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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIESEL Motorsports Rules Change - NOT!

One of the goals of our original mission in forming NADM/DIESEL Motorsports was keeping the rules standard for all diesel enthusiasts Nationwide. The biggest complaint to us was how every one holding diesel events change their rules to favor local racers or pullers by inserting rules regarding equipment on the trucks.

While some consider our rules to be too wide of a berth they are very specific to include equipment along with safety rules that ensure fair competition among trucks. We do not favor manufacturer's equipment, but try to include all when specifying rules surrounding performance parts on a diesel truck.

This way a truck can be built using DIESEL Motorsport's specifications and most likely be able to run in many different venues and competitions. The less the competitors have to change the equipment the better for them financially. It's hard enough to keep a truck running when competing in multiple DIESEL Motorsport's competitions without worrying about changing equipment to fit the rules.

NADM/DIESEL Motorsports have made very little changes in the rules over 5 years! The changes that have been made were mostly SFI safety rules regarding equipment.

Some changes in the race and pull classes were made based on truck counts and on the advancing technology in competition. Still very few changes over a 5 year period considering what has evolved in the performance parts.

Why do we continue to do so, stability! By keeping the stable standards in DIESEL Motorsports the truck owners can build the trucks for longterm competition. They don't feel like they have to spend new money every winter in order to compete! Like I said before it's hard enough just to keep what they have built running from event to event.

There is always some new change or class that someone asks that we include in our competitions, and we do take a serious look at the requests! But in order to change the entire Country's standards we need to see the numbers change dramatically before making changes. We are not saying they are wrong or it's not exciting, we just need to be careful because of what we change effects so many diesel enthusiasts across the country in large numbers.

What's ahead in change for 2012 - not much in the rules! Slight changes in classes based on truck numbers but if you haven't noticed we like to be stable on the rules and classes - Nationwide!

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