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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting the word out about DIESEL Motorsports . . .

I'm showing this photo and talking about displaying at a major automotive show not because the business shown is a major sponsor but because they did it so proper and professional!

Presenting a professional image of diesel performance and DIESEL Motorsports is important right now. Being a new sport among the old standbys, the automotive world is watching to see what we are doing and what we are about!

There is a group that is trying to discount our popularity by showing the smoke blowing race trucks and the pull trucks, talking about the bad behavior at some events and discounting the seriousness of our sport. There is always competition among the sanctioning bodies and I don't have to tell you how competitive racers and pullers become over their sport. It goes clear back to the NHRA vs the IHRA days.

Presenting our business as legitimate and professional helps our industry in so many ways. It shows there is business and monies to be made selling to the DIESEL Motorsports enthusiasts and it must be true if this kind of company spends this amount of money to properly display at a major show like SEMA.

A very nice display of parts, graphics, professional sales staff and a booth size that is fully used for conducting business.

I applaud PPE for making this kind of commitment, this is not a cheap booth and I know what having 5-6 people in Las Vegas during SEMA costs along with the booth space, not to mention the cost of the booth and displays.

But it is needed for our sport to legitimize the parts and service industry. Several other sponsors had nice booths at SEMA and now in just a couple of weeks at PRI and IMMS.

PPE can be found at:

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