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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why do we have teching at events? DIESEL Motorsports . . .

People ask all the time why do we need to tech vehicles competing?

Why can't we just have a fun run with anything goes? Or outlaw racing with no checking?

It's all about safety!

Racing, pulling or any form of motor sports is dangerous. Accidents do happen and people can get hurt, when that happens people want to get paid for getting hurt or for damages.

Many tracks have the competitors sign a release form, some have everyone who enters their park sign a release form. It differs from track to facility depending on the owners and what they have had happen to them by people seeking compensation.

All teching at tracks fall under the SFI Foundation which sells licenses to sanctioning bodies such as ours, which in turn files reports to insurance companies who can be covered for events. SFI also sells affiliate SFI license which means they are allowed to use some one else's rules and techs to hold an event.

As of now the National Association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only sanctioning body for diesel racing and pulling with our own SFI techs. Others have to use NHRA or IHRA techs for racing and a local club for pulling.

We tech because our insurance requires it in order to be protected from claims surrounding the event. NADM had to submit a ruleset for all of our classes and activities for the SFI Foundation to review for safety.

Some competitors may find our teching a bit harsh but it is for your own safety along with the competitor running next to you. If we tell you to read the rules before traveling to an event, please do so in order to meet the teching for your class.

It's all about making a dangerous sport safe for not only the competitors but also the fans. In the world of attorneys, lawsuits, claims it is all necessary in order to operate and part of the business.

We have many ask how come I passed at a major NHRA track and not your teching?

NHRA does not have classes for diesels, they run diesels under their classes which does not have the same rules. In many cases their techs realize they don't have rules and ignore the teching process and pass the diesels just so they can run. Many tracks take a chance and ignore teching completely in order to get the number of vehicles in to compete.

NADM cannot afford to take the chance when we have National sponsors who rely on us to do it the right way. These same sponsors are the companies who pay for the purse monies the competitors collect.

So when we tech it's all good for the sport!

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