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Friday, September 30, 2011

New World Record set in Pro Diesel - 171MPH! DIESEL Motorsports!

That's right a record that has been held by one of the World's top diesel specialists Gale Banks for four yeas has fallen to Wade Moody in his Duramax S-10 dragster!

MRI Raceway - Maryland, 1/4 mile run
7.94 at 171 mph
backed with 7.87 at 171mph
Wade Moody Pro Diesel Class

Moody has taken the same approach as Gale by running a clean diesel - smokeless using #2 diesel fuel with very little NOS and on a single injection pump. Obviously Moody has figured out how to tune the components to work together to produce an extreme amount of horsepower and torque to put them down on the payment.

National Association of Diesel Motorsports is proud to represent this accomplishment by Wade and congratulate him on this accomplishment. These passes were made with advance notice to the sanctioning body with a certified tech in attendance for certification. They have been entered as official and will replace those that have stood for many years.

During the runs Wade Moody also broke his 1/8 mile record with:

5.07 at 141 mph
backed by 5.08 at 141 mph

Mr. Moody's sponsors are listed below as he submitted them:

Industrial Injection
Flo Pro
Mickey Thompson
Lucas oil
Virginia Speed
NGM Diesel
XS power
Stroud Saftey
John Boy Tuning
Nitrous Express
My wife and son
Cory--my pit crew
My lord Jesus Christ for saftey and the ability to turn persistance into results!

As I have stated before this great country of ours is made of individuals who have set goals and have accomplished them with a persistence only found in America. Our diesel industry is full of Wades who strive everyday to make a difference in diesel technology! If only the big three could take some lessons from our industry leaders then the future for vehicles in this country could take turn toward the better with advance fuel technology.

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