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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will we expand the DIESEL Motorsports market base?

. . . and continue to grow our sport?

Yes we will, despite the economy, despite the EPA restrictions on diesel and despite the rising cost of fuel!

How are you going to do that?

Expanding the market by having new enthusiasts join us and reaching out to them even though they don't know about our sport. Also by bringing back some of the old diesel enthusiasts who started out with us over 10 years ago.

Yes, we have the means and the know how to do both functions and continue to grow our sport.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports is concentrating on larger combined events and developing more clubs and affiliate events to further grow the sport.

It's a group effort and we have some great people on our teams that have the passion to see it grow.

Actually the economy is helping our local diesel shops with a lot of maintenance care for diesel trucks because people are keeping them longer. The EPA is only interested in the newer model trucks so the older truck market is booming right now and the cost of fuel is remaining steady.

But who would have thought that during a flailing economy that DIESEL Motorsports would still be thriving and showing growth in parts of the country?

I think it says something about our working middle class and their desire to live a lifestyle they enjoy and want to spend time and extra funds into the sport.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Now is the time to restock . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Hope every one had a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Laying off of the cheap imitation parts for a couple of days only to remind diesel shop owners now is the time to re-stock for upcoming 2012 season. DIESEL Motorsports spends this time to restock our inventory of sponsors and revitalize our direction, plus plan new programs for DIESEL Motosports and marketing for our sport.

You can do the same because during the winter months the manufacturers are looking at some pretty tough winter months which means special deals and savings for you when purchasing inventory. 

Ask for 2011 inventory at a discount, and payments into 2012 1st quarter or second, many of the WDs will work with you this time of the year. Look for new 2012 products as introductory pricing for new product lines, manufacturers are anxious to start moving new stock and this is a good way to do it by discounting stock plus taking payments in the 1st quarter which is usually short of goals.

Plus many truck owners are looking to rebuild this time of the year and have already started to tear down their trucks.

DIESEL Motorsports has some new programs planned for the 2012 year. We'll be announcing the NEW programs during the first week along with 2012 sponsors. We always wait till after the first of the year to announce sponsors so we fully honor and fulfill the 2011 agreements ending December 31st!

Now is also the time to look for bargains on new trucks along with used trucks, dealers who want less inventory during the winter months will deal on those trucks. Add some upgrades and additions to those trucks, sell and make a little profit. People are always looking for good quality used trucks!

There are many different ways you can restock for the season . . . equipment, inventory, direction, personnel and of course, yourself!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fake Dampers for diesels . . . in DIESEL Motorsports!

How to spot a real Fluidampr, one that is SFI approved, one using the real logos, names, etc . . .

For those who want to install a Fluidampr, make sure it is their product! There is a lot of Chinese imports that are copying their logo, box, product and even fake SFI stickers.

They are calling them "Fluid Dampers" on ebay so they won't get into trouble with the ebay police then quickly identifying them as Fluidampr's product in the copy.

They are fake and can cause extreme damage to your engine if you use them and they come apart during operation.

Real Fluidampr with proper box logos and registered trademark, look for proper identification!

Fake "Fluid Damper" , look for imitation logos, box design and fake SFI decal.

Solution: buy from a reputable dealer or go to your local diesel shop/dealer for proper product and installation.

This unit goes on the front of your engine and attaches to your crank, imagine what damage that can cause when the fake starts to disintegrate and falls apart while your engine is running. The original Fluidampr has been in business for over 20 years making an American quality product, don't be fooled by cheap prices and a cheap product!

You always get what you pay for . . .

Monday, November 21, 2011

What is in a good turbo - CERTIFIED?

As I wrote a few days ago, I wanted it all to sink in what I had said, the imports that are non-certified is killing our business. It's filling the marketplace with cheap imitations that are un-safe and dangerous for your truck.
D-Tech 64 from (fake! not even from D-Tech which is a respectable company)

Phatshaft from Industrial Injection authentic BorgWarner components along with US backed warranty and company!

You are saying that is some pretty bold claims? Claims that every turbo builder in the US is fighting on a daily basis, names such as Borg Warner, Garrett and Holset. These cheap turbo imitations are coming out of Asia using steel and metals that are not tested for strength.

They are filtering in to the US without check points and the public does not know these products from the correct safe ones. They can even use the same names or like names without penalty, Chinese do not honor our patents along with lawsuits.

Common diesel enthusiasts are buying these inferior products through ebay, Amazon, and other small diesel .com sites. Again I am saying buy from respectable .com sites that are know among enthusiasts or diesel shops who are certified. Then when the product fails they are calling the main companies that they think the products came from for reimbursement only to find out it is a fake.

Do your research, look for registered products and if it's too good to be true, it's not!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


It has become a huge problem in our industry more and more as the popularity grows with diesel engine components. Components such as turbos, injectors, injection pumps, and even dampers are being duplicated over seas and imported with FAKE SFI stickers and claims.

Beware if your purchase is too good to be true, top name with top product claims at a unbelievable price!

The Internet is our worst enemy when it can be placed in front of you from anywhere in the World. Look for Internet Diesel companies that have a US address and is advertised as legitimate businesses.

These replica parts can do extensive damage to your truck, engine and sometimes people around the vehicle. They are inferior parts that can fly apart throwing small projectiles through metal like it's slicing through butter. Made from inferior metal components in foreign countries, repackaged using similar names and packaging, they can be deceiving.

But make no mistake, they are fake parts with inferior performance and quality.

We have had many manufacturers receive calls from angry enthusiasts complaining about broken parts only to find out it is not theirs but a replica from over seas.

This is all legal under current trade agreements but it is a huge detriment to our trade and industry. I'll be covering some of the fall outs of using this equipment during the next few days.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting the word out about DIESEL Motorsports . . .

I'm showing this photo and talking about displaying at a major automotive show not because the business shown is a major sponsor but because they did it so proper and professional!

Presenting a professional image of diesel performance and DIESEL Motorsports is important right now. Being a new sport among the old standbys, the automotive world is watching to see what we are doing and what we are about!

There is a group that is trying to discount our popularity by showing the smoke blowing race trucks and the pull trucks, talking about the bad behavior at some events and discounting the seriousness of our sport. There is always competition among the sanctioning bodies and I don't have to tell you how competitive racers and pullers become over their sport. It goes clear back to the NHRA vs the IHRA days.

Presenting our business as legitimate and professional helps our industry in so many ways. It shows there is business and monies to be made selling to the DIESEL Motorsports enthusiasts and it must be true if this kind of company spends this amount of money to properly display at a major show like SEMA.

A very nice display of parts, graphics, professional sales staff and a booth size that is fully used for conducting business.

I applaud PPE for making this kind of commitment, this is not a cheap booth and I know what having 5-6 people in Las Vegas during SEMA costs along with the booth space, not to mention the cost of the booth and displays.

But it is needed for our sport to legitimize the parts and service industry. Several other sponsors had nice booths at SEMA and now in just a couple of weeks at PRI and IMMS.

PPE can be found at:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Remember where DIESEL Motorsport's trucks came from and where are they used . . .

At every show like SEMA I get asked why diesel trucks? Why not gas trucks?

It's an easy answer for us diesel enthusiasts but many who know nothing about trucks cannot understand. When I answer they have new respect for what a diesel engine is designed to be used in the workplace or recreation.

When I answer with a diesel engine can out pull a gas engine plus get double the fuel mileage the surprise look on their face is telling. I then hit them with the diesel engine also will out last the gas engine three to one while under full load plus provide a constant power while pulling where gas engines tend to pull down or lose power. They had no idea, to them a truck is a truck!

I then explain that most construction companies, farms, hauling companies use diesel trucks because of the torque they produce and the durability under extreme use. The mileage is always about double over the gas engine while pulling a trailer or RV.

Under pulling or hauling a gas engine might make it to 200,000 miles before major maintenance is needed where a diesel engine can go 300-400,000. Of course any engine will fall to heavy maintenance if they are not serviced correctly during use.

It's like an old diesel enthusiast I know says "diesel trucks are used for pulling because it's what trucks are meant to do!"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's rolling in DIESEL Motorsports . . . TIRES!

One of the most underestimated important purchases a person can make for their truck is tires!

Ask yourself these questions . . .

Do you want big tires?

Do you want big aggressive treads for looks or functionality?

What use is your truck? Hauling, sport, highway miles?

Do you like a quiet ride or does it matter?

What size fits your truck and suspension?

How long do you want the tires too last? 40k or 80k mile tires?

What road conditions do you drive often? pavement, gravel, offroad, dirt, snow, sand?

Do your research carefully with diesel shops and their experience with tires, talk to an experienced tire shop (not the chain ones), and tell them exactly what you are wanting in a tire.

There are many different tread patterns and levels of quality one can choose. And let's not forget the biggest question, what is the cost?

One of the few tires manufactured right here in the US is DIESEL Motorsport's Official Tire - Mickey Thompson! Top quality tires that are used for many different uses by our diesel enthusiasts.

Did you know in certain cases a big knobby aggressive tread actually rolls over during extreme power with a diesel truck. The torque is just too much for the rubber cleat and it starts to bend under the pressure.

If you like to sled pull the condition of your local track should be taken in consideration when choosing your tire, loose dirt or sand is where an aggressive tire works and a tight clay surface would work best with more of a sprint tire pattern.

Again, talk to your local experts on tires, it could make all the difference in the world with your truck's performance and personal preference.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What about a DIESEL Motorsports trade show???

After attending SEMA I have a dream of a DIESEL Motorsports trade show where all of the diesel industry leaders, manufacturers, truck owners and enthusiasts could come together to talk, discuss, view products and services surrounding our sport.

A place where all of the hottest, coolest diesel trucks could display what they are all proud of with their trucks. In our travels I have seen a lot of really cool trucks in performance, show and utility, that it is a shame other than our shows, where can they display their vehicles?

I have yet to find a trade show that focuses on diesel? Is there a reason (s)?

I suppose, not big enough yet, too divided, too spread out, not enough money, too disorganized, too a small of niche and would people attend to pay for it?

I know about 5 years ago a trade magazine tried a diesel tradeshow and it was poorly attended but DIESEL Motorsports has come a long way in five years.

Would the diesel shops and organizations quit fighting enough to come together for a show and compete in a business like manner? Don't know but one could wish.

This is still a young motorsport compared to some longstanding groups like Good Guys, SEMA, PRI, NHRA among others, so we have a lot of work in front of us. I know the amount of funds it has taken for the IMMS show in Indy which is fairly new for trade shows and it is mind boggling the amount of funding they have spent to make the show operate.

Can DIESEL Motorsports do a show for our sport without being restricted to what we can display and talk about?

The perfect show would be where manufacturers and shops could display and freely talk about their performance parts and services for diesel trucks, every make and model of diesel truck could display for people to view, seminars held on the newest trends for diesel sled pulling and drag racing, and a place where a local shop could reasonably display to promote their business in the diesel community.

Well at least we have many goals to shoot for in the near future!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SEMA Report 2011 - DIESEL Motorsports!

It is always a good time to go to SEMA, who would not want to go to Las Vegas?

The best part is seeing friends and associates in the industry all in one place and getting them together with other diesel industry leaders.

The whole Vegas thing is missed completely for the most part, we went out to a casino one night. It's all about talking about the industry in a casual atmosphere with people from all parts of the country. What can be done where and how can we help each other!

The whole EPA thing was overblown since they didn't even show up, most likely knowing the people they were hunting was not going to show. The show's trucks were very mild, mostly new stock trucks with loud wraps and accessories, a couple of older performance diesel trucks, but nothing like in the past. Everyone was not chancing the encounter with the EPA. A couple of highlights for new trucks are below . . .

Some of our favorite sponsors had great displays of diesel products including Mahle, Carrillo, ARP, Champion Oil, K&N, Flo-Pro Exhaust, Fluidampr, PPE, Mickey Thompson, SSBC, Premier Performance, Victor Reinz, Bully Dog, Keystone Automotive, and Covercraft.

A few newer parts were of interest including the DeskDAQ from Drew Technologies as an electronic dashboard with built-in data logger for a low cost. A new lift pump/fuel system from Fuelab called Velocity 100/200 that is a brushless fuel pump that pumps through the unit for cooling the motor for high efficiency GPH flows.

Some cool suspension reinforcements for older Dodges from DT Pro Fab was found on the last day. A Jeep diesel conversion kit from Diesel Bruiser which puts a 4BT drivetrain in your older jeep with performance upgrades, we might have these on display at our Orlando/PRI Drag Race.

SSBC displayed their new caliper brake system for larger 20" wheels which was quite impressive and Weld Wheels displayed their new 8 lug truck wheels with matching trailer wheels.

A couple of companies who have been around a while but now recognize the diesel markets is Hushmat, a sound barrier pad for those wanting a quiet ride inside and Gear vendors, under overdrive that many of you are already using.

As you can see from the list above this trip is well worth making and seeing who has what new items for the year and to discuss the industry within the country.

Would I have liked to see more performance diesel trucks on display, you bet, but it is expensive to get here to display and there is the EPA thing hanging over the diesel crowd!

Yes I will be back to posting frequently, SEMA show kept me going daily last week, so now back to normal.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIESEL Motorsport Advisory Board meeting at SEMA . . .

Every year Diesel Motorsports holds a Advisory Board Meeting at SEMA where leaders in the industry and sponsors can add input to our yearly program. There are a lot of smart people in this business and those who want to build Diesel Motorsports.

It's refreshing to see how our business has progressed over four years and having a direction and a plan for the future. Many different items were discussed including the schedule, the events, and the marketplace for diesel.

Many great suggestions were made by the board including promoting each other (sponsors) for each other, better use of the newer social media tools, promoting Diesel Motorsports and advertising to a wider crowd for the events.

It was decided to put more into the established events such as larger purses, wider advertising, bigger shows and equipment. Those shows discussed will be in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, SLC/UT, Dallas/TX, and Florida.

More affiliate events will be planned along with establishing new diesel groups in some new areas. Always expanding the market for our sport and sponsors!

I will report new items as they Become available this week!