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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

DIESEL Products III - #cooldownmytruck . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

#cooldownmytruck #blowmytruck #keepingcoolbaby #runningcool

How to cool off that #hottruck . . . 

Every one knows what a problem it is try to keep our diesel trucks cool and temps down while towing or driving long distances with a load?

Many of our sponsors work on performance for power/torque but if ya can't keep it cool then the power doesn't matter! SPAL fans are the OEM fans for Ferrari and Corvette/Chevy using the brushless fans with variable speed motors and low profile appearance. #Ferraricool #Corvettecool

These fans move air in mass volume as they slowly rev up and cool your engine. I saw these at a trade show many years ago and told the company rep we need these for our trucks which over heat constantly with increased horsepower and torque. Brushless fans with CFMs of 2300-5000 depending on what size and how many are mounted will cool without draw of fan clutch. Just getting rid of the fan clutch saves you HP and torque!

The wiring harness was designed to set at different temperature settings and a manual on for those who want to cool in between runs with the fans running wide open. You would not believe the power of these cooling fans till you see them in action. #blowmeoverfans


The most important feature is brushless, quiet and many people do not know diesel fumes deteriorate brushes so diesel will not hurt these fans!  These high-end fans are now available with complete shroud kits including wiring harness which match up with OEM plugs and holes. #brushlessfans

The shroud kits for SPAL fans are being built and distributed by Northern Radiator which is a established radiator/inter-cooler supplier for OEM replacement for many years along with over 20 warehouse locations. #SPALcoolfans

NOW Northern Radiator is offering HD diesel truck radiators and inter-coolers with increased cooling levels from the OEM standards (30-40%)! For example on OEM trucks the inter-cooleryinlet temperature is at 40 PSI and 300º - NOW - NR Inter-cooler is at 100 PSI and 500º! #HDintercoolers

Larger flows for more cooling power with reinforced mounts/sides makes their radiators far above the OEM standards and many competitors. Northern Radiator has been supplying cooling systems for over 50 years so they know what they are doing when I asked them to build us heavy-duty radiators and inter-coolers. #HDradiators #flowbabyflow

I had these products tested on diesel pulling trucks and race trucks with all reporting cooler run temperatures and faster cool off times between runs. In competition and intense horsepower these products perform so imagine what they would do for your truck during long hauls and hot weather conditions? #cooltruckpull #cooltruckrace

Us diesel truck guys are always looking for EXTRA HD components for our trucks and these two companies have delivered! #HDtruckcool #HDcoolmedown #HDcoolrunningdownHWY

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

DIESEL Products II - Old & New - great for every diesel truck owner!

Years ago (over 11) I met at a SEMA conference with some old friends at Mahle Motorsports and they asked what they could build to get into the diesel market?

I told them build us a lighter, tougher and coated piston for the 5.9 Cummins that would stand up to at least 1000 hp and double that for torque. It took them about 9 months and developed one of the toughest top selling piston in the market today not only for the Cummins but also for the Powerstroke and Duramax.

Mahle Motorsports has stepped up and put into production one of the toughest OEM replacement piston when rebuilding your diesel motor.  NOW they have again taken it a step further and continue to offer the best for our diesel trucks . . . MAHLE Motorsport now offers the market’s most comprehensive line of Dodge Cummins diesel performance pistons with the addition of its 6.7L Diesel PowerPak Piston Kit (part #197850313). This kit was developed for diesel drag race and pulling applications for the Dodge Cummins 6.7L.

Featuring MAHLE's exclusive M142P alloy because of its high temperature and strength and low expansion characteristics, this PowerPak kit includes German steel pins and a stainless steel Nitride ring set - 1/16", 1/16" and 3/16". The pistons feature a hard anodized top ring groove for added durability and increased longevity, and GRAFAL® coating for reduced drag, scuffing friction and cylinder bore wear. For this kit, MAHLE also offers the choice of a thermal barrier crown coating.

The pistons are designed with a modified bowl that mimics the design used in industrial QSB applications. This design reduces erosion issues caused by high pressure, long duration or advanced injection timing.  The pistons feature oversized valve pockets that are 0.200” deep allowing up to 1.500” intake and a 1.450” exhaust valve diameter.  Fully radiused valve pockets reduce stress and fatigue cracking. With a 2.722” compression height the pistons allow for 0.010” deck machining while retaining the stock piston protrusion. 

For more information about MAHLE Motorsport’s high performance PowerPak Piston Kit, visit!

Second product that is new to our market comes from the manufacturers of PEAK anti-freeze, Blue DEF and many industrial products for the Class 8 industry. Last year PEAK released the BLUE Diesel Additive for use in all diesel engines! I have used it on my old 12V for over a year about every other tank and it does help big time with the low quality diesel fuel I buy, increased pickup and less smoke!

BLUE Diesel Additive comes in several different varieties to best fit your use, DIESEL Motorsports has been passing samples of PEAK BLUE All-Season Diesel additive at our shows! 

PEAK has released a NEW line of diesel additives known as Blue, giving you over five different solutions for your diesel fuel. Look to a well-known name for quality: Diesel Anti-Gel; Emergency Diesel Thaw and All Season Diesel Boost! Samples of these PEAK products are found at all of DIESEL Motorsports events and at your local automotive supply stores such as O'Reilly, Auto Zone, Menards, Orschleins, and TSC Tractor.

Blue™ ALL SEASON Diesel Boost is a multifunctional, high-performance detergent additive that uses advanced technology to clean deposits in all diesel applications. Its proprietary, advanced formula is designed for today’s High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection system as well as conventional diesel engines. The detergents in Blue™ ALL SEASON Diesel Boost will keep critical engine parts clean which leads to:• restored fuel economy – up to 8%!• cleaner, less sooty combustion - Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) lasts longer! • smoother running engine – increased cetane by 6 numbers! 

Blue Diesel Anti-Gel is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive that contains not only cold flow improver to protect fuel from gelling, but also contains cetane for better cold starts and injector cleaner to clean critical engine parts. Diesel Anti-Gel is designed to ensure reliable fuel system performance in all diesel applications and is compatible with all fuel system components. Effective in biodiesel blends up to B20.

Blue Emergency Thaw diesel fuel additive is designed to quickly reliquefy gelled diesel fuel and thaw frozen fuel filters in extremely cold environments. Blue Emergency Thaw is an ideal solution for fuel tanks that have not yet been winterized and encounter unexpected freezing conditions.

Emergency Diesel Thaw is designed for use in all diesel applications and is compatible with all fuel system components. This technology is for emergency use only. Use Diesel Anti-Gel as the long-term preventative maintenance measure to ensure continued reliable fuel system performance during severe winter conditions.

Blue Agri-Clean is a clean diesel fuel additive that is specifically-designed for agricultural and off-road vehicles. It contains world-class detergents to clean and protect critical engine parts delivering an increased fuel economy of up to 8%. Blue Agri-Clean also works instantly to help remove water in diesel fuel tanks.

Blue MICRO-B-GONE is an advanced, fast-acting diesel biocide that kills tank microbes that have developed along the water/fuel layer in diesel fuel tanks. If left unchecked, these harmful microbes can create fuel contaminants that will plug fuel filters and acids that can corrode tanks.

Blue Clear Guard is an advanced, proprietary diesel fuel treatment that provides superior tank protection by dispersing water and reducing the chance of microbial contamination. It will also stabilize the diesel fuel, ensuring that the fuel stays fresh.
For the latest in diesel fuel protection, look no further than Blue™ Diesel Additives!

Learn more about Blue at

Monday, May 20, 2019

DIESEL products old & new . . . they are all good!

I want to start featuring some of our sponsor's products people sometimes take for granted or shops should push for more sales!

First up is ARP studs, bolts and fasteners, which has been a standard in our business for many years! Right now they are the only brand for what they do with an exception of a few cheap Asian ripoffs or private label Asian ripoffs. NO ONE does it like ARP who have been supplying the diesel market for many decades.

I always tell people DO NOT turn your tuners up WITHOUT adding performance upgrades and the first is ALWAYS ARP head studs along with some of their other fasteners/bolts.

PLEASE read their instructions for properly installing them, many guys just start screwing them in and not follow the proper steps for secure connections. These guys know what they are doing so read what they have to say about the installation. For shops they are used everyday in many operations but many times discounted in many ways - DON'T - these are premium products with NO competitors!

Great people to deal with on a daily basis ARP has a full support staff and they have invested yearly in many ways in our industry!

Second is a newer company called Stealth Performance Products which offers a module for newer diesel trucks THAT DOES NOT effect the ECM or leave a footprint. If you want to get rid of turbo/pedal lag and pickup a little boost in not only performance but also mileage then try this product.

Anyone can plug these in and immediately see a difference in any brand diesel truck. Backed by great customer service and help when you need it! This Stealth product is perfect for those who do not want a full tuner or wanting to keep it stock for warranty. A great option for a towing truck, recreational or long hauling on highways Stealth can give the truck an added advantage on mountains and hilly ranges.

Many of our competitors have a full blown older diesel truck on the trailer but want a new diesel comfortable truck pulling the trailer for long hauls. This product is a great fit and sale for those applications.

If you have a new truck or your customers have one tell them to try the Stealth Module and see the difference!

Support the companies who support our industry, buy and/or sell them to show how much we appreciate their support.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Why we have safety in place for diesels!

By Larry "Gene" Mohney

Over 12 years DIESEL Motorsports has had safety measures in place for diesel trucks for a reason. It's motorsports! Racing, pulling and dyno competition is dangerous like all motorsports. We are taking the OEM vehicle and making it go faster, higher HP and competing with more power.

These vehicles were not made to do so with their original specifications so we add safety measures as the HP increase in the classes for racing and pulling. They are there to protect the competitor, the enthusiast watching and the sport!

If an accident does happen then the sport is hurt because venues question if they are safe and more important can they get the event insured. 

DIESEL Motorsports has our own SFI techs and insurance made just for diesel competition. NHRA and IHRA does not have classes for diesels so they run under guised classes for protection. Many events are not insured fully for all activities.

You never know when something will go wrong when we are pushing the envelope for more power and torque. Make sure safety measures are in place to not only protect yourself but also the sport.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

1st Outdoor event in Nebraska a cold windy success!

Nebraska Diesel Show 
April 27, 2019 
As always when doing these early Spring shows the weather is a consideration for success. This event was no different so when I arrived at the Kearney Raceway Park on Friday it was Sunny, 70 degrees and a bit windy (10 mph) and I unloaded and met with the track about conditions and scheduling for the next day.

By Saturday morning a cold front had moved in with 35-45 mph winds and temperature was warmest in the morning at 50 degrees falling to 41 by evening. In normal conditions I would have called the event but NOT with these Nebraska diesel crowd!

Day started out rough with very high winds, we barely got 20ft popup put together with strap downs to the fence and sandbags on the legs along with rubber-banding all of the literature and decals.  

However more and more people and trucks came through the gate closer to noon when the winds dropped to 15-20 mph and the sun broke through the clouds. Diesel enthusiasts in Carhart coats and sock hats brought their many different diesel vehicles into the track for grudge racing (110 trucks teched), dyno competition, show-n-shine, burnout contest and sled pulling.

By evening the winds died down and the sun came out steady but the temperatures started to drop, still pretty pleasant for the sled pulls. Crowds were good all through the afternoon till the sun started to go down. We saw and talked to people from Colorado, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri and of course Nebraska.

Despite the weather concerns we consider this show a success with lots of diesel trucks, good amount of people, constant traffic at the tent and lots of competition on both tracks!


Sled Pull Winners:
3.0 Super Class
1stPlace = Bryan Banghart – 1992 Dodge – 342.13 ft
2nd– AJ Eilert – 1994 Dodge – 313.10 ft
3rd– Russ Horns – 1996 Dodge – 305.89 ft
4th– Matt Heideman – 2005 GMC – 256.80 ft

Hot Work Stock
1st– Jeremy Stickney – 2005 Dodge – 266.27 ft
2nd– Daniel Topham – 2006 Ford – 250.71 ft
3rd– Matthew Schepler – 2013 Ford – 248.61 ft
4th– Zack Larson – 1998 Dodge – 229.98 ft
5th– John Topham - 2003 Ford – 224.04

Work Stock
1st- Kaleb Henebry – 2001 Chevy – 290.22 ft
2nd– Matthew Schepler – 2013 – 238.27 ft
3rd– Garret Kruger – 2001 Ford – 223.99 ft
4th– Zack Larson – 1998 Dodge – 209.67 ft
5th– John Schmidt – 2005 Excursion – 193.69 ft
6th– Nick Manhart – 2009 Ford – 182.84 ft
7th– Logan Klingson – 2015 Chevy – 175.82 ft

Open Class
1st– Bronson Gibbons – 1942 Ford – 306.60 ft
2nd– Mark Gibbons – 1942 Chevy – 301.18 ft
3rd– Brandon Kibbee – 1952 Big Hooker – 296.47 ft
4th– Will Gibbons – 1975 Ford – 282.38 ft

Dyno Competition
Highest Horsepower/Chevy – Michael Duesbur
Highest HP Ford – Brook Huffman
Highest HP Dodge – Leo Kochanowicz

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Where did DPFdelete originate? The rollin smoke kids?

By Larry "Gene" Mohney

Wrong! It originated in the rural areas by farmers who bought the new trucks for their farms. It didn't take long for the farmers to load it up and take it out into the fields to either unload feed, bales or equipment, then leave it running so it would be warm when they hopped back in the truck!

Guess what? The truck went into regen for the DPF while idling and in field grass it caught on fire!!!

Yep burned it to the ground with all of their feed or equipment in it. Now most farms/farmers buy 1-10 trucks at a time so you can imagine how the local dealer felt when he demanded he take all of them back and give him his old trucks back!

I know many rural dealers and or shops who secretly handle these requests in order to
KEEP selling their trucks!

Once local workers and rural users of diesels found out about the benefits of deleting the DPFs then the trend took shape and before you know it everyone was wanting it done!

Many companies formed and literally made millions of dollars offering the kits/programmers to do so for the truck market.

Then what is seen on social media/youtube (rollin coal) started up the bad image of diesel trucks, smoking the girl on the side of the road or the Prius at the stop light. As you can imagine this is not going to turn out good!

The kids doing it was less than 5% of all of the diesel users but that is what the public saw to draw the attention.

I constantly asked the big 3 OEMs to make their diesel trucks powerful, add efficient turbos and injectors, etc in order to comply to demand what people want including a cleaner burn.

Still not up to the standards of European diesels but they are better and many I know do nothing to their new trucks because of the warranty and service. The reason we are not up to par with Europe is the quality of the fuel! Studies have been done to show up to 30% less additives and chemicals are in the US version of diesel fuel so it will burn more efficient and clean.

As always Americans adapt to the environment and innovate in order to adapt to best fit their conditions or vehicles. Today's standards of fuel injection and electronic ignition is because of what was innovated in the 50/60s in order to run faster and more power in certain vehicles.

Americans have been raised to be individuals and change the rules if they don't fit what you are trying to get done in your life - adapt and improvise! Hmmm sounds like a good movie for automotive minded people!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Keystone Nationals benefits FFA - huge turnout!

Keystone Nationals sponsored by Forrester New Holland Equipment held every year for over 15 years raising funds for the FFA - giving back to the community that the sport of pulling came from in the past. This is a 3 day event showing sled pulling with tractors and trucks in a in-door arena under a huge show room where locals can view the tractors and trucks before they pull everyday.

It is a great event attended by competitors and enthusiasts from 6 states and Canada. There is a vendor section which is where DIESEL Motorsports setup and talked to people. DIESEL Motorsports also hosted the HOT WorkStock class along with Hassler Diesel for the first time at the event. These HOT WorkStock trucks are licensed street trucks that have all modifications done to them so they are high horsepower trucks.

This is a family event with all ages attending at the Pennsylvania Farm Complex in Harrisburg Pennsylvania which is the capital of the state. A very large complex near downtown Harrisburg so you get to see the historic city along with the famous Civil War Museum - one of the best to see in the country.

The horsepower on these tractors are un-believable and they put on quite the show for the attendees. Our diesel trucks put on a great show with two classes a 8000 lb diesel unlimited class and our HOT WorkStock class. 

The finals were held on Saturday with a afternoon and evening session combining over 160 hooks for the finals. Pull-offs were done on Thursday and Friday in order to get to Saturday. This is a grass-roots event that attracts rural people for rural entrainment and farmers who like to see tractors and trucks taken to the limits of power.

Also early Saturday the kids got to take part with a kid-peddle tractor competition pulling a metal plate on a track just like the big guys. Involving the entire family brigs the sport up from the youth to the experienced competitors.

DIESEL Motorsports has sponsored this event for many years and now participated with a class of diesel trucks, it was a lot of fun! We got to see a lot of rural people and passed out a lot of information for our future events and for our sponsor's products.

Winners listed below for the HOT WorkStock Class:

FFA Keystone Nationals - Harrisburg PA March 16th
HOT WorkStock Results
1. Nick Wenger 251.34
2. Nicholas Stalnaker 248.75
3. Ross Harter 245.08
4. Wes Kless 240.73
5. Cisco Raffi 235.19
6. Jade Georgetti 229.61
7. Derek Borden 227.26
8. Thomas Hassler 211.03
EX. Benny Stone 228.97
EX. Gregg Slingluff 95.43
DQ. Jill Heining 0

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why the STREET trucks are important for the sport . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

DIESEL Motorsports has always put importance on the street truck and individual because the numbers are larger than the upper classes. But that wasn't the main reason, the main goal is for street trucks to become upper class racers or pullers.

That's right it builds the sport in numbers not to mention they buy our sponsor's products - more!

I know my english is horrible but this is how we think lol!

The larger the numbers not only in participation but also buying products from our sponsors, pretty important in order to keep the sport alive and growing for the future.

It also helps the local shops when our beginning classes want more power and when they break something during competition. The shops help sell the products which keeps the warehouses busy which keeps the manufacturers busy!

Imagine how that works, it is like a chain reaction up and down the line. DIESEL Motorsports now has 2 street classes for pulling - WorkStock and HOT WorkStock! Racers will soon have 2 classes, watch for a major announcement soon!

We still have a great spot for upper classes and still pay more than the local events so we are not ignoring them. Some of the fastest times and distances are run by the upper classes and we honor these guys every year at the PRI Show!

Something NEW will soon be announced within the month for those winners too!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Benefit Pull in a couple of weeks!

DIESEL Motorsports will be helping again with the Keystone National Indoor Sled Pull and this entire event benefits the state FFA (Future Farmers of America)! Our entire registration was donated to the cause and we will be taking donations at our booth, so any of you who support our young farmers please come by the booth during the 3 day event!

Giving back to the community that supports our sport is important to not only DIESEL Motorsports but also our sponsors. They all come from rural roots who knows what it is like living and raising our youth in a rural community.

This indoor sled pull has been held for many years and I know DIESEL Motorsports has been supporting it for over 10 years. This year we are sponsoring and holding a pulling class that is fairly new - the HOT WorkStock class. It is street trucks with hot high performance drivetrains including map-groove turbos. This class is also sponsored by a well known local shop Hassler Diesel Performance which as 2 trucks in the pull along with many customers.

DIESEL Motorsports will have a booth there every day so come by and see us. We will have sponsor's swag, decals and info on this year's events.

For tickets go to this site:

For info go to this site:

Our site:

It is a great way to start the season and DIESEL Motorsports looks forward to seeing everyone there.