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Saturday, September 24, 2011

DIESEL Motorsports . . . making it a legitimate sport!

When we started NADM almost five years ago we had a vision of making DIESEL Motorsports a National sport! A National mainstream sport that you would see televised because they want to and reported on through business channels as a growing market. Drag racing and sled pulling, it didn't matter which was featured more, whatever the people wanted to watch and participate.

Were we a bit naive about the vision? Maybe! Combine that with the down economy and we had to change our direction at least four different times trying to figure out what direction the sport was taking, what the sponsor's wanted and needed, and what does the consumer want to watch. It's been a tough few years trying to keep a vision intact and rolling along with a growth direction.

Just as we thought the direction was going upward we have been hit with setbacks such as price of diesel fuel going up, change of equipment in diesels (dpf/electronics), recession and another round of diesel fuel increases.

Has it made the industry jumpy, insecure, competitive, and constantly changing of alliances - you bet?!

It's called growing pains when you are making progress!

Same thing happened with the UFC/Tapout business a few years ago. It started out on the streets, took some heat for being unruly, had some liabilities tied in with it - and then a group of business people took it to the next level! They insured for liability, added some very tight but safe rules, attracted the crowds through different promotions and lined up major mainstream sponsors.

Did they leave behind a few from the old group of fighters and street scrapers, yes they did but added a ton of new devoted fans who love the sport.

A very similar momentum is happening with DIESEL Motorsports, more and more are hearing about the sport and our efforts into making it a automotive sport. Will it ever be prime time, don't know since it has only been a few years but we are getting noticed by the bigger Fortune 500/100 companies at the larger automotive trade shows I attend.

Is there a few who don't care for our direction? Always is but they can't argue with success and offering a safe environment for those who enjoy participating in the sport.

DIESEL Motorsports has insured all of our events for liability and safe rules for competitors. Large companies look for creditability and stability when looking at motorsports. NADM has offered those attributes while growing and setting a direction that works in the marketplace.  It's a marketplace that includes sled pulling, drag racing, dyno events, diesel shops, Warehouse distributors, manufacturers of diesel products, publications that cover our sport and diesel pickup owners who want to see the activities.

It's a broad spectrum of business and DIESEL Motorsports finally feels the upward swing!

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