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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Is more better? . . . . or is it best to put everything into one basket?

I see this scenario in business all of the time, put all of your efforts into one show or area and base your results on that effort. For many years as a consultant I advise clients to diversify and weigh the best options, it's like a cog in a big wheel, remove one or two of the cogs and the wheel stops turning.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports runs an event a month in different states where diesel performance is dominant. Starting in April and ending in October we have put an event per month in a different state during the past 10 years. We have tried many different areas of the country to find diesel performance from the coast lines to north and south DIESEL Motorsports has held events.

We are constantly looking for new areas of interest where there is potential for diesel performance to expand and grow in that area. The existing events that do not change year after year have become stable and successful shows for what we want to represent.

If Diesel Motorsports took our entire budget and did one event/show per year it would be a BIG three day show! However, does this grow the sport or pad our pockets?

It would definitely be more profitable to do a single show since it is one location and one cost, so try doing that same scenario 6-8 times a year!

The costs have just gone up tremendously and you learn to budget the shows tightly so each can be done efficiently or you will lose money at every show. But in doing so many shows we are going to different states and helping the local diesel market promote the sport so the shops can get more business every year.

We have gone to areas where diesel competition was just starting and we brought in some outside trucks that are powerful. Soon the shops are getting requests to make their local trucks more power, more HP and more torque. The next year there we see a big difference in the quality of trucks competing. That is spreading the sport in a new area.

Every year I get a lot of requests at PRI to come into new areas so it takes us a couple of months to evaluate the new requests along with existing events to try and work some new events into the schedule! The NEW schedule will be out by the end of January with the old and new shows laid out for the year!