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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Keystone Nationals benefits FFA - huge turnout!

Keystone Nationals sponsored by Forrester New Holland Equipment held every year for over 15 years raising funds for the FFA - giving back to the community that the sport of pulling came from in the past. This is a 3 day event showing sled pulling with tractors and trucks in a in-door arena under a huge show room where locals can view the tractors and trucks before they pull everyday.

It is a great event attended by competitors and enthusiasts from 6 states and Canada. There is a vendor section which is where DIESEL Motorsports setup and talked to people. DIESEL Motorsports also hosted the HOT WorkStock class along with Hassler Diesel for the first time at the event. These HOT WorkStock trucks are licensed street trucks that have all modifications done to them so they are high horsepower trucks.

This is a family event with all ages attending at the Pennsylvania Farm Complex in Harrisburg Pennsylvania which is the capital of the state. A very large complex near downtown Harrisburg so you get to see the historic city along with the famous Civil War Museum - one of the best to see in the country.

The horsepower on these tractors are un-believable and they put on quite the show for the attendees. Our diesel trucks put on a great show with two classes a 8000 lb diesel unlimited class and our HOT WorkStock class. 

The finals were held on Saturday with a afternoon and evening session combining over 160 hooks for the finals. Pull-offs were done on Thursday and Friday in order to get to Saturday. This is a grass-roots event that attracts rural people for rural entrainment and farmers who like to see tractors and trucks taken to the limits of power.

Also early Saturday the kids got to take part with a kid-peddle tractor competition pulling a metal plate on a track just like the big guys. Involving the entire family brigs the sport up from the youth to the experienced competitors.

DIESEL Motorsports has sponsored this event for many years and now participated with a class of diesel trucks, it was a lot of fun! We got to see a lot of rural people and passed out a lot of information for our future events and for our sponsor's products.

Winners listed below for the HOT WorkStock Class:

FFA Keystone Nationals - Harrisburg PA March 16th
HOT WorkStock Results
1. Nick Wenger 251.34
2. Nicholas Stalnaker 248.75
3. Ross Harter 245.08
4. Wes Kless 240.73
5. Cisco Raffi 235.19
6. Jade Georgetti 229.61
7. Derek Borden 227.26
8. Thomas Hassler 211.03
EX. Benny Stone 228.97
EX. Gregg Slingluff 95.43
DQ. Jill Heining 0

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why the STREET trucks are important for the sport . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

DIESEL Motorsports has always put importance on the street truck and individual because the numbers are larger than the upper classes. But that wasn't the main reason, the main goal is for street trucks to become upper class racers or pullers.

That's right it builds the sport in numbers not to mention they buy our sponsor's products - more!

I know my english is horrible but this is how we think lol!

The larger the numbers not only in participation but also buying products from our sponsors, pretty important in order to keep the sport alive and growing for the future.

It also helps the local shops when our beginning classes want more power and when they break something during competition. The shops help sell the products which keeps the warehouses busy which keeps the manufacturers busy!

Imagine how that works, it is like a chain reaction up and down the line. DIESEL Motorsports now has 2 street classes for pulling - WorkStock and HOT WorkStock! Racers will soon have 2 classes, watch for a major announcement soon!

We still have a great spot for upper classes and still pay more than the local events so we are not ignoring them. Some of the fastest times and distances are run by the upper classes and we honor these guys every year at the PRI Show!

Something NEW will soon be announced within the month for those winners too!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Benefit Pull in a couple of weeks!

DIESEL Motorsports will be helping again with the Keystone National Indoor Sled Pull and this entire event benefits the state FFA (Future Farmers of America)! Our entire registration was donated to the cause and we will be taking donations at our booth, so any of you who support our young farmers please come by the booth during the 3 day event!

Giving back to the community that supports our sport is important to not only DIESEL Motorsports but also our sponsors. They all come from rural roots who knows what it is like living and raising our youth in a rural community.

This indoor sled pull has been held for many years and I know DIESEL Motorsports has been supporting it for over 10 years. This year we are sponsoring and holding a pulling class that is fairly new - the HOT WorkStock class. It is street trucks with hot high performance drivetrains including map-groove turbos. This class is also sponsored by a well known local shop Hassler Diesel Performance which as 2 trucks in the pull along with many customers.

DIESEL Motorsports will have a booth there every day so come by and see us. We will have sponsor's swag, decals and info on this year's events.

For tickets go to this site:

For info go to this site:

Our site:

It is a great way to start the season and DIESEL Motorsports looks forward to seeing everyone there.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sponsors for DIESEL Motorsports 2019! Putting $$$ back into the sport!

Every year sponsors sign on with DIESEL Motorsports to not only brand and market their products or services but they want to help build the sport in rural America.

We have some great sponsors this year along with old and new for 2019, many has been with us for more than 10 years.

The 10 year plus companies include ARP - official head stud, Mahle Motorsports - official piston, Mahle Original - official gaskets/filters, CP/Carrillo - official connecting rod, Clevite - official engine bearing and PPE - official exhaust manifold! All these companies have been making thousands of SKUs for performance for gas and diesel for many years. The reason I signed them up was because of the quality that every diesel performance enthusiasts can rely on year after year. These companies stand behind their products!

Those who followed make great products and have been with DIESEL Motorsports for many years supporting our efforts of bringing Family friendly diesel events to to rural America. These companies have long been developing products for our diesel market and service what they sell to our enthusiasts; BD Diesel - official Turbo, Redline Diesel - official transmission, SPAL fans - official cooling fans, and Auto Meter - official gauges.

Returning as newer sponsors who have great NEW products are Peak/Blue Diesel Additives - official fuel additive, Herculiner - official bedliner, and Thermo-tec - official turbo cover. Peak/Blue Diesel Additives has given t-shirts and FREE additive all of last year launching new products such as All Season additive, Anti-Gel, Emergency Thaw, Agri-Clean, and Clear-Guard additives.

NEW sponsors for 2019 and the next few years are Northern Radiator - official radiator/inter-cooler, Stealth Performance - official module, Warren Diesel Injection - official injectors, and Hushmat/Zybar - official heat/sound mats! Northern radiator is now making HD radiators, intercoolers and SPAL/fan shroud kits for our diesel trucks!


Warren Diesel has been making killer injectors for a few years and it has shown when his 6.0 L Ford won the national Championship for pulling! Stealth has reinvented the performance module for the newer trucks eliminating pedal/turbo lag and increasing power.

Even Hushmat has developed a new heat barrier coating we are currently testing on exhaust downpipes and turbos. The companies above are always looking for ways to help and improve our diesel truck's performance and accessories.

Show your appreciation by buying their products and looking at them in our sponsor's tent at each show during the season. If you are a diesel shop please encourage your customers to buy their products. If you need to know more about the products please contact DIESEL Motorsports for information on their products and services.

Keep checking back there is more joining us this year!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Getting ready for 2019 - DIESEL Motorsports!

So much opportunities are available for the sport going into the new year! DIESEL Motorsports first event is a benefit pull at the Keystone Nationals in Harrisburg PA for the FFA! Hosting and sponsoring a HOT WorkStock class for the first time at this indoor pull we had over 30 applicants for just 10 invitational spots! Hassler Diesel and PPE is helping us sponsor this event for the 3 day indoor pull.

This is telling me that diesel truck is still alive and kicking big time when it involves the street trucks with LOTS of power! This industry was built on power but the past couple of years I feel a lot of enthusiasts have been left behind because they could not afford some of the upgrades required for the classes in pulling and racing.

It seem the shops can afford the trucks because of their resources and labor but an individual had a hard time because it was their cash in hand. I had reports from all of the shops across the country that trucks are being rebuilt but going for high HP on the street level! That is an equal level so things don't break so often which means they still want a bad ass truck but running everyday so they can use it!

DIESEL Motorsports has already made the adjustment in our classes by providing new classes in pulling and racing for the high horsepower street truck! Make sure to watch for updates made on our blog here and we will keep you informed!