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Friday, September 2, 2011

Holiday Weekend - let's take some time to reflect on our hard work - DIESEL Motorsports!

The weekend is quickly approaching and many of us can't wait to take a breather, it's been a tough year with the economy and everyone is feeling it! We all deserve a break with families, recreation, and some time for yourself!

Let's take a few minutes before we go flying off and reflect on what has happened this year!

Started out to be a great first quarter for DIESEL Motorsport's products and services - reports of brisk business everywhere! It fell off in second quarter but slowly built toward the end and through the summer months!

Looking for a steady fall but most of what I'm hearing is roller coaster, busy one week and so-so the next! That's why DIESEL Motorsports moved some of it's events to later in the year to keep the momentum going through the fall/winter months.

We even have a diesel drag race at the PRI show the first of December! We also have some Affiliate events along with our own in Texas in October and November! Always trying to think smarter in order to keep our diesel shops hopping and our sponsors selling parts year-around!

We actually are discussing diesel activity in the southern states during the winter months. How far South are we going to have to go - that's yet to be seen but we are looking at it.

We have had five great events with no bad weather and great attendance for competitors and fans so the economy must be picking up a little or we are doing something right! Knock on wood . . .

I want to thank everyone that has been positive and helped at all of the events, we can all feel good about the direction of DIESEL Motorsports. 

Now we can say we deserve a relaxing weekend! See everyone back here first thing Tuesday morning!

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