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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to prepare for the Fall/Winter months - DIESEL Motorsports!

As a diesel shop owner Fall/Winter does not have to be down months at all but it should be your busiest. After October there are not many events for your competitive customers to compete in so start prepping them now as to what they want done to their trucks this winter.

Start now building a calendar and log of who gets worked on and what parts do they need ordered in before the winter months. Set up monthly payments with them on the work so it becomes easier for them to afford the upgrades and parts. 

Yes, you may have a yard full of trucks you have to switch in and out but it's better than no trucks at all. 

Count on a tough winter and start setting up maintenance schedules for local companies in order to keep their trucks running for their business. In other words be proactive instead of passive. Same thing, setup schedules for their trucks and tell them you are getting booked for the winter, you just want to make sure they are taken care of for the hard winter months.

Winter months are always good for picking up part bargains and discounts since many of the manufacturers change models or part upgrades during this time period. They are always looking for ways to clear out year-end inventories, great time to pickup bargains for your customers.

Manufacturers is not alot different than shops, Fall/Winter is the time to plan for next year and start selling out last year's inventory and pre-selling next Spring's hot new upgrades. Trade shows is a perfect time to start promoting your company through the winter months. Even local diesel shows and events is perfect to display year-end items in order to push sales to local dealers through the winter.

It's easy to set back in the office and say oh it's going to be a hard winter we better start cutting back and sit around till this blows over - NOT! While your sitting back your competitor is out wading through the snow kicking your butt and gaining market share. Now is  the time to become innovative and creative as to better market your products and develop new ones.

Consumers and owners of diesel trucks, Fall/Winter is tough on diesels and don't let yourself get caught off guard - get your Winter maintenance done NOW! It's no fun running out to your truck at 5am before work and trying to fire it up only to get nothing because you put off preparing for the cold. Or even worse being stranded out on the highway during a snowstorm, don't hesitate!

You have already read where shops are scheduling their winter rebuilds, and the bargains you can get on parts during the Fall/Winter months? Get to it if you want to get that truck ready for next Spring or wanting to jump up a class. It's better to make improvements a little each month instead of all at once, a little easier on the pocket book too!

Fall/Winter months are the busiest time of the year for DIESEL Motorsports®, we are already planning next year's budget, sponsors and events!

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