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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Champion Oil for DIESELS, yes it is real!

As recently featured Champion Oil is a real DIESEL ONLY oil that was produced just this summer. Champion has been making racing oil for the NASCAR circuit for some time and their Oil Farm is located here in Missouri. I asked one of the directors to make a performance oil specifically for diesels last winter and to my surprise they called in the Spring to tell me they had made it for us.

The Blue Flame oil is a non-DPF oil for diesels, for those who don't know they took out the additives in all oils for diesels in 2007, zinc and certain additives that help the longevity of the engine. The EPA deemed the additives as damaging to the DPF system and would help reduce emissions. We all know how the DPF is working out for the diesels.

Champion oil (for offroad performance only) has put the additives back in the oil which is a synthetic blend for all 2007 and older diesel engines. Nothing long term obviously since it has only been out since summer but many users have reported good results with little if any breakdown of oil during use. In other words thank goodness for adding back what the original engine builders specified for the engines.

Champion is currently being carried by all of the WDs - Premier, DPPI, PPE, Keystone Automotive and XDP! So yes, it is available and I think you'll like the price. Can you find this at Walmart? I don't think so since it was built just for the diesel market.

Champion currently private labels for over 300 different brands including Lucas, Mobil One, Shell, Wagner, and many popular brands you see on the shelf. 

Why have you not seen them much before, they just recently branded their own name Champion not too long ago and started selling what they have been producing for over 50 years. They occupy about 500,000 sq feet and employ over 200 people in a small town that also makes the Bass Ranger boats in Missouri.

What a find and we certainly appreciate their interest in Diesels! 

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