and professional helps our industry in so many ways. It shows there is business and monies to be made selling to the DIESEL Motorsports enthusiasts and it must be true if this kind of company spends this amount of money to properly display at a major show like SEMA.

A very nice display of parts, graphics, professional sales staff and a booth size that is fully used for conducting business.

I applaud PPE for making this kind of commitment, this is not a cheap booth and I know what having 5-6 people in Las Vegas during SEMA costs along with the booth space, not to mention the cost of the booth and displays.

But it is needed for our sport to legitimize the parts and service industry. Several other sponsors had nice booths at SEMA and now in just a couple of weeks at PRI and IMMS.

PPE can be found at:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Remember where DIESEL Motorsport's trucks came from and where are they used . . .

At every show like SEMA I get asked why diesel trucks? Why not gas trucks?

It's an easy answer for us diesel enthusiasts but many who know nothing about trucks cannot understand. When I answer they have new respect for what a diesel engine is designed to be used in the workplace or recreation.

When I answer with a diesel engine can out pull a gas engine plus get double the fuel mileage the surprise look on their face is telling. I then hit them with the diesel engine also will out last the gas engine three to one while under full load plus provide a constant power while pulling where gas engines tend to pull down or lose power. They had no idea, to them a truck is a truck!

I then explain that most construction companies, farms, hauling companies use diesel trucks because of the torque they produce and the durability under extreme use. The mileage is always about double over the gas engine while pulling a trailer or RV.

Under pulling or hauling a gas engine might make it to 200,000 miles before major maintenance is needed where a diesel engine can go 300-400,000. Of course any engine will fall to heavy maintenance if they are not serviced correctly during use.

It's like an old diesel enthusiast I know says "diesel trucks are used for pulling because it's what trucks are meant to do!"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's rolling in DIESEL Motorsports . . . TIRES!

One of the most underestimated important purchases a person can make for their truck is tires!

Ask yourself these questions . . .

Do you want big tires?

Do you want big aggressive treads for looks or functionality?

What use is your truck? Hauling, sport, highway miles?

Do you like a quiet ride or does it matter?

What size fits your truck and suspension?

How long do you want the tires too last? 40k or 80k mile tires?

What road conditions do you drive often? pavement, gravel, offroad, dirt, snow, sand?

Do your research carefully with diesel shops and their experience with tires, talk to an experienced tire shop (not the chain ones), and tell them exactly what you are wanting in a tire.

There are many different tread patterns and levels of quality one can choose. And let's not forget the biggest question, what is the cost?

One of the few tires manufactured right here in the US is DIESEL Motorsport's Official Tire - Mickey Thompson! Top quality tires that are used for many different uses by our diesel enthusiasts.

Did you know in certain cases a big knobby aggressive tread actually rolls over during extreme power with a diesel truck. The torque is just too much for the rubber cleat and it starts to bend under the pressure.

If you like to sled pull the condition of your local track should be taken in consideration when choosing your tire, loose dirt or sand is where an aggressive tire works and a tight clay surface would work best with more of a sprint tire pattern.

Again, talk to your local experts on tires, it could make all the difference in the world with your truck's performance and personal preference.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What about a DIESEL Motorsports trade show???

After attending SEMA I have a dream of a DIESEL Motorsports trade show where all of the diesel industry leaders, manufacturers, truck owners and enthusiasts could come together to talk, discuss, view products and services surrounding our sport.

A place where all of the hottest, coolest diesel trucks could display what they are all proud of with their trucks. In our travels I have seen a lot of really cool trucks in performance, show and utility, that it is a shame other than our shows, where can they display their vehicles?

I have yet to find a trade show that focuses on diesel? Is there a reason (s)?

I suppose, not big enough yet, too divided, too spread out, not enough money, too disorganized, too a small of niche and would people attend to pay for it?

I know about 5 years ago a trade magazine tried a diesel tradeshow and it was poorly attended but DIESEL Motorsports has come a long way in five years.

Would the diesel shops and organizations quit fighting enough to come together for a show and compete in a business like manner? Don't know but one could wish.

This is still a young motorsport compared to some longstanding groups like Good Guys, SEMA, PRI, NHRA among others, so we have a lot of work in front of us. I know the amount of funds it has taken for the IMMS show in Indy which is fairly new for trade shows and it is mind boggling the amount of funding they have spent to make the show operate.

Can DIESEL Motorsports do a show for our sport without being restricted to what we can display and talk about?

The perfect show would be where manufacturers and shops could display and freely talk about their performance parts and services for diesel trucks, every make and model of diesel truck could display for people to view, seminars held on the newest trends for diesel sled pulling and drag racing, and a place where a local shop could reasonably display to promote their business in the diesel community.

Well at least we have many goals to shoot for in the near future!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SEMA Report 2011 - DIESEL Motorsports!

It is always a good time to go to SEMA, who would not want to go to Las Vegas?

The best part is seeing friends and associates in the industry all in one place and getting them together with other diesel industry leaders.

The whole Vegas thing is missed completely for the most part, we went out to a casino one night. It's all about talking about the industry in a casual atmosphere with people from all parts of the country. What can be done where and how can we help each other!

The whole EPA thing was overblown since they didn't even show up, most likely knowing the people they were hunting was not going to show. The show's trucks were very mild, mostly new stock trucks with loud wraps and accessories, a couple of older performance diesel trucks, but nothing like in the past. Everyone was not chancing the encounter with the EPA. A couple of highlights for new trucks are below . . .

Some of our favorite sponsors had great displays of diesel products including Mahle, Carrillo, ARP, Champion Oil, K&N, Flo-Pro Exhaust, Fluidampr, PPE, Mickey Thompson, SSBC, Premier Performance, Victor Reinz, Bully Dog, Keystone Automotive, and Covercraft.

A few newer parts were of interest including the DeskDAQ from Drew Technologies as an electronic dashboard with built-in data logger for a low cost. A new lift pump/fuel system from Fuelab called Velocity 100/200 that is a brushless fuel pump that pumps through the unit for cooling the motor for high efficiency GPH flows.

Some cool suspension reinforcements for older Dodges from DT Pro Fab was found on the last day. A Jeep diesel conversion kit from Diesel Bruiser which puts a 4BT drivetrain in your older jeep with performance upgrades, we might have these on display at our Orlando/PRI Drag Race.

SSBC displayed their new caliper brake system for larger 20" wheels which was quite impressive and Weld Wheels displayed their new 8 lug truck wheels with matching trailer wheels.

A couple of companies who have been around a while but now recognize the diesel markets is Hushmat, a sound barrier pad for those wanting a quiet ride inside and Gear vendors, under overdrive that many of you are already using.

As you can see from the list above this trip is well worth making and seeing who has what new items for the year and to discuss the industry within the country.

Would I have liked to see more performance diesel trucks on display, you bet, but it is expensive to get here to display and there is the EPA thing hanging over the diesel crowd!

Yes I will be back to posting frequently, SEMA show kept me going daily last week, so now back to normal.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIESEL Motorsport Advisory Board meeting at SEMA . . .

Every year Diesel Motorsports holds a Advisory Board Meeting at SEMA where leaders in the industry and sponsors can add input to our yearly program. There are a lot of smart people in this business and those who want to build Diesel Motorsports.

It's refreshing to see how our business has progressed over four years and having a direction and a plan for the future. Many different items were discussed including the schedule, the events, and the marketplace for diesel.

Many great suggestions were made by the board including promoting each other (sponsors) for each other, better use of the newer social media tools, promoting Diesel Motorsports and advertising to a wider crowd for the events.

It was decided to put more into the established events such as larger purses, wider advertising, bigger shows and equipment. Those shows discussed will be in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, SLC/UT, Dallas/TX, and Florida.

More affiliate events will be planned along with establishing new diesel groups in some new areas. Always expanding the market for our sport and sponsors!

I will report new items as they Become available this week!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diesels at SEMA - World's largest Auto Accessory Show!

Well yesterday I was a little hard on the boys at SEMA for letting the fox into the hen house regarding us diesel enthusiasts, however they still put on the largest show in the country for automotive aftermarket.

Every company who sell other diesel performance parts such as engine, fuel and intake are represented there to display what is new. SEMA is not for the public but designed for the dealers and distributors of automotive aftermarket parts.

And make no mistake this is where they come to do it once a year for over 30 years.

Why did they decide to play with the EPA, most likely they did not have a choice since they also represent the big 3 automakers and they are part of the show. The big 3 automakers work very closely with the EPA in order to maintain vehicle emissions.

Still my point is valid how can you be innovative when so many rules holds the intelligence of very bright diesel engineers and mechanics who are breaking boundaries?

It all comes back to what DIESEL Motorsports have had as a policy for years - clean diesels on the street and competitors with experimental diesels come to the track!

Offroad competition! They cannot say much when you bring your trucks to a licensed and insured track to compete. That is considered offroad and exhibition.

With that being said for trucks older than 2007, it doesn't mean you can still go on the road and smoke the other vehicles - what that means is you should take the same concerns for the environment and come to the track.

Looking forward to seeing and visiting with all of the trades people I have had relationship with for over 25 years.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love to support SEMA but it is getting harder when . . .

. . . DIESEL Motorsports don't feel the love! The recently released warning from SEMA Council makes you believe they are on a witch hunt that will never go away.

October 18, 2011
Dear SEMA Member:

We have recently learned that CARB and EPA are planning significant enforcement action against companies that make, distribute or install tuning products for late-model (2007 MY and newer) diesel trucks that are equipped with diesel particulate filters (DPF) if such tuning products offer any of the following features:  (1) the ability to re-tune/re-program the truck to operate while the DPF is removed; (2) the ability to turn off urea (exhaust fluid) injection; and/or (3) the ability to defeat, disable or turn off any other required emissions control system on a late-model diesel truck.  Products with these features cannot be legally sold for on-highway usage.  If you make, sell or install products with these features and they are sold strictly for legal racing use you must be able to make assurances to these regulatory agencies that these products are NOT being used on the street on registered vehicles.  If you cannot make those assurances we encourage you to carefully consider your business practices so as to avoid possible penalties.

SEMA is very interested in protecting you and your future and we hope you’ll find this information valuable.  If you have any questions please contact Jim McFarland, Consultant for SEMA, regarding compliance with these regulatory agencies.

John Russell Deane, III
SEMA General Counsel

You know they tried this four years ago when I requested a Diesel Council at SEMA for all of the industry people to gather and discuss. I was quickly turned away. Soon after all of the companies who sell and manufacture diesel products dropped their displays at SEMA and never came back.

Now they are taking a $500 Million dollar a year industry and helping to scare them away and down by threatening us with the government agencies - a witch hunt!

Most of us already know the CARB/EPA regulations and work with it or around it legally. You don't need to threaten us not to come and display, if you did your research you would know 90% of our competitors trucks are pre-2006 anyway! 

Is it really necessary to bring the government into a private trade show?

Maybe the other industry trade shows such as PRI and IMMS will learn from this mistake and embrace our diesel crowd and industry? 

I have attended SEMA shows since 1986, yes I'm showing my age but this show was built on manufacturers who build automotive aftermarket products. Those products built the performance industry to what it is today, names such as Edelbrock, Flowmaster, Mr Gasket, Holley, and others were the standard. Their products broke new ground and many of their products are now OEM equipment. 

How can the automotive aftermarket grow when it is held back by government regulations and threatened by the very association who we help build?

Just asking? 

Some of the diesel industry's new products and break through technology will help the big 3 develop diesels with more power, more torque, high MPG along with cleaner emissions if they let the experts develop them. Don't hold them back!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh the Times They are A Changing - DIESEL Motorsports . . .

Nice old line from an old song that resonates even in today's diesel market place. As new diesels reach the market and the political battles rage between the industrialists and the tree huggers, diesel is still growing because of the utility use of the drive train.

Face it, what pulls a trailer or RV better than a diesel, nothing, exactly! What transports our goods from one side of the country to the other - diesel! What transports our products across the rails - diesel! What now is a re-emergence of river tugs and barges up the rivers - diesels!

Europe has gone almost completely diesel, why are the States behind the World trend domestically?

The big three automakers have been behind in technology but they are scrambling to catch up in the past two years. Ram has introduced some pretty impressive domestic truck models along with work fleet trucks and both Ford and GMC has been adding new features to their diesels lines.

Now that the diesel truck is advancing in technology what are they doing for the domestic car market?

Only thing that has been announced the the new little Chevy diesel to be released in 2013 (high mileage economy vehicle). It will be the first real domestic diesel vehicle released in America for over 80 years (not including failed attempt of gas engine conversion in the 70/80s).

Can they move any slower? Are we going to have to look to Europe models like the VWs, Audis and Mercedes for diesel cars? Come on guys the technology is there, even approved by the stingy EPA!

But the truck is still the work load of the diesels, pulling and hauling every day of the week in every town, city and state no matter what the occupation.

And yes, the aftermarket is researching what can be added to make the diesels run better, add more performance and get the extra miles per gallon the owner is looking for in their truck (of course while remaining within legal guidelines)!

It is getting harder and harder to find used diesel trucks every where you look and when you do find them, they are priced pretty darn high! Price what the market will bear is the free market in the US and it shows when looking for used diesel trucks.

If you drive a truck for work or haul a trailer or RV, then you better hop on now before they get real hard to find!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meeting Friends with the same likes-DIESEL Motorsports!

The big draw at a diesel event is the customized diesel trucks but what many find is the friends you will meet! Friends that have or live the same lifestyle that you do!

I have found many friends and good people at diesel events, many with the same likes and hobbies as myself. Then again, there is a lot of working people who look for the same kind of people they can socialize with that enjoy the same hobby or past time.

DIESEL Motorsports is one of those hobbies that tie these people together from all walks of life from all over the country. Throw in that communicating is so much easier today with the new social medias such as Facebook, texting, Twitter and the Internet, and you can communicate daily with the people you met last weekend. It doesn't matter they live three states away, you'll see them again at the next event or in a couple of months!

Many talk of the same jobs or related jobs since they use their diesel trucks in that kind of work be it farming, construction, trucking or automotive garages.

Their other hobbies are generally the same such as hunting, fishing, offroading, boating and camping. It is a rural lifestyle that is most likely not politically correct in many social circles.

So what draws these type of people together - DIESEL Motorsports! It's a lifestyle that is not duplicated any where else.

Friday, October 21, 2011

What's new in equipment for 2012 Diesel Motorsports?

I'm getting ready to head to SEMA/AAPEX show next week and there is always new products announced and released at the show. Not always diesel since the shows have never been diesel friendly but some crossover parts that are acceptable will be launched there.

I saw some new products in advance at the PWA show just last month and diesel specific that should make a huge difference this year for the diesel enthusiasts.

Many of the true diesel performance parts don't display at SEMA because of their relationship with the EPA/CARB. Can't say I blame them for not wanting that kind of exposure but by attending you do see a lot of new truck parts and accessories along with building awareness for the sport.

I see a resurgence of new electronic programmers since the electronics can do so much more these days. Not just programmers but multi-function dashboards that can offer so much more in providing important information from your truck's computer chip.

Finally diesel is getting noticed by the wheel and tire manufacturers, we'll see some new options coming very soon for the 8-Lug wheel and tire. This is most needed since it is hard to find performance options for our trucks.

Fuel system options along with newer and hotter injectors will soon be hitting the marketplace, the more power our guys are wanting and the demand for higher end systems will be made available after the first of the year!

Stronger engine components will continue to be released by popular manufacturers who are now building specialized diesel components for strength and performance. Everything from cams to pistons to rods!

I will have a full report when I return from SEMA what is new and coming up this next year for DIESEL Motorsports.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEW RAM Trucks - not Dodge anymore!

At the Texas Event this last weekend I had a chance to drive and experience one of the new diesel pickups from RAM (no longer Dodge)! Yes they are branding the new trucks as RAM trucks- built RAM tough!

This ain't your old dodge truck with a plain interior! I drove the new 3500 Longhorn Edition - oh MY! What a beauty, hand tooled leather seats, etched metal on the dash trim with all of the electronic gadgets that a car/truck can carry!

These trucks drive like a smooth Cadillac  and yet have the power to pull whatever you need. The engine noise was almost non-existent from the inside and the seats were comfortable with soft thick country leather (heated and air conditioned!).

Ram has now joined the elite in comfort and utility with these new trucks, it's like sitting in your living room in your comfy chair watching tv as you drive down the road. But don't be fooled underneath is still the Cummins power plant that can muster any strength you need to pull a trailer or equipment.

We used it briefly to pull a water trailer on the grounds (full of 500 gallons of water) with little of no effort it pulled it over to where we needed it.

Our local Ram sponsor Classic Chrysler/RAM in Denton Texas supplied us with about six of these beauties for the crowd to look at during the show. I highly suggest you take a look at these new RAMs before you purchase your next vehicle . . . it ain't grandpa's truck no more - whew . . . what a ride!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Yes, I have been sent this on more than one occasion, a recent message sent just last week by a diesel competitor! I'm sure motivated by a few drinks and keyboard courage had a lot to do with it.

This niche automotive market did start in the country and backwoods but has developed into large business with millions of dollars being made by major corporations and manufacturers. When that happens progress is apparent and it becomes a transition of taking a local sport or hobby and turning it into business. 

When it turns into business then business professionals get involved and start to run the sport so bigger companies and manufacturers can feel assured their involvement is protected and void of the big three letters "LLL"!

The big three concerns:

Legal - is the sport legal, licensed, insured and follow automotive safety guidelines! They do not want to have to defend what is illegal or considered politically correct in society.

Liability - are they protected if there are accidents, concerns, etc.? They need to keep their image clean of controversy and claims. 

Lawyers - they DO NOT want them involved and use them when they only have too!

As a business if we can assure them that the sport is clear of the three "LLL"s then they are interested in being involved. When the correct business structure is setup and presented in use some of the old standards and businesses who started the sport cannot continue to operate as in the past.

Some of the old standards of the sport get upset that someone or some business is trying to change how the sport is operated  and conducted. Yes, some of the old camaraderie is gone along with partying into the night, but it is replaced by professional competitive activities that is there for everyone without infringing on other's rights or property.

It's called PROGRESS . . .

NASCAR started the same way in it's birth in the back roads of the South and over the years was replaced by big business into what it is today. Is DIESEL Motorsports on the same path?

Don't know! But it's the right way to progress and I'm sure it is not popular with a lot of people who liked it the old way. We started DIESEL Motorsports just over 5 years ago with just 6 sponsors and that has grown to about 20 current sponsors, that is progress!

We held a small but very successful event this past weekend in Texas with no problems, lots of diesel enthusiasts and competitors and had a great time doing it. Some of the old along with the new group was there and they competed plus hung together for almost three hours after the event was over - great times along with progress!

BACK OFF? - We are just getting started, I don't think so!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The BUSINESS end of DIESEL Motorsports . . .

Most people come to the events wanting to have a good time with their diesel pickups, see friends, and watch the different diesel trucks compete be it racing, pulling or dyno.

What goes on before or during the event in order to make this all happen?

We get a lot of calls of people wanting to hold large diesel events and what does it take, most of them think a couple of thousand dollars. Unfortunately that wouldn't even rent the track, maybe barely pay for the personnel for a one day event.

Most drag strips rent from $6000-$15000 for the day depending on the location, then there is the insurance for the event at the track. The sled for the pulling, the track prep equipment, the dirt, people to run it and the electronics to display and radio the results.

The drag strip provides some personnel but the association has to supply the rest, the SFI techs, registration, front gate, etc. The cost of flying them in and housing them, feeding them and transportation for them  while they are in town is all included in the costs of the event.

Everything from tents for the vendors, tables, chairs, etc we either rent or buy in order to provide a service for our sponsors. We hang over 150 banners at the events and take them down, some are stolen by fans which is why we always ask for extras. Simple tasks as providing lunch and water for the 20 plus workers during the day is no small feat but helps when they are not too picky about what we provide.

The amounts of funds it takes to coordinate all of the functions is in the thousands of dollars and a combination of sponsor's funds, front gate profits and registration combined pays for most of the expenses.

The business end of it is endless if you don't know where to properly place your marketing and advertising dollars, we have tried newspapers, radio, web, and even tv but radio seems to work the best for us in rural areas. Normal rates are anywhere from $1500 to $5000 for a week of advertising depending on the local stations.

Gathering of sponsors to fund the events that DIESEL Motorsports plans for the year is a job that never has an end. No sooner you wrap up one event you are selling on the next event, calling all of the local shops, businesses and vendors who care to try and sell products to the fans. Local sponsors need to see a return on the monies they spend so they need to sell more than what the booth or sponsorship costs!

The selling and gathering of yearly sponsors is a full time job that requires hours or preparation, phone calls/conferences and face to face meetings. You first have to convince the person you are selling to and then he has to get approval from the rest of his group for the funding. This requires answering questions surrounding the effectiveness of DIESEL Motorsports in relationship to their business or products plus a ROI! I have sold to companies over three years before they could get approval and feel comfortable putting their funds into our sport. They want to see the numbers and can you help them sell their products or services. Every year they evaluate the results in order to justify the funding for the next year. We have to help them provide the numbers in reports and figures.

The time we spend on lobbying is huge since this helps convince more and more manufacturers to get into the sport which results in more sponsors plus new performance products for DIESEL Motorsports. Some of the new products are fantastic and will sell quite well in our industry, knowing which products to push and ask for is the experience we bring as an association that knows what enthusiasts will buy for their trucks. We passed out over 35,000 flyers for future events at trade shows last winter promoting our sport and sponsors.

So the BUSINESS end of DIESEL Motorsports is a lot of hard work long before it hits the track and is a bigger part of time than the events. That being said we are quite happy when the final product (event) is over and then we proceed to the next!

See you at the track and enjoy what so many others have put into the effort in order for the event to happen!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Texas - is Truck Country. Period. DIESEL Motorsports . . .

DIESEL Motorsports® is holding it's Texas Diesel Roundup in little over a week for the third year, and yes there is a lot of country down there, and yes there is a lot of trucks down there!

Experian Motor Division reports Texas leads the country in a lot of statistics when it comes to trucks:

* More than one in four vehicles (26.91 percent) in Texas are pickup trucks

• Texas has the highest proportion of rear-wheel drive vehicles (36.86 percent)

• Texas has the highest proportion of 8-, 10- and 12-cylinder vehicles (29.37 percent)

• also Pickup trucks accounted for 20.57 percent of all vehicles in operation in Texas

. . . so basically I am saying Texas is truck country!

That is why we are so excited about coming back to Texas for the event where we will be featuring diesel pickup sled pulling, drag racing, dyno, show-n-shine and a vendor alley. Every thing in Texas is bigger and you need a lot of truck to get there, that's why diesels are a hot commodity in the state.

The type of trucks and people we meet in Texas are generally nice people who love their trucks, their families and their sport! They are very passionate about their trucks and they standup to a good challenge any day of the week.

With trucks sales up 8.5% Nationwide this year over last year, the truck market is still growing in states like Texas. Diesel trucks are for the serious worker in construction, hauling, farming, automotive and recreational lifestyles.

If you want to see a lot of trucks in one location come to our event in Texas, they are friendly and will tell you all about their trucks!

For more information on the event go to: www.DIESELmotorsports.US

Monday, October 3, 2011

LOOKING for the right Manufacturers . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Just one more event in a couple of weeks and I'm already working on next year's programs! I have already sent out next year's contracts for manufacturers to see who wants to market to our diesel enthusiasts. The cycle starts all over again for us and quite frankly I enjoy this portion of the year more than anything.

I'm back in my element, automotive marketers and leaders who are looking for new ways to sell their products to potential buyers. In our case, diesel enthusiasts who are looking for new products and getting familiar with existing products. These manufacturers are the sponsors who spend money with us in order for DIESEL Motorsports® to put on events that attract diesel enthusiasts..

The one item most manufacturers forget, behind every performance diesel is IT'S STILL A PICKUP! Our enthusiasts still need accessories and parts for pickups, everything from floor mats to tonneau covers. Also any hard part for a diesel truck, water pump, starter, alternator, etc., our guys still need the parts to keep their used rebuilt trucks going.

Over 80% of our diesel market is used trucks, that is a lot of trucks that need more hard parts and performance upgrades to keep them running for a long time. More and more young people are getting into the cheaper used diesels and fixing them up to compete while the older crowd is buying newer trucks for the comfort and ease of a new pickup.

Who is the right manufacturer?

The manufacturer who wants to be in our programs of promoting not only our sport but also DIESEL Motorsports®. Provide us with the correct materials to promote their product(s) at our events, decals, banners, product display, promotion materials and give-aways so we can properly promote their products to the crowds during the events.

Help promote DIESEL Motorsports® through their web site, product inserts, decal insert, and advertising our events on their diesel related advertising. Be a part of the direction we are trying to take this movement, family oriented diesel events where performance minded enthusiasts can compete legally instead of on the streets. It will only help it grow and sell more of their parts, products and services.

It becomes a synergy between diesel products, the shows and the enthusiasts, one that is positive and professional. Almost a county fair atmosphere is prevalent at the events along with enthusiasts inspecting everyone else's trucks, and a vendor alley where one can find new items for their trucks.

If a manufacturer cannot find a local store or provide personnel to attend the shows make sure to provide us with a display of products. Our enthusiasts want to see the latest in technology at the events and find out what is becoming available.

Just this last year Covercraft joined our sponsors promoting their SeatSavers truck seat covers. They attended a couple of shows so the attendees could talk with a factory trained person about their products and left us with a small display of the product with plenty of pass-out materials that supported their products. Many of our truck owners use seat covers and they found that Covercraft was available at many of their local shops and stores. The ladies really liked the pink camo seat covers!

A perfect example of a truck accessory manufacturer who found the diesel market was not just performance but pickup trucks.

Just a couple of weeks ago I attended the first of the industry's trade show and found many of the companies now wanting to produce performance parts for the diesel industry because they have heard it is growing. What a good feeling to have when you are approached and asked about the up and coming DIESEL Motorsports® trend in automotive sports.

LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT MANUFACTURERS? If you fit the description give me a call before SEMA, PRI and IMS since we will be at all of them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

SERIOUSLY? . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

I recently received a email from a good sponsor who helped us put on a event and he was quite disturbed by an email he received from one of our racers that was given a gift certificate as a prize. This was a gift certificate given to them by one of their good suppliers and sponsor of the event.

No strings attached just a gift certificate for an item on top of receiving a cash purse. They were disturbed because of the response by the racer! It wasn’t a  “Thank you”, or “could I receive something else I already have one of these”, their response is below:

“I am just writing to inform you that we have decided NOT to accept your
cheap junk -------- system that we won in the --------- class at ---------- event.
The voucher we sent in said it was for a free system, come to find out its 4 inch installer series, SERIOUSLY? You can stick that worthless system up your #@*$#@#@$.
it is under the name "__________" just so you know that way you can send it
through the shredder.”

Wow was all I could say at first.

Regardless of the prize that was given, the size of the product, or the type of product, is this a professional way to communicate to a major company in the industry how much we appreciate them participating in the sport?

This is a statement I would expect from a backstreet bar room patron after their 10th drink or the guy walking the streets pushing the shopping cart talking to himself – but one of the racers who is representing our sport that we have tried to pull up it’s bootstraps from the barrel fire booze fest race and launch into a professional level at a Class 1 drag strip?

I apologized immediately to the sponsor for our racer.

You see guys every negative comment made about or to someone about our sport is a reflection upon all of us. Not just the Association, the drag racers, the pullers – but all of the diesel community. This type of person who wrote this statement is now representing every one of you in the diesel community, that is how this major corporation and their management now view all who are involved in diesel motorsports.

When major companies see this type of attitude they not only want to turn their backs on the sport but the entire diesel competitor community. Every racer or puller who in the future sends this company a request to sponsor their vehicle or event will make them think of this person’s response.

“Remember last time we tried to help or give these guys something, forget it, it isn’t worth the trouble”! Then they will allocate the funds or prizes to another group that has not caused them any trouble. Least path of resistance.

It’s a shame when one individual or group of agitators ruins it for everyone else in the diesel community. Call it negative energy or bad karma but it surrounds them like a black cloud and pulls everyone else around them down.

We can choose to ignore the people who wrote this email to our sponsor and try to leave them behind but like anything bad the taste is still there for quite a long time.

Friday, September 30, 2011

New World Record set in Pro Diesel - 171MPH! DIESEL Motorsports!

That's right a record that has been held by one of the World's top diesel specialists Gale Banks for four yeas has fallen to Wade Moody in his Duramax S-10 dragster!

MRI Raceway - Maryland, 1/4 mile run
7.94 at 171 mph
backed with 7.87 at 171mph
Wade Moody Pro Diesel Class

Moody has taken the same approach as Gale by running a clean diesel - smokeless using #2 diesel fuel with very little NOS and on a single injection pump. Obviously Moody has figured out how to tune the components to work together to produce an extreme amount of horsepower and torque to put them down on the payment.

National Association of Diesel Motorsports is proud to represent this accomplishment by Wade and congratulate him on this accomplishment. These passes were made with advance notice to the sanctioning body with a certified tech in attendance for certification. They have been entered as official and will replace those that have stood for many years.

During the runs Wade Moody also broke his 1/8 mile record with:

5.07 at 141 mph
backed by 5.08 at 141 mph

Mr. Moody's sponsors are listed below as he submitted them:

Industrial Injection
Flo Pro
Mickey Thompson
Lucas oil
Virginia Speed
NGM Diesel
XS power
Stroud Saftey
John Boy Tuning
Nitrous Express
My wife and son
Cory--my pit crew
My lord Jesus Christ for saftey and the ability to turn persistance into results!

As I have stated before this great country of ours is made of individuals who have set goals and have accomplished them with a persistence only found in America. Our diesel industry is full of Wades who strive everyday to make a difference in diesel technology! If only the big three could take some lessons from our industry leaders then the future for vehicles in this country could take turn toward the better with advance fuel technology.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Champion Oil for DIESELS, yes it is real!

As recently featured Champion Oil is a real DIESEL ONLY oil that was produced just this summer. Champion has been making racing oil for the NASCAR circuit for some time and their Oil Farm is located here in Missouri. I asked one of the directors to make a performance oil specifically for diesels last winter and to my surprise they called in the Spring to tell me they had made it for us.

The Blue Flame oil is a non-DPF oil for diesels, for those who don't know they took out the additives in all oils for diesels in 2007, zinc and certain additives that help the longevity of the engine. The EPA deemed the additives as damaging to the DPF system and would help reduce emissions. We all know how the DPF is working out for the diesels.

Champion oil (for offroad performance only) has put the additives back in the oil which is a synthetic blend for all 2007 and older diesel engines. Nothing long term obviously since it has only been out since summer but many users have reported good results with little if any breakdown of oil during use. In other words thank goodness for adding back what the original engine builders specified for the engines.

Champion is currently being carried by all of the WDs - Premier, DPPI, PPE, Keystone Automotive and XDP! So yes, it is available and I think you'll like the price. Can you find this at Walmart? I don't think so since it was built just for the diesel market.

Champion currently private labels for over 300 different brands including Lucas, Mobil One, Shell, Wagner, and many popular brands you see on the shelf. 

Why have you not seen them much before, they just recently branded their own name Champion not too long ago and started selling what they have been producing for over 50 years. They occupy about 500,000 sq feet and employ over 200 people in a small town that also makes the Bass Ranger boats in Missouri.

What a find and we certainly appreciate their interest in Diesels! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

DIESEL Motorsport's Payouts Believe it . . . or not!

It seems a few disgruntled racers and bashers are taking this time of the year to start harassing and bashing NADM online using our purse payout as an excuse! They know nothing turns our competitors and sponsors sour than a payout shortage by the promoter. That is because it has happened so many times in the past within our sport and in fact racing!

Not with NADM - EVER! As in the past NADM pays out over 70% of the sponsor's funds back to the competitors in the form of purses and we still payout at the track with checks - EVERY EVENT! The remainder of the funds goes to event overhead which is quite high for the combined events. We rent every track for the day so we can feature DIESEL ONLY events. Only NADM as a sanctioning body can rent a facility using our SFI staff and personnel. We did this because so many have complained about running with gassers at the tracks.

The purse monies are posted before every event and that has been what is paid out. The past two years the racing/pulling has had a sliding scale of payouts just like other promoters have gone to in the industry because of the economy and the number of trucks showing up at events. It was posted at the beginning of every season and DIESEL Motorsports have followed it EVERY TIME! 8 truck minimum is required for the two upper classes before the decline starts and 16 trucks for ET. Been that way from day one and we have stuck with that for two years!

The minimum truck counts comes from when we started out and two trucks would show up in the upper classes, run one time and then claim a large purse check. Not good business when you are trying to provide entertainment for those in the stands. When diesel enthusiasts pay their money to watch they want to feel they get their monies worth! Hard to provide that when a couple of trucks run once, makes for a short day. When you ask for a minimum then they have to run the full qualifying runs which provides multiple runs down the track and provides entertainment for the crowds.

Over three years ago DIESEL Motorsports® started the run both tracks side by side so the crowd could watch diesel only drag racing and sled pulling at the same time! What a perfect concept, everyone knows the higher end diesels want at least a 45 minute cool down for their engines between runs so now they can watch sled pulling and ET racing while the higher end competitors cool it!

Yes we have thought about the entertainment factor in order to keep the fans in the stands, it's the only way this sport is going to grow. Taking it mainstream by getting families in the stands to watch! Those fans buy our sponsor's products!

If upper class racers feel they should have got more then I suggest they tell their fellow racers to show up so they fill the classes. This barrier of not supporting different organizations is only hurting the sport and the competitors themselves since both organizations have a sliding scale payout.

It's just business coming from both promoters, they have to provide entertainment because that is what the sponsors are looking to support. Entertainment provides fans and then fans purchase the industry's products. 

Should the purse be larger? Always the competitor feels that way, why not, they are trying to pay for their trucks and racing/pulling! Don't blame them one bit, but in today's tight economy many of the sponsors have had to cut back on what they spend and where they spend it! Do they get their return on investment when spending it on DIESEL Motorsports? If they are selling enough in the diesel marketplace then it makes sense. 

Luckily our industry has continued a slow growth where many has fallen in the truck aftermarket so the sponsors continue to support it but they are still cautious because of the economy. Don't blame them either, it's their business and they need to survive, we want them to continue to operate. That is why we are constantly changing our operations to help them in the marketplace like the new TV shows, event showcases and certified diesel shop program.

No nothing has changed with us! DIESEL Motorsports continues to follow our path of business and not knee-jerk react with the online bashers and rumor mills surrounding our sport. STABILITY is what we have to offer with a solid business/market plan that has worked the past two years!