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Monday, September 26, 2011

DIESEL Motorsport's Payouts Believe it . . . or not!

It seems a few disgruntled racers and bashers are taking this time of the year to start harassing and bashing NADM online using our purse payout as an excuse! They know nothing turns our competitors and sponsors sour than a payout shortage by the promoter. That is because it has happened so many times in the past within our sport and in fact racing!

Not with NADM - EVER! As in the past NADM pays out over 70% of the sponsor's funds back to the competitors in the form of purses and we still payout at the track with checks - EVERY EVENT! The remainder of the funds goes to event overhead which is quite high for the combined events. We rent every track for the day so we can feature DIESEL ONLY events. Only NADM as a sanctioning body can rent a facility using our SFI staff and personnel. We did this because so many have complained about running with gassers at the tracks.

The purse monies are posted before every event and that has been what is paid out. The past two years the racing/pulling has had a sliding scale of payouts just like other promoters have gone to in the industry because of the economy and the number of trucks showing up at events. It was posted at the beginning of every season and DIESEL Motorsports have followed it EVERY TIME! 8 truck minimum is required for the two upper classes before the decline starts and 16 trucks for ET. Been that way from day one and we have stuck with that for two years!

The minimum truck counts comes from when we started out and two trucks would show up in the upper classes, run one time and then claim a large purse check. Not good business when you are trying to provide entertainment for those in the stands. When diesel enthusiasts pay their money to watch they want to feel they get their monies worth! Hard to provide that when a couple of trucks run once, makes for a short day. When you ask for a minimum then they have to run the full qualifying runs which provides multiple runs down the track and provides entertainment for the crowds.

Over three years ago DIESEL Motorsports® started the run both tracks side by side so the crowd could watch diesel only drag racing and sled pulling at the same time! What a perfect concept, everyone knows the higher end diesels want at least a 45 minute cool down for their engines between runs so now they can watch sled pulling and ET racing while the higher end competitors cool it!

Yes we have thought about the entertainment factor in order to keep the fans in the stands, it's the only way this sport is going to grow. Taking it mainstream by getting families in the stands to watch! Those fans buy our sponsor's products!

If upper class racers feel they should have got more then I suggest they tell their fellow racers to show up so they fill the classes. This barrier of not supporting different organizations is only hurting the sport and the competitors themselves since both organizations have a sliding scale payout.

It's just business coming from both promoters, they have to provide entertainment because that is what the sponsors are looking to support. Entertainment provides fans and then fans purchase the industry's products. 

Should the purse be larger? Always the competitor feels that way, why not, they are trying to pay for their trucks and racing/pulling! Don't blame them one bit, but in today's tight economy many of the sponsors have had to cut back on what they spend and where they spend it! Do they get their return on investment when spending it on DIESEL Motorsports? If they are selling enough in the diesel marketplace then it makes sense. 

Luckily our industry has continued a slow growth where many has fallen in the truck aftermarket so the sponsors continue to support it but they are still cautious because of the economy. Don't blame them either, it's their business and they need to survive, we want them to continue to operate. That is why we are constantly changing our operations to help them in the marketplace like the new TV shows, event showcases and certified diesel shop program.

No nothing has changed with us! DIESEL Motorsports continues to follow our path of business and not knee-jerk react with the online bashers and rumor mills surrounding our sport. STABILITY is what we have to offer with a solid business/market plan that has worked the past two years!

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