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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SEMA - next week the annual visit!

What does SEMA mean to our diesel motorsports market? It is a time to meet with our sponsors and promote our sport to other manufacturers who are interested in the market. Half of our time is meeting with new and existing sponsors/manufacturers and the other half is looking for new product/manufacturers with parts for our diesel market.

The SEMA Show is not for everyone since it is a show of a lot of bling-bling among the auto industry but underneath is the hard parts needed for our industry. Meeting with the right people can be very difficult since they are usually busy working the crowd at their booths.

It is extremely crowded at the booths during the entire show!

You are lucky to even get someone to talk to you about the products on the first few days, it's that crowded with people and buyers. The show draws a lot of international people in because of it being in Las Vegas near the coastline.

The portion of the show that is diesel is very small and you have to know where you are looking or you could wander for days. The entire show to walk I believe was at one time 17 miles! Don't know what it is today but you cannot see all of it in three days even if you walked fast.

I have been going to the show for many years and it is always fun! If you are interested in show vehicles and trucks, everyone should go at least once in their lifetime!

Also at the Sand Expo center is the AAPEX show at the same time and it is for the hard parts and auto/truck fluid manufacturers! Your pass will work for both shows.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why do we have teching at events? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

People ask all the time why do we need to tech vehicles competing?

Why can't we just have a fun run with anything goes? Or outlaw racing with no checking?

It's all about safety!

Racing, pulling or any form of motor sports is dangerous. Accidents do happen and people can get hurt, when that happens people want to get paid for getting hurt or for damages.

Many tracks have the competitors sign a release form, some have everyone who enters their park sign a release form. It differs from track to facility depending on the owners and what they have had happen to them by people seeking compensation.

All teching at tracks fall under the SFI Foundation which sells licenses to sanctioning bodies such as ours, which in turn files reports to insurance companies who can be covered for events. SFI also sells affiliate SFI license which means they are allowed to use some one else's rules and techs to hold an event.

As of now the National Association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only sanctioning body for diesel racing and pulling with our own SFI techs. Others have to use NHRA or IHRA techs for racing and a local club for pulling.

We tech because our insurance requires it in order to be protected from claims surrounding the event. NADM had to submit a ruleset for all of our classes and activities for the SFI Foundation to review for safety.

Some competitors may find our teching a bit harsh but it is for your own safety along with the competitor running next to you. If we tell you to read the rules before traveling to an event, please do so in order to meet the teching for your class.

It's all about making a dangerous sport safe for not only the competitors but also the fans. In the world of attorneys, lawsuits, claims it is all necessary in order to operate and part of the business.

We have many ask how come I passed at a major NHRA track and not your teching?

NHRA does not have classes for diesels, they run diesels under their classes which does not have the same rules. In many cases their techs realize they don't have rules and ignore the teching process and pass the diesels just so they can run. Many tracks take a chance and ignore teching completely in order to get the number of vehicles in to compete.

NADM cannot afford to take the chance when we have National sponsors who rely on us to do it the right way. These same sponsors are the companies who pay for the purse monies the competitors collect.

So when we tech it's all good for the sport!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Buckeye Diesel Blast Review 2015

If you ask me on a professional basis I will tell you the best state for diesel performance in pulling and racing is Ohio! Many have heard me say this at shows, it's because some of the most competitive trucks come out of this state and they have the most diesel shops in the country,

In the middle of Ohio sits a quiet oasis of a drag strip called Marion County International Raceway in LaRue Ohio, it's a 1/4 mile drag strip surrounded by cornfields and soybeans. Started in 1972 by the owner's father some of the greats have raced at this track and he would be proud to show you their photos in the tower. What a great place to bring our diesels to since the sport is very similar to how muscle car racing started in the 60/70s.

In the heads up Unlimited drag class we saw at least six diesel trucks run in the 9s to compete for the win, it came down to two tough competitors Bruce Block and Karl Mireiter. Both have won many races in the past and go back and forth at the races but are good friends off the track. Bruce took the win in the finals running in the 9s for a second time that day 9.87 @143.23 mph.
 Bruce Block 1st in Unlimited

Karl Mireiter 2nd in Unlimited

The 12.0 index found two local guys from the same town not too far away competing for the final win. Larson Miller from Firepunk Diesel and Blake Miller are from Plain City even though they are not related. Just like the other two classes very close finishes with 1/1000 between them on the reaction time.
Families are welcome at DIESEL Motorsports

ET Bracket racing came down to two young drivers who were very determined to get the win Austin Brumfield from 5 hours away and Kyle Mireiter from 2 hours away. Again ET times and reaction times were very close to each other which made for an exciting finish in the finals at almost 100 mph.
Austin Brumfield 1st in ET Bracket

The first time at this location DIESEL Motorsports ran a 2.0 TDI clean diesel class with 7 domestic autos ranging from VW TDis to a 200 hp Chevy Cruze. Randy Harkema  in his Chevy Cruze took the heads-up win from Emily Butterfield in her TDi titled TDIBABE!

 Randy Harkema - 1st in 2.0 DieselEmily Butterfield 2nd in 2.0 Diesel

Sled pulling had close to 70 trucks competing in 5 classes on a very tough clay track that ran while the drag racing was in progress, so the fans could watch both at the same time. Trucks from 6 states competed in the different classes with the semis starting the pull. The crowd definitely saw some dirt and mud being thrown up by these powerful trucks pulling the 300 ft track.

 Mark Scott 1st in SemiEvan Smoot 1st in 3.0Jake Slingluff 1st in 2.6

Buckeye Diesel Blast results for Sept 26th, in LaRue OH at the MCIR track! Diesel Motorsports wants to thank all of the competitors and fans who came out on a beautiful fall day to enjoy the diesel lifestyle family event! Fun was had by all and we look forward to next year's event!

Trevor Selinger Best of Show and  Jacob Neuenschwander Best Dodge with DM Girls
Best Ford Ed Williams

Flowmaster Drag Racing 
Unlimited Heads-Up
1st - Bruce Block Whitepigeon, WI RT-.7550, T-9.87 MPH -143.23
2nd - Karl Mireiter Wooster, OH RT-.5449, T-10.30 MPH-135.52

Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
1st - Larson Miller Plain City, OH RT-.5588, T-11.96 MPH -112.26
2nd - Blake Miller Plain City, OH RT-.6411, T-11.87 MPH-113.30

ET Bracket
1st - Austin Brumfield Warsaw, IN RT-.6129, ET-13.73, T-13.77 MPH-95.73
2nd - Kyle Mireiter Wooster, OH RT-.6509, ET-13.49, T-13.50 MPH-96.97

2.0 Tdi
1st - Randy Harkema Grand Rapids, MI RT-.6711, T-15.33 MPH-91.63
2nd - Emily Butterfield Plain City, OH RT-1.216, T-15.79

Flowmaster Sled Pulling
Mark Scott Perrysburg, OH 1992 Freightliner 274.03
Paul Davis Vermontville, MI 273.01
Mitchell Scott Perrysburg, OH 1992 Freightliner 260.05
Rodney Horton Tekonsha, MI 249.05
Jeff McCullough Kenton, OH 2003 Peterbuilt 238.07
Kevin Oldham New Bloomington, OH 2000 International 233.08
Dale Abts Wyoming, MI 1991 Ford 215.07

3.0 Class
Evan Smoot Eaton, IN 1997 Dodge 317.05
Josh Bowers Somerset, OH 1994 Dodge 314.09
Bill DeBenedictictis Mentor, OH 1998 Dodge 304.05
Terry Biggs Noblesville, IN 1996 Dodge 303.11
Josh McClellan Waterford, PA 2001 Dodge 259.09
Eric Widman Republic, OH 2001 Dodge 253.09
Ron Kick Orville, OH 1948 Ford F3/Cummins 87.09

2.6 Class
Jake Slingluff Berlin, PA 1979 Dodge Ram 314.1
Jordan Kinderman Kingman, IN 2007 Dodge 302.11
Todd Gillfillan Kenton, OH 2003 GMC 300.08
Jarrod Jackson Connersville, IN 1997 Dodge 299.07
Eric Wildman Republic, OH 2001 Dodge 297
Mike Lepley Ebensburg, PA 2001 Dodge 296.1
Kyle Vlasak Cutler, OH 2001 Dodge 295.05
Zac McClellan Waterford, PA 2001 Dodge 278.11
Jesse Warren Guy Mills, PA 2004 Ford 278.03
Nick Stamm Strycker, OH 2001 Dodge 278.01
Eli Clouse Tiffin, OH 1995 Dodge 269.08
Aaron Ross Lima, OH 1997 Dodge 260.05
DJ Tims Somerset, PA 2012 Dodge 246.1
John Humpe Bloomingdale, OH 2005 Chevy 161.09
Jeff Burton Killgord, OH 1997 dodge 22.09

2.5 Class
Nick Stamm Stryker, OH 2001 Dodge 297.07
John Humpe Bloomingdale, OH 2003 Chevy 295.04
Justin Gillard El Dorado, OH 2004 Ford 290.03
Derick Amos Michigantown, IN 1995 Dodge 284.07
Phillip Martin Stroudsburg, PA 2005 Chevy 282.04
Chad Ray Galion, OH 1991 Dodge 271.05
Derek Borden Westport, MA 2006 Chevy 268.03
Nick Morris Milford, OH 2003 Chevy 245.07
Mark McDaniel Blanchester, OH 2001 Chevy 240.1

Work Stock
Trevor Hull Columbia City, IN 2007 Dodge 286.02
Jeff Anders Bryan, OH 2006 Dodge 283.02
Woody Heimann Findlay, OH 2004 Dodge 281.03
Nick Morris Milford, OH 2004 Chevy 270.1
Jonathon Holdren Goshen, OH 2004 Chevy 268.02
Mark McDaniel Blanchester, OH 2001 Chevy 265.07
John Saunders Willard, OH 2003 Chevy 264.07
Kaitlyn Mootz Milford, OH 2003 GMC 260.08
Lucas Sparks Jonesville, MI 2008 Ford 260.08
Patrick Race Williamsburg, OH 2006 Chevy 259.09
Cody Comstock Waynesfield, OH 1996 Dodge 250.03
Kevin Marcum Thornville, OH 1999 Ford B

Burnout Contest
Cody Schwaderer Marion, OH

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Trevor Selinger 2001Ford
Best Dodge - Jacob Neuenschwander 2004 Dodge
Best Ford - Ed/Kathy Williams 2008 Ford,
Best Dmax - Dustin Schonkel 2007 GMC