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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's rolling in DIESEL Motorsports . . . TIRES!

One of the most underestimated important purchases a person can make for their truck is tires!

Ask yourself these questions . . .

Do you want big tires?

Do you want big aggressive treads for looks or functionality?

What use is your truck? Hauling, sport, highway miles?

Do you like a quiet ride or does it matter?

What size fits your truck and suspension?

How long do you want the tires too last? 40k or 80k mile tires?

What road conditions do you drive often? pavement, gravel, offroad, dirt, snow, sand?

Do your research carefully with diesel shops and their experience with tires, talk to an experienced tire shop (not the chain ones), and tell them exactly what you are wanting in a tire.

There are many different tread patterns and levels of quality one can choose. And let's not forget the biggest question, what is the cost?

One of the few tires manufactured right here in the US is DIESEL Motorsport's Official Tire - Mickey Thompson! Top quality tires that are used for many different uses by our diesel enthusiasts.

Did you know in certain cases a big knobby aggressive tread actually rolls over during extreme power with a diesel truck. The torque is just too much for the rubber cleat and it starts to bend under the pressure.

If you like to sled pull the condition of your local track should be taken in consideration when choosing your tire, loose dirt or sand is where an aggressive tire works and a tight clay surface would work best with more of a sprint tire pattern.

Again, talk to your local experts on tires, it could make all the difference in the world with your truck's performance and personal preference.

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